Industrial Revolution 2

An overhaul mod based on material progression. Expanded crafting system. Hundreds of original sprites and icons. New buildings, research, toys and mechanics.

9 months ago


Which other mods does IR2 actively support?

IR2 makes adjustments to support the following list of mods. Several other mods on the portal also do the same for IR2. If there is a mod that conflicts with IR2 and it's not on this list, feel free to write your own patches.

Can I stream or showcase this mod on Twitch / YouTube / social media?

Yes, as long as you are not doing it to generate any income. The license prohibits any use of this mod for any commercial purpose. Monetised streaming is very obviously a commercial purpose. No exceptions.

Can I copy or modify this mod's assets and include them in my own mods or other published works?

No. You may not distribute altered versions of this mod or derivatives of any part of it. You can alter or dissect IR as much as you like for your own personal use, but you can't distribute those derivatives. See the license.