Industrial Revolution deprecated

Work your way through Ages of technology, chasing that elusive rocket. 500+ new icons, 35+ new machines and buildings, new technologies, recipes, and mechanics.
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Other languages

See Industrial Revolution Language Pack.

Mods which IR has built-in support for

IR 1.0.12 supports the published Factorio 0.17.79 versions of the following mods.

AAI Industry
Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders
Multiple Unit Train Control
Text Plates

Mods which have built-in support for IR

These modders made a special effort to make their mods work nicely with IR, or they modify IR in some way. Please report any issues to the mod owners.

Assembler Assay
Belt Balancer
Even Distribution
IR Ammo Range Configuration
IR compatibility mods
Industrial Revolution & Miniloader Compatibility
Krastorio - thanks to Linver for going beyond the call of duty
RSO - Resource Spawner Overhaul