Industrial Revolution 2

An overhaul mod based on material progression. Expanded crafting system. Hundreds of original sprites and icons. New buildings, research, toys and mechanics.

9 months ago


Version: 2.3.2
Date: 06.11.2021
    - Resistances change in 2.3.0 broke fire resistance of stone and steel walls (#82).
Version: 2.3.1
Date: 10.09.2021
    - Added chests/containers to the entity toggle hotkey (sorts inventory).
    - Minor updates to steam inserters, clockwork punkbot, arc turret lightning, icons.
    - Replaced vanilla's low res robot "repairing sparks" with a high res version.
    - Clockwork punkbots had no repairing sound.
    - Monowheel headlamp glow layer was accidentally disabled (#78).
    - Autogun and scattergun turrets had vanilla gun turret remnants since forever (#79).
    - Several entities had generic remnants that were too large (#79).
    - Arc turret entity had the wrong icon, e.g. in upgrade planner (#80).
    - Arc turret attack floor glow had some clipped edges (#81).
Version: 2.3.0
Date: 13.08.2021
    - Personal arc turret equipment.
    - Arc turret: net energy consumption greatly reduced; fires less frequently but effect lasts longer, slows more.
    - Arc turret: now has a minimum range; ignores some stationary targets (e.g. worms, spawners).
    - Discharge defence: reduced to red electronics tier; LDS replaced with steel rods; power armor MK1 as prerequisite rather than MK2.
    - PLD: prerequisites adjusted and now requires military science.
    - Shotgun cartridges: use "direction" target type rather than "entity" (#76).
    - Shotgun cartridges: reload time removed (reasons: erratic movement speed; reload property not shown on ammo tooltip).
    - Shotgun cartridges: shots per ammo item reverted to 10.
    - Cosmic analysis pack: removed "fish launch product" clutter.
    - Car: removed glass.
    - Tank: replaced rubber with steel plates.
    - Resistances were standardised by material tier for many player-built entities (buffs in most cases).
    - Power switches and constant combinators were added to the entity toggle hotkey.
    - Added brief documentation about weapons, turrets and ammo.
    - Arc turret: full redesign; beam replaced with lightning strike effect; slowdown sticker has an animation.
    - Photonic cannon: full redesign; photon hit effects glow in the dark.
    - Scattergun turret: redesign on the same general outline.
    - Autogun turret: platform updated; gun textures and shadows tweaked.
    - Laser turret: platform updated; beam and shadows tweaked.
    - Turret icons now use masks and take their tints from the standard player colour set.
    - Added a startup option that can replace runtime (player) tinting of turret entities with their icon colours.
    - Solar panel/array: redesigned; slight random variations per panel for less monotonous farms.
    - Thunderclap sounds for arc turret attacks.
    - Replaced foundry's placeholder "lava bubbling" with a more generic industrial loop.
    - "Circuit breaker" style activate/deactivate sound for some entity toggles.
    - Arc turrets no longer abuse the burning target penalty mechanic.
    - IR2 equipment grid sprites did not have the right flags set and were noisy at higher GUI scales.
    - Some technology icons were missing the equipment overlay.
    - Quantum lab computer lights animation had a duplicated frame.
    - Drills and labs had no resistances.
    - Yellow science technology name was wrong (#74).
    - Made ammo/projectile property references consistent (e.g. autogun turret leading); removed old IR1 ammo properties table (#76).
    - Transmat GUI cameras and minimaps were wrongly assuming a GUI scale of 200% (#77).
    - Cameras and minimaps in open Manifesto/Informatron/transmat GUIs now update if the GUI scale changes (#77).
    - Factorio base version 1.1.37+ is required.
  Known issues:
    - Personal arc turret equipment does not ignore stationary entities because defence equipment doesn't support target masks.
Version: 2.2.3
Date: 17.07.2021
    - Steam drills didn't return the correct item when deconstructed (#73).
Version: 2.2.2
Date: 17.07.2021
    - Steam drill: a steam-driven variant of the burner mining drill.
    - Laser assembler energy consumption was reduced.
    - Junction box recipe unlock moved to Electronics 2 to simplify several dependencies.
    - Rocket control unit and rocket silo dependencies simplified.
    - Coal liquefaction numbers were adjusted.
    - Minor updates for starter crates, laser turret, arc turret, projectiles.
    - New documentation scenes, some with scripting; documentation GUI tweaks.
    - GUI focus wasn't cleared properly when closing the Manifesto with the header button.
    - Pollution spill cloud effects were on the wrong render layer, causing flickering.
    - Stone particles were not being assigned to damage/explosion effects since 2.2.0.
    - Tidied item filter menu.
    - Fast-replace group and upgrade path removed from 2x2 electric poles (#71).
Version: 2.2.1
Date: 02.07.2021
    - Added the Manifesto, a documentation browser (disabled if Informatron is installed).
    - Added dynamic camera scenes to some documentation pages.
    - Images in some documentation pages did not adapt to GUI scale.
    - Prevent a script error when new players join multiplayer games started before 2.2.0 (#70).
Version: 2.2.0
Date: 25.06.2021
    - Heavy roller: a bronze furnace on tank treads with an equipment grid.
    - Flare stack (redux): burns off oil products.
    - Small steam buffer: build up a nice head of steam.
    - Small iron power pole: a power pole which is small and made of iron.
    - Lampbots: a pointless hovering bot with a face only a searchlight could love.
    - Starter kits (see map settings) are now provided just once, in crates, not to every player that joins.
    - Productivity was enabled for smelting ingots from ores, crushed ores or minerals (but not scrap or molten metal).
    - Productivity was enabled for more crushing and mixing (e.g. silica, carbon, concrete, gem powdering).
    - All recipe/machine combos that work with productivity modules are dynamically listed on an Informatron page.
    - Distractor capsule: reverted to vanilla 3x bots, down from 5x; ingredient amounts reduced.
    - Scrapping an item with a source of stone returns stone, not gravel; gems are no longer scrapped.
    - Monowheel top speed slightly increased.
  Fuel manager:
    - The optional gubbins formerly known as the "generator equipment manager" is now the "fuel manager".
    - The manager continues to monitor and top up your power armour and vehicle equipment, the same as before. 
    - It also now manages vehicle fuel and can access a driven vehicle's trunk. See Informatron page for details.
    - Revamped transmat GUI and beaming effects.
    - Clockwork punkbot remodelled yet again, now directly referencing the vanilla bot.
    - Pollution spills produce a visual cloud effect, size depending on pollution released.
    - Diagonal gravel flooring is now actually diagonal.
    - Detail tweaks (pipes, bronze power pole, electric furnace, bronze furnace, small tanks).
    - Removed passive (non-selected) alt-info icon clutter from several 1x1 pipe-like entities.
    - Icon and signal updates.
    - Ore resource sprites re-rendered with tweaks.
    - Main menu simulation polished.
    - Uranium enrichment was renamed as the "Clayton enrichment process", after Angela Clayton MBE.
    - Small tanks and valves did not have the correct damage resistance.
    - Tech level map setting is now applied to the player force just once at new map start.
    - Recipe results with probability (e.g. charged batteries) are no longer ignored by the tech tree builder.
    - Some GUI/notification icon sprites did not have the right scaling flags set.
    - New arc furnace crafting category "molten-alloying" distinguishes fluid mixing from melting.
    - Transmats did not collide with items spilled on the ground, potentially trapping them.
    - Turret frames were being unlocked a military materials stage too late. 
    - Gas vent & flare stack input slot "possible fluids" tooltips were empty (#52).
    - Transmat-related remote interface calls didn't return values as described (#53). 
    - Nuclear fuel was using vanilla sprites for ground/belt rendering (#56).
    - Greatly reduced mod loading time (#59).
    - Starter kit lists are now validated; replaced bad items; other kit fixes/changes (#60).
    - Excluded landmine entity type from scrap-based explosions (#61).
    - Fuel manager had poor handling of fuel inventories with more than one slot (#63).
    - Fuel manager won't try to show notifications if player is not controlling a character (#63).
    - Chrome plating mix was producing some bad recipes; fixed by creating a new component type; migrated (#64).
    - Productivity removed from charcoal recipes because kilns don't have module slots (#65).
    - Productivity enabled for mining drills and advanced mixers (#65).
    - The "powdering" recipe categories were obsolete, removed; recipes converted to "grinding" (#66).
    - The "mixing" recipe categories should not have been reversible for scrapping (#66).
    - Restored missing shadow to electric assembler arm animation (#69).
    - This version of the mod requires Factorio 1.1.35 or above.
    - Added a remote interface for getting a surface's transmat ban status.
    - Avoid retreading tech tree paths when applying science pack costs (#49). 
    - Exposed technology cost progression for the tech tree rebuild (#51).
    - Added a remote interface for getting player transmat status (#54). 
    - Exposed a property for recipes which marks them as non-providers in the tech tree rebuild (#58).
    - By default, IR2 now puts gems into autoplaced ores only on Nauvis, not other surfaces (#67).
    - Added a remote interface to allow/disallow gems to appear in ores on any given surface (#67).
    - Added remote interfaces for getting/setting starter kit items and disabling junkpiles (#67).
Version: 2.1.7
Date: 29.05.2021
    - Small bronze power pole.
    - Rotated the arrow on east/west valves so that it faces the screen.
    - Removed unused connector on large wooden power pole; fixed misplaced green wire connection.
    - Icon updates (artillery shells, uranium 235, centrifuging).
    - Check that tech prerequisites are not duplicated after conversion, e.g. Jetpack (#45). 
    - When calculating scrap, skip crafting recipes that only produce a fluid (#48).
Version: 2.1.6
Date: 22.04.2021
    - Transmats can no longer be deconstructed while in operation, even for the purposes of jolly japes (#41).
    - Avoid a hard script error if players leave a multiplayer game with bad transmat cutscene state data (#41).
Version: 2.1.5
Date: 13.04.2021
    - Steel pylon health increased from 150 to 200.
    - Increased lossless graphics compression, thanks to orzelek for the tip.
    - Trees no longer explode in a fireball if another mod makes them craftable, e.g. Dectorio (#37).
    - Forestries were incorrectly allowing pollution effect modifiers (#39).
Version: 2.1.4
Date: 14.03.2021
    - Added an Informatron page about pollution control.
    - Set default upgrade for steam labs to electric labs (#31).
    - Removed "decorative fake lab" from lab fast-replace group (#31).
    - Explosive rocket recipe: was 8 rockets, should be 1 (#33).
    - Fluid wagons now release pollution like static storage tanks (#34).
Version: 2.1.3
Date: 05.03.2021
    - This version of the mod requires Factorio 1.1.26 stable or above.
    - Added rich text icons to map settings labels for IR2 ores as per vanilla ores in 1.1.22 (#23).
    - Render layer issues with electric furnaces and power poles (#19).
    - Render layer issues with pipe connections on east/west facing flamethrower turrets (#24).
    - Various issues with transmat name data (#25).
Version: 2.1.2
Date: 14.02.2021
    - Steam turbines: stainless steel frame and duplicated computer removed; other components increased.
    - Fixed an issue with the way Informatron menu data was initialised (may have been MP-unsafe).
    - Steam inserters: platform sprite was the opposite way round to other inserters (integration_patch shenanigans).
Version: 2.1.1
Date: 08.02.2021
    - Paper: ingredients halved; can be now be burned as fuel.
    - Icon changes and some crafting menu reorganisation.
    - The fuel value of wood chips was double what it should have been.
    - Stopped weird unlockable "water" and "dirty water" recipes from being generated.
    - Reduced the lead scrap returned from spent uranium cell reprocessing to the correct ratio.
    - Scatterbot capsules were missing an "activation type" attack parameter (undocumented? only seemed to affect the tooltip).
    - Aetheric lamps had several exploits with the entity toggle key, all fixed.
    - Shifted electric and advanced mining drill alt-mode module icons so that they do not obscure status lamps.
    - Added an Informatron page about mining and gems.
    - "Copper" has been replaced by either "Burner" or "Steam" in the naming schemes for multi-tier machines/equipment.
    - "Iron generator equipment" is now localised as "Burner generator equipment MK2".
    - Internal names for machines/equipment did not change.
    - The tech tree builder now checks both short and long ingredient forms when reading existing science pack costs.
    - Some old IR1 item subgroups were removed as part of the menu reorganisation.
Version: 2.1.0
Date: 27.01.2021
    - This is the "stable" version of IR2 for 1.1. It requires Factorio 1.1.19 or above.
    - Converted IR2 "tips and tricks" to pages in the optional "Informatron" add-on mod.
    - Removed all attempts to cope with vanilla "tips and tricks".
    - Added a mod setting which allows for selection of rail block colour sets.
    - Polluted water cleaner status lamp now pulses when working, and minor fixes/tweaks to other working animations.
Version: 2.0.5
Date: 22.01.2021
    - "Tips and tricks" additions.
    - Arc furnaces now produce molten fluids at a temperature above their minimum.
    - Molten metals/glass were not being treated as polluting fluids when flushing pipe systems.
    - Fixed some issues/exploits with molten glass recipes (thanks to InappropriatePenguin).
    - Added an extra detail to copper tier grinders.
    - Fixed misalignment of shadows on 3x3 copper tier machines.
    - This version of IR2 requires base game version 1.1.14 as a minimum.
    - The scrap calculator now halts loading if it gets stuck in a circular crafting loop from another mod.
Version: 2.0.4
Date: 17.01.2021
    - Added a few "tips and tricks" to explain some of the less obvious features of IR2.
    - Ore washing: fluid input/output for both water and acid washing reduced from 60 to 10.
    - Carbon steel ingots from alloy mix: pollution penalty corrected to standard 125%.
    - Stainless steel alloy mix: iron replaced with carbon steel, carbon removed; this now matches the equivalent molten metals recipe.
    - Stainless steel ingots from alloy mix: pollution penalty removed.
    - Molten stainless steel from molten metal mixing: gas byproduct removed.
    - Yellow science packs: chromed pistons replaced with stainless steel beams; this also moves the technology back a few steps.
    - Fixed a typo which was causing Furnaces 3 tech to be placed further down the tech tree than it should.
    - Fixed that molten metals were not being assigned the defined temperature and showing as 15°C. This also now varies per metal.
    - Molten metals and molten glass now count as polluting fluids.
    - Transmats are now only lit at night when in operation.
    - A few icon/signal updates.
    - Some of IR2's magazine and shotgun ammo items were renamed internally to replace vanilla equivalents. See migrations folder for name mappings.
    - The pistol item is now hidden, as it is unlockable in IR2.
Version: 2.0.3
Date: 08.01.2021
    - The fuel slot was removed from charcoal kilns due to inserters making unfortunate life choices.
    - Added invar and cupronickel scrap.
    - Changed charcoal kiln floor flicker to an animation (required by the energy source change).
    - Transmat GUI: transmat state indicator colours now use the mod's colour settings; plus other minor tweaks and fixes.
    - Status indicators in entity GUIs and tooltips now also use a custom tintable sprite that picks up a subset of the mod settings.
    - Icon tweaks.
    - Removed scrapping recipe icon overlays, as they were too easily broken by other mods and rarely seen in any case.
    - The input/output/time multiplier for charcoal recipes changed from 24 to 25, for roundness.
    - Scrap stack size increased to 100 (scrap used to be worth a lot more metal than it is now).
    - Glass scrap is now worth 2 glass. (This also reduces the proportion of glass particles in damage/explosion effects.)
    - Gems are now scrapped as gems rather than powdered gems.
    - Increased the smelting time of graphite and silicon to the standard smelting time.
    - Plastiglass: reduced sulphuric acid from 10 to 5, increased glass from 1 to 2.
    - Electronics, yellow science and rare metals stuff all need a balance pass but I am back at work so it will take a while.
Version: 2.0.2
Date: 29.12.2020
    - Transmat names are now preserved in blueprints and copy-pastes, and restored when transmat ghosts are revived.
    - Fixed that using a transmat could leave the player indestructible. Whoopsie.
    - For the next few versions, any player updating a saved game or logging in to a multiplayer session will be made destructible if transmat technology is unlocked.
    - A typo was causing the silent skipping of script_raised_destroy events for transmats.
    - The generator manager shortcut state is now updated if a player changes driving state or reconfigures vehicle grid equipment.
    - Prevented weird unlockable crushing and washing recipes being created for uranium.
    - Productivity bonuses were mistakenly enabled for the sulphur gas-to-solid recipe, now disabled (caused a loop exploit).
    - Air purification towers changed.
    - Steel pipes cleaned up.
    - A few technology and item icon tweaks.
    - Reverted barrelling icons to vanilla, as a lazy fix for conflicts with other mods.
    - This pass mostly focused on machine recipes. One aim was to get the number of different ingredients in frequently produced recipes down to 4.
    - These intermediate product recipes changed: junction boxes; large frames from iron onwards.
    - These machine recipes changed: oil refinery; radar; accumulator; substation; beacon; arc furnace; quantum lab; chemical plant; both forestries; artillery turret; artillery wagon.
    - All three electric turrets also had their recipes reworked. A new tiered turret frame component was added to help with this, unlocked by Military 3 and 4.
    - Air purification towers now consume charcoal more rapidly (but not gold foil).
    - The sulphur solid-to-gas recipe now requires more water than the gas-to-solid recipe releases.
    - In rocket fuel, powdered iron replaces the iron rod.
    - Added a remote interface for enabling between-surface transmat connections and created a variant of the cutscene that can cope with it.
    - Background: by default, IR2 only allows transmats on the same surface to connect, for reasons.
    - But third party mods can now link surfaces to each other if they wish, using "tags" to group surfaces together (e.g. interiors of buildings, underground, low orbit etc.)
    - Mods can also now ban and unban transmat connections on specific surfaces. Transmats can still be placed on a banned surface but the GUI will show a customisable error message.
    - This feature is experimental and internal details may change. However the interface isn't expected to change (but no promises before version 2.1.0).
    - See control-remote.lua for instructions/examples.
Version: 2.0.1
Date: 24.12.2020
    - Removed the player reach restriction from the train mode toggle key (since train GUIs can be opened from anywhere in other ways).
    - Reduced monowheel turning speed (was too hard to steer at max velocity). Maybe too much, will review.
    - Fixed that the volume of pipe flow sounds were not matched to activity (i.e. always played even if static or empty).
    - Valves are now silent as tanks don't use the activity property.
    - Graphite electrodes are now unlockable. Doh.
    - Fixed control script error when flushing pollutants from pipe systems.
    - Ore washing technology icons had broken overlays.
    - Scrap icon variants now shuffled for different materials as intended.
    - The correct iron rod icon was misnamed and not being used.
    - Fixed that iron powder was unintentionally generating an arc furnace recipe.
    - Generator manager notifications from power armour and vehicle grids were being shown side by side, are now merged.
    - Dectorio: fixed that tiles were not consistently being moved to the Dectorio crafting tab if enabled.
    - Text Plates + Dectorio: fixed a startup error if the Dectorio crafting tab was disabled.
    - AAI Containers & Warehouses: adjusted the recipes of logistics containers to match IR electronics progression.
Version: 2.0.0
Date: 23.12.2020
    - A new game is required. Saved games from IR1 are not supported and will break: too much has changed for migration.
    - This is not a 100% stable release. There may be minor/moderate balance issues or mistakes that require changes over the next couple of versions.
    - That said, the gameplay is tested and fairly well balanced up to yellow science. After that, things are sketchier at the moment.
    - Copper tier: copper pipes/pump/boiler, steam-powered machines, charcoal kiln.
    - Bronze tier: clockwork scatterbots.
    - Iron tier: air cleaning tower, sulphurous gas, new electronics.
    - Steel tier: nickel alloys, graphite, silicon, molten metals and casting.
    - Chrome tier: cubic press, transmats.
    - Titanium. Replaced with various nickel alloys.
    - Platinum. Indirectly replaced with tellurium.
    - Duranium, the Future Age, and the extra satellites. Not replaced.
    - Liquid plastic. Not replaced.
    - Diluted sulphuric acid. It may as well have been diluted with tears.
    - Chromic acid. Electroplating now uses sulphuric acid and powdered metals.
    - Air filter modules and crushed coal. Replaced with charcoal and air filtering towers.
    - Flare stacks. Indirectly replaced with gas vents.
    - Carbon fibre. Replaced with plastiglass.
    - Saplings. See changes to forestry.
    - Electric locomotives. Regular locomotives (and all vanilla and IR vehicles) now accept batteries as well.
    - Petrocoke grades. There is only one grade of solid fuel again.
    - Miniguns, the minigun turret and ammo belts. For reasons. Not replaced.
    - Watchtowers. For reasons. Not replaced.
    - Depots. UPS concerns. "AAI Containers & Warehouses" is supported if you want big storage.
    - The racing monowheel. Surplus due to vehicle fuel changes. The copper monowheel got a minor buff.
    - The burner inserter leech setting was removed. It is now always enabled.
    - Lootable scrap option. More annoying than useful on 99% of maps.
    - The chat-based "tips". Not replaced.
    - Inserter lane toggles were disabled. The API feature that allowed it in 0.17 was screwed up and made exploitable for 1.0.
    - Any startup setting that isn't purely cosmetic.
    - Anything else that was surplus, clutter, garbage, or a pain in my specific arse.
    - Starter technology now includes hydraulic steam. The first tier of assemblers, crushers and labs run on steam produced by copper boilers.
    - Only copper drills, burner inserters, bronze incinerators, boilers, and furnaces are "burner" machines now.
    - Steam inserters were also added. The long-handed steam inserter replaces the long-handed burner inserter.
    - Stone, bronze and iron tier furnaces now select their recipes automatically, as in vanilla. The price for this was that alloying has an extra stage.
    - On the plus side, furnace lines can now be rigged to switch between crushed and washed ores automatically (or any other "smart furnace" set-up).
    - Crushers, ore washers and forestries also select their recipes automatically now. In these cases there was no downside.
    - The number of materials increased but the number of basic and intermediate component types was reduced (e.g. tubes and bearings are gone).
    - Most crafting times were standardised to a multiple of the 12:15 belt speed ratio, resulting in a mild buff to crafting speeds in many cases.
    - Stone bricks are crafted (i.e. they are not a smelting recipe).
    - Engines are no longer a tiered component type. The steel tier advanced motor now has the role of vanilla's electric engine.
    - Mixers are a new type of crafting machine, similar to a crusher but with a manual recipe selection for handling multiple ingredients. They can also mix ingredients with water.
    - To allow glass and bronze to be bootstrapped, the first crushing and mixing machines are now copper tier, right after basic automation.
    - Bronze furnaces buffed from speed 1.5 to 2, making the upgrade from stone worthwhile. Electric furnaces are the same speed but have module options.
    - Ingot smelting recipes are always 1:1 now (not 12:12, 9:12 etc.). The "ore doubling" chain (actually 2.25x) comes from processing bonuses.
    - Powders are no longer part of the ore doubling chain. Powder mixes are now used for alloying and other processes.
    - The polluted water cleaning machine shrank down to a 1x1 electric filter, steel tier. Don't forget to empty it.
    - The largest furnace is now a stainless steel tier arc furnace. It only produces molten metals and glass. It needs a manual recipe selection, to avoid pipe shenanigans.
    - Molten metal can be piped to foundries and cast as ingots or directly into plates and gears.
    - Arc furnaces can also create molten alloys directly from molten metals as input, without any powders (except for carbon).
    - Arc furnace and foundry recipes work in batches of four, so they are four times as productive as other machines with the same crafting speed.
    - However, arc furnaces draw a disproportionately large amount of power and only support efficiency modules.
    - For processes that would have a pollution penalty in a regular furnace, arc furnaces pipe it out as sulphurous gas instead.
    - Arc furnace and foundry recipes are hidden from the player crafting tab. There are a lot of them and they only echo existing recipes.
    - Drills were rebalanced. They mine faster, have more health, consume more energy, are more expensive to make.
    - Burner drills are now 5x5. Their pollution looks massive but it is based on vanilla, scaled for speed.
    - Electric drills now have better efficiency than burners for energy and pollution.
    - Water is no longer required to mine gold ore. Since water is so easily available it was just a pointless chore.
    - Spawning frequencies were tweaked for tin ore (a bit less) and gold ore (a bit more), god knows if it's any better, that resource_autoplace stuff is like a Dadaist tone poem.
    - Gems are no longer obtained from ore processing. They are a rare bonus from ore mining. Look carefully.
    - Gems can also be synthesised in the late game now (but you need at least one).
    - Crude oil refining and the petro/plastic/sulphur chains were heavily tweaked. Sulphurous gas management is now a thing.
    - Electric incinerators now destroy all items, including any fuels.
    - Burner incinerators are now bronze tier. They still won't incinerate fuels (they run on them).
    - Forestry is now an energy-positive loop, especially if directed towards charcoal. Think of it as "early game solar", i.e. it's free power but worse than solar.
    - Bronze forestries no longer require any power or fuel at all. Their low key ability to work against pollution has returned.
    - Saplings were removed: they were an annoyance, infiltrating your inventory like pests and slowing bot clearance down. The forestry cycle is simply wood + time -> more wood.
    - Many pollution changes. Some things are much worse polluters, but many electric machines are now low or zero emissions.
    - Electronics was reworked yet again. Controllers are gone. Circuits are now made from "boards" and "gates". Red and blue gates and circuits cannot be handcrafted.
    - Chassis are now frames. Large frames from iron tier onwards include the electronics and cabling previously repeated in almost every electric machine recipe.
    - Battery chargers were buffed to 100% energy efficiency (was 80%). There is still a chance of battery fizzle.
    - Fixed the stack size of copper batteries to match the charged version.
    - Quantum labs are chrome tier now and don't require space science. Their speed was reduced. They are a bit cheaper. They no longer detonate if destroyed.
    - All research times were increased, but milestone research time multipliers were removed.
    - There are more alloys so there are more material milestone technologies. 
    - Electric labs are now faster than copper labs.
    - Science packs are now themed by material tier (except for military and space science). I still don't like science packs.
    - Clockwork punkbots are now copper tech, available to research immediately. Light armour now has an equipment grid.
    - Construction bots of both tiers have a basic cargo capacity of 5 instead of 1. This only buffs construction of tiles and deconstruction of filled belts/inventories.
    - All worker bots have a slightly higher basic movement speed. Copper bots are still capped at that speed. Movement speed research is more accessible.
    - Copper bots have a much smaller energy buffer so they recharge more often but for shorter periods.
    - Equipment grid generators and copper roboport equipment were also rebalanced for energy use/production.
    - Upgrade technologies (techs with no recipe unlocks, just bonuses) have largely been reverted to vanilla, with the following exceptions.
    - Scattergun turrets are still added to physical projectile damage research.
    - Worker robot battery capacity research was merged with robot movement speed research, up to a cumulative maximum of +200% battery.
    - Inserter throughput bonuses remain split into two branches (regular vs. stack inserter).
    - Transmats are a new quantum field ring technology that can teleport small groups of engineers to other transmats.
    - Transmat energy cost is fixed, i.e. distance travelled and number of engineers transported do not affect the energy required.
    - To make a connection, the transmats at both ends must (a) have enough energy (b) belong to the same force (c) be on the same planet/surface (d) not be blocked.
    - At least one engineer must be standing on the departure transmat. Destinations are blocked by engineers. Both ends are blocked by vehicles.
    - Small buffer tanks now only have two pipe connections and can be rotated.
    - Pipes and some pipe-like devices now release pollution if they are deconstructed or destroyed with polluting fluids in them. In IR1 it was only storage tanks that did this.
    - Manual flushing also releases pollution (oil-derived fluids, acids, polluted water).
    - One-way valves are available for all four pipe types. They don't connect from the sides.
    - Scrapping machine output slots were increased from 5 to 8. The cap on scrappable material types per item was raised to match. Scrap is now worth 1 ingot.
    - Repair kit speeds were OP so were nerfed.
    - All combat robot capsules produce 5 robots. Got really bored of having to click 15-20 times to get a full defender swarm in the mid-game. Costs and stack size rebalanced.
    - Manual deconstruction (picking up built entities) standardised at 0.2s for all IR buildings (faster in nearly all cases).
    - Scripted entity adjustments are all bound to a single control now (Shift-E by default).
    - The automatic mode of trains can be toggled with the entity toggle key (Shift-E by default). If you are riding a train, it is toggled; otherwise point at a friendly train within reach.
    - The pistol is no longer available in IR. Players spawn with a shotgun.
    - The "atom bomb" (nuclear rocket) is not unlocked in IR. The technology unlocks an atomic artillery shell instead. It has a similar effect but with massive pollution fallout.
    - The atomic artillery shell has a very long reload time so that the gun has time to acquire new targets. Otherwise, it would waste a lot of nukes.
    - Enemies affected by an arc turret now count as "burning" and are de-prioritised by other arc turrets.
    - Circuit network connection removed from burner and steam inserters (matching the same treatment of burner drills in IR1).
    - Chest capacities were nerfed or returned to rounded vanilla values (UPS concerns). The gold chest was removed. However cargo wagons keep their buff.
    - Cars, tanks, locomotives and monowheels can all run on either chemical fuels or charged batteries.
    - The copper monowheel had a refit and lost a bit of friction.
    - Large wooden poles can now be fast-replaced by / upgraded to steel pylons.
    - Added a dummy blocker item with a clear "prohibited" icon that has no recipe, so you don't have to block splitters with fish.
    - The generator manager now maintains vehicle equipment grids as well (if the player is driving/riding the vehicle).
    - Stack sizes of some vanilla items were increased (train stops, chemical plants, medium poles, etc.) to fit in with similar IR entity sizes.
    - Robotowers are now steel tier but their slots were reduced from 3 to 2.
    - Many other small changes and fixes lost in the mists of time.
    - 250+ hours on sprite, icon and animation updates, and some completely new models. Almost everything got at least a tweak.
    - All craftable entities get material-based particle damage/explosion effects, automatically calculated from the raw resources that made them.
    - Most of IR's electric crafting machines colour their activity lights by status (idle, working, blocked/starved, disabled, low power). Zero script overhead (Factorio 1.0).
    - Added mod settings so that players can customise status light hues to their own preferences / needs.
    - Homebrew ore patch sprites to match the new ore icons.
    - Buildings with negative pollution highlight the affected chunk when moused-over in alt-mode.
    - Hit effects for bullets and photon projectiles improved.
    - Cartridge ammo has more of a scatter effect (minor variation on range).
    - Vanilla and IR floor tiles (stone bricks, concretes, gravels) have a 100% chance of removing "decoratives". Obviously.
    - Coloured gravel tiles were removed, but the stone and carbon variants remain and they were smartened up a bit.
    - IR flying robots now have death spirals and remnants (Factorio 1.0).
    - Monowheels were tweaked, and now have terrain-specific dust trails (Factorio 1.0) and proper headlights (Factorio 1.1).
    - IR technology and tab icon resolution increased/mipmapped (Factorio 1.1). A couple are upscaled placeholders pending base game icon updates.
    - IR's "tech unlock" icons for 0.17 removed in favour of the new vanilla ones (Factorio 1.1).
    - Custom main menu "simulation" added since IR breaks most of the vanilla ones (Factorio 1.1).
    - Glows and reflected light effects reworked for many entities (Factorio 1.1).
    - Added a mod setting to tone weird blue trees from 0.18 down to green.
    - Fixed misaligned alert icons on assemblers.
    - New sounds for a handful of entities.
    - Fade in/out added to many working visualisations and sounds. Less jarring when flow is erratic.
    - Entity rotation sound removed since the vanilla game now provides one (Factorio 1.0).
    - Removed the generic "idle1.ogg" drone from every IR machine that had it.
    - Fixed that vehicle impact sounds were poorly specified on most IR entities.
    - Volume adjustments.
    - IR no longer specifies any conflicting mods. There are likely hundreds. Overhauls gonna conflict. Feel free to write your own patches.
    - "AAI Industry" and "Deadlock's Crating Machine" are no longer supported. Feel free to write your own patches.
    - Display plates were moved into a separate optional mod, "Industrial Display Plates", public version currently maintained by Wyrrrd.
    - Most of vanilla 1.1's new "tips and tricks" are broken by IR's entity changes. Apparently this is the modder's job to fix. I fixed it by deleting them.
    - Non-vanilla "tips and tricks" created by other mods are left alone.
    - IR's procedural tech tree builder now only reorganises technologies it knows about (vanilla techs and IR's own), unless mods that create other ones opt in. See code comments under technology.
    - The only exception to the above is that IR will still replace prerequisites in any non-hidden tech created before IR's data-updates stage, if and only if the prerequisite has been hidden and a known alternative exists. This helps prevent unlockable branches.
  Supported mods:
    - Dectorio
    - Text Plates / Even More Text Plates
    - AAI Containers & Warehouses
    - AAI Vehicles: Hauler (IR overhauls the hauler to act as a mobile construction platform)
    - Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders (additional patch mod required)
    - Deadlock's Larger Lamps
  Known issues / to-do:
    - Factorio 1.1.6 introduced a bug where the entity tooltip for transmats shows an incorrect power consumption rate of 0 watts. Reported. At the time of writing the rate is 8 megawatts.
    - The foundry working sound is a placeholder until I find something better.
    - 1.1 introduced the possibility of glowing belt items but lights currently ignore render layers and produce X-ray glitches, e.g. when passing through splitters or behind tall entities. For the time being, no IR item glows on belts.
    - Related to the above: transmat animations currently can't use any of the new light rendering features because of the same render layer issues. The old method of "spotlight spam" is in place at present.
    - There is a minor "latency hiding" issue with the transmat GUI for multiplayer clients only (not the host). Nothing I can do about it at present.