Gizmos Car Keys (improved)

by Pi-C
Tired of running to your vehicle? Then let it come to you! This mod is based on "Gizmos Car Keys" by aodgizmo. It should work with most modded vehicles (except trains and trains in disguise) -- not just cars.
9 days ago
Owner: Pi-C
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 13 days ago
Latest Version: 0.17.3 (9 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 99 times

Is your vehicle always where you are not, especially when you need it? Do you regularly waste time running to your vehicle because you need something from its trunk? Then let it come to you instead!

This mod is based on Gizmos Car Keys by aodgizmo. It should work with most modded vehicles (except trains and trains in disguise) -- not just cars.


After you've researched automobilism, the keys are available. Use them on a vehicle to make it yours. Using them again on the same vehicle will lock/unlock the vehicle. By using them on another vehicle, you give up your previous vehicle and claim the new one. (Hint: If you want to exchange vehicles but are afraid that other players might take something from your vehicle, or the vehicle itself, lock it before you give it up!)

If you use the keys on the ground (or on water, if you have a boat) the vehicle will be summoned there -- if it can be placed there, and if that position is within your character's reach. Usually, your reach will be limited during this action to the vanilla game settings (10 tiles) even if you have mods installed that extend your reach. I consider using long reach as extremely cheaty because you can also summon a car if you are in it -- with long reach enabled, your vehicle keys would become your personal mobile teleporter! Nevertheless, if you insist on using the keys with long reach, there should be a startup option hidden somewhere …

In contrast to the original mod, this one also supports vehicle grids and everything else a vehicle might contain.

Supported languages

  • English
  • German
  • Russian

If you can provide translations for another language, I'd be happy to include it! :-)


Credits go to

  • aodgizmo: for the original mod -- I used the code (and changed, added to, or removed parts of it) and the car-key graphics (which I also used for the mod thumbnail) in my mod.
  • Zahnfeechen: for Gizmos Car Keys - Zahnfeechen Patch (which updated aodgizmo's mod for Factorio 0.17) -- I happily played with this mod myself until I decided to make my own version. Because this mod shares a lot of code with mine, it is not only unnecessary to have both active at the same time, it could even lead to unforeseeable results because both mods act on the same events. I therefore decided to let my mod conflict with this one.
  • Dragonling: for the Russian localization -- thanks a lot!