by PFQNiet

Love Factorio? Love Satisfactory? Want to play both at once? Well all right then! This overhaul mod reworks Factorio to play more like Satisfactory, with Milestones, self-driving cars, direct connection of belts to machines, and much more! Please support the original developers by purchasing a legal copy of Satisfactory before downloading this mod.

9 months ago
1 year, 3 months ago
Latest Version:
1.1.11 (9 months ago)
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If you enjoy Factorio and Satisfactory then this is the mod for you! Satisfactorio ports (almost) all of the features of Satisfactory into Factorio.

  • Connect belts directly to input/output slots of machines
  • Submit materials to the HUB/MAM/Space Elevator to progress
  • Engage in melee combat with hostile creatures
  • Pet the doggos!
  • Set up self-driving cars to transport materials between sections of your factory
  • Fly around with the Jetpack or Hover Pack
  • Repair crash sites to discover new recipes
  • Use the Gas Mask and Hazmat Suit to protect yourself from environmental hazards
  • Complete Project Assembly!

Please support the original developers by purchasing a legal copy of Satisfactory before downloading this mod.

Getting started

You begin the game by landing on Nauvis in your Drop Pod and searching for iron. Build your HUB nearby and get to work at the Craft Bench.

Unlock your first few buildings and deploy them with the Build Gun - select a building from the menu and the ingredients will be pulled from your inventory. Mine a building to recover its components!

Continue submitting materials to complete Milestones at the HUB, unlocking more and more options:

And before long you'll have your first automated setups!

But beware: over-drawing power will break the generator's fuse, resulting in a blackout. You'll need to increase power production and/or decrease demand before resetting the power network.


Conveyor belts transport items from building to building. Splitters and Mergers allow you to distribute your items either 1:2 or 1:3, and the Smart Splitter lets you define filters for sorting items.

Program a self-driving car to deliver resources around your base!

Tame wild Lizard Doggos (which look suspiciously like Small Biters...) and they'll occasionally give you loot:

More mobility options include the Jetpack, Hyper tubes and the Zipline, allowing quick and easy traversal of your factory.

Late-game, you can use Drones to trivialise long-distance transportation of materials, assuming you produce enough Batteries to support them.

Continue expanding your factory...

Win the game by completing Project Assembly!


This mod is generally incompatible with other mods, as it totally replaces Factorio's systems with those from Satisfactory. Any mod that attempts to add technology, for example, will cause the mod to outright refuse to load.

However, compatibility patches can be made! The following mods are compatible:

  • Rate Calculator
  • Bottleneck Lite
  • Text Plates
  • Factorissimo 2
  • Factory Planner

If you have any particular requests, please let me know.


As you can see from the screenshots and clips above, the graphics for this mod are currently lacking. Buildings are just white cards with the building's icon in the middle.

If you have experience making graphics for Factorio mods and would like to help, please reach out, I'd love to hear from you.


  • Thumbnail and logo text by snouz
  • Item/building icons from Satisfactory
  • Resource Well / Nitrogen Gas resource sprites currently "borrowed" from Krastorio 2
  • Inspiration for machine loaders from therax's Miniloaders
  • Russian localization by Shadow_Man