Renai Transportation

Se~no to traditional belts and tiresome walking with these ridiculous ways to transport items and yourself around your factory. Now with Magnetic Train Ramps for precise train landing control. Features: Thrower inserters, train ramps, player launchers, bounce pads, ziplines, and more

20 hours ago
0.18 - 1.0
5 months ago
Latest Version:
0.6.1 (20 hours ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.0
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Renai Transportation

Check out this spotlight on the mod by Xterminator (v0.4.0)

Or this highlight video by JD-Plays on YouTube (v0.4.1)

Most recent change

  • Magnetic Train Ramps
  • Electric Ziplines
  • Click on bounce pads to toggle range visibility in alt-view


  • Thrower Inserters
    Why slowly and delicately roll your items around on belts when they can be thrown at high speeds through the air? Throwers are distinguished by their bright yellow arms. Supports all inserters, even ones added from other mods. Research unlocks the ability to adjust a thrower's range.

  • Player Launchers
    Imagine "walking". Stand on a Player Launcher and press the launch key (F by default) to propel yourself into orbit. Make sure you don't land on anything important though. Use Bounce Pads to go even further.

  • Bounce Pads
    Increase the range of your hops. Can bounce items and players further forward.

  • Directed Bounce Pads
    Bounce items and players in a specific direction.

  • Train Ramps
    You knew it had to be. River in the way of your train? Rail junctions too complicated? Just jump over them! Includes special scaled-up bounce pads for the master air traffic logisticians out there.

  • Magnet Train Ramps
    Use powerful electromagnets to guide trains to an exact desired landing point each time regardless of speed. Uses scaling amounts of power by distance, and has a max range of 100 tiles.

  • Hatch
    Blow install an opening onto things so items can fall into them.

  • Open Chests
    Chop the top off your iron chests to catch the items you're throwing around.

  • Primer Bounce Pads
    Prime grenades, capsules, rockets, and other items to fly much further and activate upon next landing. Switch to spread mode to bombard larger areas

  • Signal Bounce Pads
    Act like a Constant Combinator, but are toggled on/off when something bounces on it

  • Electric Ziplines
    Use your existing power network as a makeshift highway. Consumes about half a steam engine worth of power

See the FAQ for some specific details

Possible Future Additions

  • Longer distance transporting methods (item cannons/fireworks/water rockets/who knows? I'm open to suggestions)
  • Mid air train collisions (maybe, that seems like a lot of work)
  • Scaling train explosion size based on what it's carrying

Bugs Special Features

  • Mods that allow you to walk on water make it so that items don't splash and disappear.
  • If you drive a train backwards off a ramp, it'll start going the other way (ie forwards) upon landing.
  • Modded train carriages like Vehicle Wagons that store data about the carriage in their own mod-specific database rather than in the carriage entity itself do not carry that information over after a jump because as far as I know I can't read that info form my mod. If anyone knows how I can access another mod's global variables like that hmu


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