Gizmos Car Keys - Zahnfeechen Patch

Tired of running to your car? Run no more! Bring your car to you! Click the car key on a car to link your keys to the car. When you need your car, pick up your keys and left click the spot you want your car to appear. Fix for 0.17 and Patch by Zahnfeechen
3 months ago
Owner: Zahnfeechen
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 3 months ago
Latest Version: 0.17.1 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 190 times

This is a fix and slight rework of Gizmos Car Keys, found over at:
As the mod was never updated in over a year and doesn't work on 0.17, I took it on myself to get it working again and changed a few minor things while I was at it. The functions itself remain unchanged. Description modified to reflect the changes.
All credit for the original work goes to Gizmo.

Original description:
Tired of running to your vehicle? Run no more! Bring your vehicle to you! Its easy!

Step 1. Create a CAR KEY for your vehicle. A CAR KEY is a simple recipe you will unlock together with the car itself.
Step 2. Click the CAR KEY on a car to link your CAR KEY to the vehicle.
Step 3. Click the CAR KEY on the ground near you to summon your vehicle to that location, DONE!

You are now the proud new owner of the vehicle you clicked your CAR KEY on. You can now left click anywhere with your CAR KEY on your cursor to summon your vehicle to that location!
No more running around trying to remember where you parked it last! You can then put the key in your quickbar or inventory until you need to summon your vehicle again.

Linking your CAR KEY with a vehicle:
Click your CAR KEY on a unowned vehicle that you want to own. This will link your CAR KEY with the vehicle you clicked on. You can only own 1 vehicle at a time and will release the old one when you link to a new vehicle.
That vehicle can be anything that's not a train or similar. Works with modded vehicles, no integration needed!

Summoning your vehicle: Click your CAR KEY (that is LINKED to a vehicle) on the ground nearby, the car will appear at that location!

Locking your vehicle: Clicking your CAR KEY on a vehicle you already own (and is UNLOCKED) will lock/disable the vehicle from being used by anyone(including you!), this prevents people from entering and using the vehicles inventory!

Unlocking your vehicle: Clicking your key on a vehicle you already own (and is LOCKED) will unlock/enabled the car.

The following changes have been made from the original mod:
-Fixed so it runs on 0.17
-Icon changed to a copper-based look with a small light
-Recipe is now locked behind the automobilism research instead of being available straight away.
-Recipe changed: Now uses two of each item since there's two keys in the icon (and a single iron bar is annoying). Also included green circuits.
-Added some pictures to the mod page

-The car binds to the player, not the key. Multiple keys have no effect. As I can't actually code, this isn't going to change anytime soon.
-Works in Multiplayer where every player can have their own car. A car can't have multiple owners, it's first come first served.
-Expect no updates, except perhaps if a new version breaks the mod and I can figure it out again.
-The simple fix without any changes, as I posted over on the original mod, is to simply remove the outdated "goes-to-quickbar" flag and set the dependency to base game version 0.17.