DMV - Directional Movement Vehicles

Vehicles move like players! - W for North - A for West - S for South - D for East And so much more!

7 months ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
8 months ago
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Directional Controls

  • DMV replaces vehicle turning controls with WASD controls, like your character.

  • So, W will go North, A will go West, S will go South, and D will go East.

  • Vehicles smoothly turn, drift, slow down, and come to a halt, like in the movies. YouTube Demonstration Video

Soft Collision

  • DMV vehicles have soft, fuzzy collision, and no collision damage. It's natural to get around forests and through factories.

  • Wardens can mow through forests, and pick up the lumber automatically!

  • Tanks can mow through boulders and biters alike!

Paint Jobs

  • Paint your DMV vehicles individually! Just click the vehicle and choose a color in the top-right of the interface.

  • The paint color is permanent, and is saved when you pick up the vehicle into your inventory.

  • If you’d like more paint options, including very dark black and very bright orange, install the Oil-Based Paint mod!

Weapon Auto-Targetting

  • DMV vehicles can shoot their weapons autonomously if you enable Auto-Targeting:

  • ☒ With Gunner or ☒ Without Gunner on the vehicle interface. This makes the Car similar to the AAI Chaingunner, so for balance, the vehicle machine gun now shoots a bit slower.

Remote Control

  • The Spidertron Remote is now the Remote Control, and can now control any DMV vehicle. You may choose in startup settings at what technology level it can be unlocked.

  • Install Spidertron Patrols to automatically load and unload vehicles at docks.

  • DMV vehicles use fuel and ammo from their trunk, so all you need to do is load them up at a Spidertron Patrols Vehicle dock.

Hydraulic Suspension

  • DMV vehicles bob up and down slightly. That's because DMVs are more like robots than vehicles! They have personality; an eager spunk, ready to take on the world. Oh, with the exception of the AAI Ironclad, which bobs up and down because water. The bobbing is definitely an intentional design choice, and not due to a limitation of the Factorio modding tools. You'll come to love it.

Engine Purr

  • The DMV Car has a new engine start-up and idle sound loop, which is more of a purr.


Existing Save Support

  • Simply pick up any vehicle and place it again for a DMV.