Mods by maxikaaz

Factorio World Multiplayer

I modified Factorio World mod so that it has some spawns to choose from (each player can choose spawn once when already in game) biters get significantly reduced depending on evolution, so that playing far from world spawn doesn't feel much harder than playing near world spawn. each spawn recieves some starting ores. This mod is based on Factorio World mod (by The Oddler), and is using some TeamCoop functions too.

a day ago

Cargo ships rescale

Scales cargo ships so their carry : weight ratio is simmilar to trains (it should be even better, as ships are more efficient, but let it be at least equal)

19 days ago

New force per player

This mod creates new force for each player. Those forces are enemies (you can use diplomacy mod), but they can share vision (if they use radars). Each placed radar entity is moved to special force which is firendly with all other forces. If you want to have shared chat between all forces, I might reccomend you always-shout mod ( )

16 days ago

Weapon tweaks PvP

Tried to balance PvP so that you can leave your base on hostile world for long time (and go sleep perhaps). Rocket range 36->32, Explosive rocket range modifier=80%, Atomic bomb - non existant, laser turret range uped to 30 (can be taken down via yellow rockets, but it requires dedication, as I increased their explosion resitance significantly). Gun turret range 18->20 (so that it can't be taken down safely by sub-gun, it's silly). Artillery stays untouched. Don't let your enemies get to Artilery in first place.

18 days ago

Spy mod

Spy mod was created for multiplayer use with multiple forces. It boosts technologies of all forces (even those who are yet to be created*),when one of forces finish research. The purpose of this is to work with "every player in his own force" scenarios - so that players won't lag so far behind others in tech for long and hopefully won't get overrun by biters. Once one player will make technological breakthrough -> rest have easier path to follow.

19 days ago

Remove locomotive

Intended to use with YI_railway

3 days ago

Spawn Control with cooldown

Each player have button to set spawn point. Admin can set map setting'set spawn cooldown' to force setting spawn at most once per some time. It also keeps information about surface where spawn point was set instead of teleporting player on same surface as they spawned on. (perhaps it might be un-wanted, I might add checkbox for that in mod-settings). Mod that I based upon was 'Spawn Control', Orginal mod page :

20 days ago

noTeamCoop deprecated

For now mod is in terrible state as it was hastely assembled - please do not use it.

19 days ago