Factorio World Multiplayer

I modified Factorio World mod so that it has some spawns to choose from (each player can choose spawn once when already in game) biters get significantly reduced depending on evolution, so that playing far from world spawn doesn't feel much harder than playing near world spawn. each spawn recieves some starting ores. This mod is based on Factorio World mod (by The Oddler), and is using some TeamCoop functions too. Shout out to those creators :)

3 months ago
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The Unlicense (Public Domain)
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.9.33 (3 months ago)
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460 users
  • 0.9.25 - completely experimental... It became my personal scenario/mod. Might not work, has a lot of dependencies, but I just want it to work with my setup/server.

  • please treat 0.9.24 as experimental branch, I changed a lot of stuff and things might break in your game.
    0.9.23/24 is big refresh of code, I changed a lot of stuff internally and I implemented custom spawns. I also added some settings descriptions. I kind of don't have time to test if everything works well, so I'm sorry for any crashes that you will encounter. Report them to me, so I can fix them.

Changelog :
.24 - hotfixes... I always overlook so many problems.
0.9.23 -> I refreshed mod after long time. Now custom spawns are available. New command for checking your map position.

0.9.16->.19 bugfixing, bugfixing, bugfixing ... And new commands mostly for admins. (starting with /et-) look with help to know details.

0.9.15 fixed error on_player_leave

0.9.14 [broken] major overhaul. Resources now spawn separately and are natural looking + there is small amounts of oil, there are few new functions added to game, I added new spawns and most code has been re-written, so it's possible there might be bugs. Next stable version will be probably 0.9.15

0.9.11 fixed severe bug. Player respawn didn't worked at all! aand now there are strange debug prints again.

0.9.9 - removed lots of print statements, that I used for debug and forgot to remove on 0.9.8 release.

0.9.8 - there is now random mix of ores (~9% stone, 18% coal, 37% copper and iron) placed on every spawn'able location. Those resources might (and often are) spawning on sea - but I'm not going to fix that yet. For now I just wanted for every spawn to be more "playable" and I just wrote simplest possible function to generate circle with random mixed ores.

?? don't remember version - I added cliff explosive effect upon choosing spawn as I realised you can get completely stuck forever in cliff.

0.9.7 - spawns are only to be picked once per game. (unless you will leave within less than 20 minutes from joining). Spawns are also in limited pool and each spawn can be choosen only once. I might add settings for turning that off, if it will be requested.

some other version : From now on biters on newly generated chunks are cut down massively (game is intended to be played on max/max biter settings so whole unexplored map is one huge biter nest in lategame).
if you are under 10% evolution, than on each newly generated chunk - about 5% biter nests will get cut down and 95% will get destroyed. Than more evolution, than less and less biter nests gets affected. Worms on newly generated chunks have their level moved down depending on evolution. This is made because before that spawning far away from world spawn resulted in huge biter bases and many behemoth worms in very early game.

some other version : Biters will get deleted around place where player re-spawns, but unfortunately it doesn't work for first spawn (Factorio World mod is deleting nature, setting tiles and generating tiles. I didn't wanted to make biter-deleting function wait for script to finish job, so it only works on already loaded chunks.