Starfall: Amator Phasma's Modpack Core (Beta)

Modpack & Overhaul & Configuration & additional Things. - You start on a planet with low and widely separated resources, the environment is harsh, but you have the science and technology on your side to survive and to build a greate factory. You need to explore the planet to find new possibilities, sometimes they fall from the sky...
2 days ago
Author: AmatorPhasma
Source: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 25 days ago
Latest Version: 0.16.62 (2 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 1248 times

This is only the modpack core mod, you have to download and install the dependencies manually

Version 0.16.57
NEW Solar eclipse: there is a chance (probability by a roll 5/100 per minute for such an event) that an other planets transit can lead into a solar eclipse for 2-4 game-days.

Anytime! after updating or installing this mod!
1. Check all dependencies.
2. Quit the game.
3. Delete your "Mod-Settings.dat" -> You find this in your mod folder on Windows by pressing [Windows Key]+[R] then copy this in: "%appdata%\Factorio\mods" then hit Enter. On linux... you know where to find it, if not, go back to windows. On mac os ... who knows ... I don't! :D
4. Start the game.
5. Have fun!

Try first to "delete your "Mod-Settings.dat" (I knows! but for the moment this is necessary!)
Report them on the forum thread or here on this site under disscussion.
If the game ends with an error msg. box (like: Fail to load mods:ap_modpack/lib/ap_tech_update.lua:59: attempt to index local 'p_technology(a nil value)') allways attatch a link to your last log file "factorio-current.log" best way to do it with: You can and should always strip the first lines about your username or computer equipment.

About this modpack:
This ModPack was originally intended only for a private game with friends,
but I have decided to make it public in the hope that others might like it.

It's just an beta version at the moment. (But only a few things to adjust, right now 3 ppl. play this on a test server to check it's working.)

The whole Modpack is build around the mods from Bob, Angel and Yuoki as the center, with a few own ideas in the corners for example:
- A complex uranium and plutonium treatment.
- Resources from all mods are integrated into science production.
- Many productions generate scrap metal that needs to be transported away and recycled.
- For processor production (high-end electronics), rare earths must be refined.
- Meteorites can hit everywhere on the map, thy bring a little bonus of ressources. (Impacts are not exaggerated and the chance that the base is hit is very low, are you the unlucky one?)
- Solar eclipses that interrupt your production of energy through solar cells. (You should have a backup plan.)
- Map generates with low resources in start area, all others are far away, but also there you will find only medium patches, find a way to deal with it! (You need trains!)
- Oil patch generation can be a slap in the face, but there are other ways to produce oil! (on our test server there is a rich field, but miles away :D ~ 1200 tiles)
- More on a later date... (working on the last implementations...)

*This dependencies are hardcoded in version, make sure they fit!

AAI Industry 0.2.3 by Earendel
Alien Biomes 0.3.8 by Earendel
Aircraft 1.4.11 by SuicidalKid
Asphalt Roads 1.1.3 by Arcitos
Angel's Addons - Ore Silos 0.4.0 by Arch666Angel
Angel's Addons - Warehouses 0.3.0 by Arch666Angel
Angel's Bio Processing [ALPHA UPDATE] 0.5.6 by Arch666Angel
Angel's Infinite Ores 0.7.3 by Arch666Angel
Angel's Petro Chemical Processing 0.7.8 by Arch666Angel
Angel's Refining 0.9.10 by Arch666Angel
Angel's Smelting 0.4.3 by Arch666Angel
Bio Industries 2.2.9 by TheSAguy
Bob's Assembling machines 0.16.1 by Bobingabout
Bob's Electronics 0.16.0 by Bobingabout
Bob's Enemies 0.16.0 by Bobingabout
Bob's Adjustable Inserters 0.16.8 by Bobingabout
Bob's Functions Library mod 0.16.5 by Bobingabout
Bob's Logistics mod 0.16.22 by Bobingabout
Bob's Mining 0.16.0 by Bobingabout
Bob's Modules 0.16.0 by Bobingabout
Bob's Ores 0.16.2 by Bobingabout
Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates 0.16.3 by Bobingabout
Bob's Power 0.16.4 by Bobingabout
Bob's Revamp mod 0.16.2 by Bobingabout
Bob's Tech 0.16.5 by Bobingabout
Bob's Vehicle Equipment 0.16.2 by Bobingabout
Bob's Warfare 0.16.6 by Bobingabout
Bot Replacer 0.16.0 by Peppe
Geothermal 1.0.80 by Reika
Laser beam turrets 0.2.0 by Klonan
Robot Battery Research 0.1.1 by Klonan
YARM - Resource Monitor 0.7.303 by Narc
Yuoki Industries - Engines (Addon) 0.6.28 by YuokiTani
Yuoki Industries 0.6.74 by YuokiTani
Landfill Painting 0.2.2 by Trainwreck
Resource Spawner Overhaul 3.5.14 by orzelek
Computer Core 1.3.12 by Relik77
Useful Combinators 0.4.4 by coltonj96
Squeak Through 1.2.2 by Supercheese
Bottleneck 0.9.1 by trold
EvoGUI - Evolution Factor Indicator and more 0.4.302 by Octav "narc" Sandulescu
Map Ping 1.0.4 by Supercheese
Upgrade Builder and Planner 1.5.3 by Klonan
FNEI 0.1.5 by npo6ka

More information and changelog at my thread in the forum.