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Starfall: Amator Phasma's Modpack Core (Beta) deprecated

Modpack & Overhaul & Configuration & additional Things. - You start on a planet with low and widely separated resources, the environment is harsh, but you have the science and technology on your side to survive and to build a greate factory. You need to explore the planet to find new possibilities, sometimes they fall from the sky...
1 year, 3 months ago

Amator Phasma's Energy Addon

This is a very small mod that adds an electric car (thats needs batteries), a charging station and adds a fuel value to the vanilla batteries, as well discharged batteries as a ('burned') result, these can then be recharged at a charging station.
2 months ago

Amator Phasma's Library

First of all: this is a resource and code library for my other mods. It self comes with extended functions for inserter: 1) make it possible that a inserter can handle the 'burnt result inventory' on all machines. 2) burner inserters can leech fuel from pickup and drop target. 3) burner inserters are capable to chain fuel through all burner type machines.
10 days ago

Amator Phasma's Modpack

This a meta package for my mods.
2 months ago

Amator Phasma's Nuclear

This mod is inspired by "Nuclear Power" by Fatmice and "Uranium Power" by Simdezimon. And, like the both, does this mod expand the production of nuclear fuel cells and the reprocessing of spent fuel cells. With this mod, the start into the atomic age is a bit harder than in the vanilla Factorio and you will need the logic cabling for this mod because you have to control pumps so that your enrichment process can work efficiently. (Without a logic control this process will come to a standstill.)
10 days ago

Amator Phasma's Coal & Steam

This mod revisits the early game of Factorio and pushes the electrification a bit further back by extending the Burner-Stage and inserting a new stage: Steam-Stage (buildings will be powered by steam). The production lines of this mod focus on fuel production, but it also comes with a few new intermediates and a new science package. It does not change the standard Techtree too much, the majority of the related tech for this mod comes before the vanilla techtree even begins. The vanilla techtree and most of the other mods content are locked behind a new technology called "Electrification" which can be called the goal of this modification.
11 days ago

Amator Phasma's Recycling

This is a simple modification that adds up to two by-products to the intermediate products: scrap metal with a probability of 10% for one or 5% for two scrap metal types. This scrap metal can be collected and later processed in a recycler and then smelted into plates again. It's very simple, but it adds a small layer of complexity to your transport-belt layout. In the early game you can easily solve this with splitters or filter-inserters. Later in high-production areas, you have a dedicated transport-belt.
10 days ago

Amator Phasma's Resource Pack

This mod is a resource pack, with all needed media files for my other mods, it does nothing!.
10 days ago

Amator Phasma's Starfall (WIP)

Adds meteorites! They are falling from the sky!
3 months ago