Amator Phasma's Modpack

This a meta package for my mods.
3 months ago
Owner: AmatorPhasma
Source: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 6 months ago
Latest Version: 0.17.14 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 1705 times

Amator Phasma's Modpack

English, Deutsch

About this mod:
This is a meta package that contains all my other mods as a hard dependencies, it does nochting else!

This modpack is tested with vanilla factorio, with Bob's and/or Angel's mods.

Report them on the forum thread or here on this site under disscussion.

Please tell me on the forum thread.



Amator Phasma's Library
Amator Phasma's Coal & Steam
Amator Phasma's Nuclear
Amator Phasma's Recycling


Amator Phasma's Starfall
Amator Phasma's Energy Addon

Tested compatibility:
- Space Exploration by Earendel
- Alien Biomes by Earendel
- AAI Programmable Vehicles by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Chaingunner by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Flame Tank by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Flame Tumbler by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Laser Tank by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Miner by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Warden by Earendel
- AAI Vehicles: Hauler by Earendel
- AAI Industry by Earendel
- Bio Industries by TheSAguy
- ScienceCostTweaker Mod (mexmer)
- Angel's Angel's Bio Processing [BETA] by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Angel's Industries by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Addons - Smelting Train by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Addons - Petrochem Train by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Addons - Warehouses by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Addons - Pressure Tanks
- Angel's Infinite Ores by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Petro Chemical Processing by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Refining by Arch666Angel
- Angel's Smelting by Arch666Angel
- Bob's Personal Equipment mod by Bobingabout
- Bob's Assembling machines by Bobingabout
- Bob's Electronicsby Bobingabout
- Bob's Enemies by Bobingabout
- Bob's Adjustable Inserters by Bobingabout
- Bob's Functions Library mod by Bobingabout
- Bob's Logistics mod by Bobingabout
- Bob's Mining by Bobingabout
- Bob's Modules by Bobingabout
- Bob's Ores by Bobingabout
- Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates by Bobingabout
- Bob's Power by Bobingabout
- Bob's Revamp mod by Bobingabout
- Bob's Tech by Bobingabout
- Bob's Warfare by Bobingabout

My thread in the forum.