Angel's Infinite Ores

Adds infinite ores for the base game, Bobmods, Yuoki Industries, Uranium Power, Nucular, Dark Matter Replicators and the base ores for AngelsRefining. Best used with RSO mod to have infinite ores in the core of regular resource patches. Has config options to change the yield for all infinite resources including oil
4 months ago
0.14 - 0.17
Owner: Arch666Angel
Source: Arch666Angel/mods
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 0.8.12 (4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.17
Downloaded: 431829 times

Angels Mods

I. Angel's Infinite Ores
II. Angel's Refining
III. Angel's PetroChem
IV. Angel's Smelting(Beta)
V. Angel's Bio Processing
VI. Angel's Components
VII. Angel's Logistics
VIII. Angel's Addons
IX. Angel's Triggers

X. Development and Discussion
XI. Bugs & FAQ
XII. Donations and Chocolate Fund

Angels Ores

In collaboration with kingarthur

- Adds Infinite Ores to spawn in addition to the regular ores
- Supports Vanilla Ores, BobsOres, Yuoki Ores, UraniumPower Ores and Nucular Ores
- I highly recommend the usage of the RSO Mod it features the generation of ore patches which have a percentage of infinite ores (see screenshot in long description) thanks to orzelek!

Trigger Files:
- RSO will be automatically detected with the latest version!

Mod has a config file to turn on/off certain aspects:
-enable/disable ifinite ores
-modify the yield of the infinite ores
-enable/disable and modify the loweryield mode
-enable/disable RSO-mode (hides infinite ores in the Generation menu)
-enable/disable individual infinite version of bobsores
-enable/disable infinite version of Yuoki Ores
-enable/disable infinite version of Uranium Power Ores
-enable/disable infinite version of Nucular Ores
-enable/disable infinite version of Dark Matter Replicator Ores

-Bobbingabout of bobmods for his code and mod to learn from, his advice and also for the method to use tinted ore sprite sheets.
-Orzelek of RSO mod for his advice and the great integration of infinite ores.
-YuokiTani of YuokiIndustries for advice
-Everyone who gave feedback and helped to develop the mod

Older versions can be found under the factorio forum link.


-added missing localization key
-disabled uranium spawning for refining + bobs

-fixed some internal logic issues due to the shift to using mod options
-added options for fluid requirement to infinite ores

-fixed yields for gas wells and fissures

-fixed an error

-added and converted config options to mod options menu

-fixed an error

-added fix for 0.15

-update for 0.15
-changed angels-ore to use new base game ore sheets
-dropped support for nucular because of conflicts with the new base game uranium ore

-I broke something

-fixed non RSO coal spawning
-fixed trigger mod not working

-gfx update

-removed RSO trigger now autodetects
-moved some internal stuff around

-added auto detection for RSO
-fixed spawning of infinite ores for non RSO variants

-fixed a conflict with nucular and reactor mod
-changed rubyte coloring

-fixed vanilla spawning of angels infinite ores
-added dynamic localization for the description of the angels ores
-fixed bob gem-ore hardness and mining time

-fixed an error with the change yield option for liquid resources should work as intended now

-fixed mining hardness and time for infinite version of saphirite and jivolite to match their finite counterparts

-update for trigger mods

-update to 0.14 game version

-fixed a typo in the config

-fixed a typo
-added lower yield option to all infinite ores

-added config option to change minimum oil and gas yield
-added config option to change minimum fissure yield
-fixed ore spawning for vanilla

-fixed logic error with dark matter replicator

-fixed base ore check

-added support for Dark Matter Replicator mod
-added option to enable a loweryield mode in the config: loweryield will add a probability to the ore output of the infinite ores, so that they will produce less ore overall and even less with lower yields
-added modifier for loweryield to the config, changes the probability with which ores are produced

-changed resource configs for the angels ores to work without RSO (not recommended)

-updated for 0.13