Bob's Warfare

Make things for warfare.

a day ago
0.13 - 1.1
Copyright, Redistribution, No editing
7 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.1 (a day ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
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232K users

Requires Bob's functions library mod.

This mod adds a lot of things for warfare.
Adds Nitroglycerine production chain, which is used to make intermediates for new ammo.
Adds 7 new gun ammos, shotgun ammos, and rockets based on an improved normal, and 6 elemental ammos.
Adds a laser rifle and 7 tiers of laser ammo using glass and the 6 gems.
Adds Tanks to tier 3, and artillery wagons to tier 3.
Changes the way you make combat robots, and adds a 4th combat robot capsule.
Adds a Robot laser drone.
Adds a higher tier wall and gate
Adds a couple new mines.
Adds Scatter tank ammo
Adds a few new types of artillery ammo.
Adds more tiers of Radar.

Although it can function as a stand alone mod, it is intended to be used with the full Bob's Mods set.