by N0TZ3R0

It changes some aspects from other mods and the game for my personal use and while adding more features. A little bit cheaty? Maybe? But makes the game more playable and different. Check description for the full list of changes

2 months ago
1 year, 30 days ago
Latest Version:
1.3.2 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
8400 times

It changes some settings from other mods and the game for my personal use. A little bit cheat? Maybe? But makes the game more playable.

Take a loot at ModSettings so you can tweak this mod.

Currently it changes some "settings" for the following mods and the game itself:

Vanilla [
Added a setting that enables kinda a cheat mode that boosts:

character_build_distance_bonus = 200.0
character_reach_distance_bonus = 200.0
character_running_speed_modifier = 1.5 ( Configurable )
laboratory_speed_modifier = 30.0
laboratory_productivity_bonus = 1.0
worker_robots_storage_bonus = 4.0
worker_robots_battery_modifier = 3.0
worker_robots_speed_modifier = 5.5
mining_drill_productivity_bonus = 2.0
train_braking_force_bonus = 1.5
manual_crafting_speed_modifier = 1500.0
manual_mining_speed_modifier = 1.3

And also unlocks these free techs:

automation, stone-wall, gun-turret, military, logistics

Entity ghosts are now enabled by default.

Extras [
Added a battery pack equipment ( 600MJ ).
Added cooked fish ( heal 120 ).
Added option to make nights full dark.
Added equipment grid to light and heavy armor.
Added option that reduce red-flash when you take damage.
Added a recipe to cook wood into coal.
Added a recipe ported from ZElectricVehicles to handcraft Electric Engines.
Added option to change corpse duration.
Reduced Night-Vision Equipment size to 1x1.
Made all PowerPoles have their wire length cover their supply area.
Upgraded roboports ( charge double the robots at a time ).
Beacons now work with any module, have 4 slots, a litle bit bigger supply area and are now a little bit more effectivity.
Blue Circuit craft more fast and costs 3 green and 2 red + 10 acid.
Plastic-Bar now stacks to 999.
Made Player respawn in 5 seconds ( Configurable ).
Made Steel-Plate recipe 30 percent faster.
Made LandFill costs 13 stone.
Ability to craft the LinkedChest ( 4 Steel Chest + 1 Passive Provider Chest + 1 Requester Chest ).
Added option to increase all solar panels energy production by 4 times and increase Accumulators by 2 times.
Added option to make Oil Finite.
Improved HeatGlow for heat-pipes, reactor, and heat-exchanger.
Ability to place wood as floor.
Added option to start with a car.
Added option to start with a Antron and Spider Remote( Require Bob's Warfare ).
Set Logistic Delivery Icon to a smaller one.


Mods Changes:

Bob's Assembly [
Added a Steam Furnace ( Faster than fluid furnace and less pollutant ) lol.
Made Steam Assembly Machine have a speed of 4 at maximum steam temperature.

Bob's GreenHouse [
Enabled 3 module slots on every GreenHouse.

Bob's Mining [
Increased Steam Mining Drill resource search radius.

Bob's Warfare [
Made all Spidertron's consume common fuel ( not nuclear ).
Changed all Spidertron's equipment grid size.
Changed all Spidertron's weapons ( check in game ).
Changed Sniper-Range from 30 to 40.
Disable Spidertron's weapon switch ( causes weird things if you put ammo in all it's guns. lol ).
Disabled technology for some armors ( Invar Cobalt-steel armor | Titanium-Ceramic armor ).


K2_WirelessCharger [
Changed technology prerequisites ( modular armor + personal battery ).
Changed technology costs ( 100 red and green science ).
Changed Energy Absorber ingredients ( 6 iron-plate + 200 copper-cable ).
Reduced technology costs for upgrades.

ShockTurret [
Disabled Mining Speed technology.
Disabled Shock-To-Laser-Turret technology.
Reduced project damage from 8 to 6.
Increased Per-Shot consume from 200kJ to 400kJ.