Schall Tank Platoon

Adds different classes and tiers of tanks in-par with power armors, having vehicle equipment grid. Aims to fill the gaps the vanilla game should have. Not overhaul nor OP. Vanilla oriented and balanced. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, 简体中文, Русский, Português Brasileiro, Español)
a month ago
0.16 - 0.18


Q: Why are the tanks underpowered?
A: The basic tanks series so designed to be balanced with the vanilla tank, and for realism. For more powerful tanks for the late-game, there are upgrades to tanks MK1 and tanks MK2 series, unlocked by technology of power armor and power armor MK2 respectively.

Q: Why are the tanks so OP?
A: The vehicle equipment grids can be turned off or adjusted to smaller sizes, under "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Startup" tab. (For multiplayer server, only the host can tweak options before hosting.)

Q: What is the classification like light, medium, heavy tanks?
A: There is a long history of light, medium and heavy designations in the real world, started since the first few years of their appearance. This classification is generally referred to by weight, and by the tactical role is suited for. Below are the most common tactical role designated to them:
- Light tank: reconnaissance, infantry support.
- Medium tank: using mobility to exploit situational advantages (like flanking).
- Heavy tank: main advance, frontal assault.
- Super-heavy tank: an indestructible vehicle for penetrating enemy formations.
But in reality, it is much more complicated. Due to technological and engineering advancement, some light tanks (PzKpfw II: 40 km/h) can be slower than a medium tank (PzKpfw IV: 55 km/h), as well as weight of tanks varied a lot over time. PzKpfw IV (17.7 - 25 t, road speed 40 km/h) and PzKpfw V "Panther" (44.8 t, road speed 55 km/h) are both being classified as medium tanks, due to similar tactical role. These examples show there is no easy way to "clear cut" classify different tanks. In this mod, we assume the whole tank series is designed at the same time, so we can simplify the details a bit.

Q: Why not just have a single tank (like the "Main Battle Tank")?
A: After WWII, advancement in engine power allows the possibility of a multi-role tank, the "Main Battle Tank", which combines the mobility of medium tank and protection of heavy tank. In addition, any level of armour was insufficient against the threat of tactical nuclear weapons in the cold-war era, further reducing the usefulness of heavy tanks.
BUT in Factorio, the enemies (biters) do NOT have tactical nukes in their arsenal. Compared to a balanced tank, a faster light tank still performs better in hit-and-run tactics, and a better armoured heavy tank still survives better on frontal assaults. Therefore, specialized tanks are still more effective versus conventional enemies. Most importantly, it is more fun to have diversity. Different choices for players in favour of their playstyles!

Q: Why are the heavy tanks and super-heavy tanks so expensive?
A: Heavy tanks are supposed to be few, and driven by the more-experienced tank commanders only. Most of the super-heavy tanks are just designs on paper, only few prototype comes in existence. During World War II, German tanks comprise about 30% heavy tanks and 0.01% super-heavy tanks (only 3 produced!). So it is not supposed to be every player having one in their pocket... Due to their slower movement and fire rate, it is best to work with light and medium tanks to fight together.

Q: What are the autocannons?
A: An autocannon is a large, fully automatic rapid-fire weapon firing shells. It has a larger calibre than machine gun, but much smaller calibre than typical tank cannon. While it is ineffective against tank armour, it is extremely effective against soft targets like enemy infantry (PvP!) and smaller biters.
In this mod, autocannons are used exclusively by light tanks, replacing the tank cannon. Properties of autocannon allow light tanks to perform hit-and-run sneaking attacks against biter nests while solo. The weakness against tank armour, can turn into an advantage when moving in a tank group, fending off small biters closing-in without doing much damage to heavier tanks in front.

Q: What are the cannon collision box check in "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Startup" options?
A: Originally, the cannon shells fired from the tanks have a "collision box", may penetrate or explode immaturely if an entity (like biter, friendly player, or a tank) is on the way. It may be desired (damaging incoming enemies) or undesired (causing friendly fire, or even killing yourself!) depending on the situation.
By default, this option is ON, keeping the vanilla behaviour. By turning this off, tanks shells can be safely fired over friendlies ahead. Be ware you can still damage friendlies around the impact point.
Updated from 0.16.2, only explosive type cannon shells are affected by this option. The two armor piercing type shells do not deal AoE damage, thus excluded from here.

Q: What are the autocannon collision box check in "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Startup" options?
A: Similarly, it is the same collison box check, but for autocannon on light tanks. Default is OFF, as it is supposed to be a supporting weapon rather than for penetration.

Q: What are the tanks MK1 series?
A: They are the straight upgrades from the basic tanks series. More health, more armour, more engine power, larger vehicle grid. No downside (except for a higher cost). They are unlocked by the same technology as power armor. Be sure to take out all equipment from the vehicle grid before upgrade. WARNING: Beware that if you upgrade in an assembling machine, the equipment inside will be lost forever, since the game do NOT handle that by default. This mod adds a special code so will return them to player's inventory (or spill over to the ground if full) if it is handcrafted. So to be sure there will be no losses, upgrade by hand!

Q: What are the tanks MK2 series?
A: Similar to the tanks MK1 series, it is an upper tier and another straight upgrade. More health, more armour, more engine power, larger vehicle grid. No downside except for a very high cost (as level 3 modules). They are unlocked by the same technology as power armor MK2. Again, be sure to take out all equipment and/or upgrade by hand.

Q: Super-heavy tanks (or another tank) should have more weapons to deal with the swarms (or other reasons). Why do you nerf that in this mod?
A: Yes, some may argue the real-world super-heavy tanks are mounted multiple machine gun to fend off soft targets. But without the need of support tanks, then the lesser tanks (like the Medium Tank) will be rendered useless. Therefore, on creating this mod, there always needs a compromise between realism, balance, usefulness, and simplicity. To simplify things and make all things have their uses, this mod has such basic principles on tank designs:
- Using the vanilla tank as base, make minimal changes. Set as medium tank.
- Lighter tanks have greater mobility and maneuverability.
- Lighter tanks are less durable.
- Lighter tanks deal with weaker enemies better, with lower single-shot damage but higher RoF.
- Lighter tanks need help from heavier tanks when facing strong enemies and/or defences.
- Heavier tanks not only move slower, but also rotate slower.
- Heavier tanks are more durable, together with better armor reducing damage inflicted.
- Heavier tanks deal with stronger enemies better, with higher single-shot damage and DPS at the cost of lower RoF.
- Heavier tanks need help from lighter tanks when facing swarms.
- Heavier tanks cost more in material. Being proportional to the weight of reference tanks in WWII. So do not be surprised a heavy-tank (reference to PzKpfw VIII "Maus", weight 188 t) costs 8× of a medium tank (reference to PzKpfw IV, weight 17.7 - 25 t).
In order to keep the choices varied, diversed and fun, we have to keep the settings like this at the moment. It is always subject to change, however.

Q: What do you have in mind when setting the cost, weight, engine power like that?
A: I took the following tanks as the examples of various classes:

The above measurements affect the tanks in the following way:
- Weight: the weight, material cost, time cost
- Length: the dimensional scale between different tanks
- Motor: the burner energy consumption (thus power), material cost
- Road speed: tuning of the burner energy consumption, weight
- Year of production: relative adjustment of figures above
- Armament: number of machine guns and cannon specs
Notice that technological and engineering advance rendered the above stats not directly comparable.

Q: I feel the vehicle-only equipment are vastly overpowered...
A: Should a handheld battery having the same capacity of a car battery? No, we all know it is not the case. Comparing the size of a tank to any personal powered armor could be, a tank should easy carry 10 times of amount of battery in it. Instead of making vehicle grids some enormous size, it is much easier to just provide vehicle-only equipment having capability of a relative scale. I feel three times the battery capacity is a good compromise between realism and game balance. If you still disagree, these equipment can be toggled off under "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Startup" tab.

Q: I feel the vehicle nuclear reactor equipment are way too overpowered...
A: Perhaps yes as a balancing concern, since you can now fit more personal laser defence on the vehicle grid... But shouldn't the fusion technology be a higher tech than the fission technology (those using uranium-235 as fuel)? Such a vehicle nuclear (fission) reactor will fit the technological and engineering advancement timeline in game. If you feel it should be excluded from your game for any reasons, it can be toggled off under "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Startup" tab.

Q: What are the differences on MK1 and MK2 upgrades of night vision equipment?
A: The brightness is actually improved over the vanilla night vision equipment, although the differences are not so visible without direct comparison. Nightvision MK2 has even brighter than MK1. Note that there are slight increase in power consumption. So if portable solar panel is the only power source on your armor grid, try obtain more power first, like the new fuel cells or the small variants of portable fusion reactors.

Q: My other mods need the vanilla tank as ingredient, how can I unhide the recipe?
A: If you are first time using this mod on a game, enable "Keep vanilla Tank recipe" option is enough, which is under "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Startup" tab. For an ongoing game, you may also need to check the "Force enable vanilla Tank recipe" option (under "Options" → "Mod settings" → "Map" tab) once, then save game. The later option needs to be unchecked again after activation, because this option enables the recipe REGARDLESS of whether you have the requisite technology.
You may also need to check these options and save game, if you want to disable/uninstall this mod.

Technical Details


  • (Original) Tank
    • Unchanged. Preserved to prevent potential compatibility issues. Basis of the new tank units.
    • Options to "hide" the crafting recipe.
  • Light Tank
    • Great mobility and maneuverability.
    • Strength: High speed. High body & turret rotation speed. High autocannon rate of fire (RoF).
    • Weakness: Weak armor. Low health. Low machine gun RoF. Low autocannon damage.
    • Solo Role: Reconnaissance (exploration to new area), hit-and-run tactics.
    • Group Role: Screening main force. Fire support, since autocannon is effective against smaller enemies.
  • Medium Tank
    • Stat-wise identical to original Tank, except for a smaller inventory (20) and removal of flamethrower. Added a small vehicle grid to compensate for the nerf (though can be toggled off in options).
    • Balanced mobility, firepower and armor. Suitable for most roles.
    • Strength: Stronger firepower than light tank with "Twin Tank Machine Gun".
    • Weakness: Standard cannon do not have higher damage of long-barrel variants.
    • Solo Role: General purpose, hit-and-run tactics.
    • Group Role: Ahead or flank of main force. Lead the tank group and attack.
  • Heavy Tank
    • Stronger firepower and armor, at the sacrifice of some mobility and maneuverability.
    • Strength: Strong armor. High health. High caliber cannon deals more damage with longer range.
    • Weakness: Low speed. Low body & turret rotation speed. Low cannon rate of fire (RoF). Costly (3× of Medium Tank).
    • Solo Role: Slow push and clearing.
    • Group Role: Workhorse of the main force. Handle stronger enemies.
  • Super-heavy Tank
    • Extreme armor at the cost of mobility and maneuverability.
    • Strength: Strongest armor. Highest health. Extra high caliber cannon deals extreme damage with very long range.
    • Weakness: Lowest speed. Lowest body & turret rotation speed. Lowest cannon rate of fire (RoF). Very costly (8× of Medium Tank).
    • Solo Role: Direct frontal assault. (Still vulnerable to swarms.)
    • Group Role: Core of the army. Handle strongest enemies, breakthrough enemy lines.
  • Flame Tank
    • Carries the flamethrower of the original Tank, with extended fire range.
    • Strength: Fireproof armour. Ammo-efficient.
    • Weakness: Still quite weak firepower. Weaker armour, vulnerable to explosives.
    • Solo Role: Hit-and-run tactics.
    • Group Role: Front row fire support.
  • Rocket Artillery
    • Capable of launching cluster bomb rockets.
    • Strength: Long fire range. Cluster bombs deal insane damage against soft targets.
    • Weakness: Slow. Very weak armour, vulnerable to fire and explosives. Expensive ammo.
    • Solo Role: Not advised!
    • Group Role: Back row fire support. Destroying nests.

Tank Stats

PS: Medium tank has identical stats like vanilla tank, except for addition of equipment grid and removal of flamethrower.

Auxiliary Vehicle Stats

Upgrades to MK1 & MK2 Series

Vehicle Performance

Weapon & Ammo

Tank Machine Gun

  • Dual Tank Machine Gun
    • Renamed from original "Tank Machine Gun".
    • Stats unchanged.
  • Single Tank Machine Gun
    • Used exclusively by Light Tank.
    • 50% RoF of "Dual Tank Machine Gun".

PS: Dual tank machine gun is equivalent to vanilla tank machine gun, only rename.

Tank Cannon

  • Tank Cannon (75 mm)
    • Used by Medium Tank.
    • Stats mostly unchanged, except for range set to 27. (Cannon had 25, shells had 30.)
  • Tank Cannon (88 mm)
    • Used by Heavy Tank.
    • Longer range of 30.
    • Fire 88 mm cannon shells which have greater damage.
    • 50% RoF of Tank Cannon (75 mm).
  • Tank Cannon (128 mm)
    • Used by Super-heavy Tank.
    • Longer range of 35.
    • Fire 128 mm cannon shells which have greater damage.
    • 25% RoF of Tank Cannon (75 mm).
  • Various Cannon Shells (88 mm)
    • Increased damage over the vanilla cannon shells (named 75 mm in this mod).
    • Double material cost of 75 mm cannon shells.
  • Various Cannon Shells (128 mm)
    • Increased damage over the 88 mm cannon shells.
    • Six times material cost of 75 mm cannon shells.

Tank Autocannon

  • Tank Autocannon (20 mm)
    • Used exclusively by Light Tank.
    • Use separate autocannon shells (only explosive types, see below).
    • Similar to Tank Cannon (75 mm), but having:
    • Shorter range. (20 down from 25)
    • Much higher RoF. (10×)
    • Much lower shot damage. (0.1×, see below)
    • Overall same DPS.
  • Explosive Autocannon Shell (20 mm)
    • Similar to Explosive Cannon Shell (75 mm), but having:
    • Same material cost.
    • Each shell contains 10 rounds.
    • Physical damage 18. (down from 180)
    • Explosion damage 30. (down from 300)
  • Explosive Uranium Autocannon Shell (20 mm)
    • Similar to Explosive Uranium Cannon Shell (75 mm), but having:
    • Same material cost.
    • Each shell contains 10 rounds.
    • Physical damage 35. (down from 350)
    • Explosion damage 31.5. (down from 315)
  • Incendiary Autocannon Shell (20 mm)
    • Leave a long-lasting flame on the ground, damage units over it.
    • May ignite units upon impact.

Other Tank Weapons

  • Tank Flamethrower
    • Used by Flame Tank.
    • Longer range. (15 up from 9)

Rocket Artillery

  • Tactical Missile Launcher
    • Used exclusively by Rocket Artillery.
    • Similar to Rocket Launcher, but having:
    • Much longer range. (40 up from 22)
    • Much lower RoF. (0.25×)
    • Damage bonus. (+20%)
    • Capable to use cluster bomb ability. (see below)
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher
    • Used exclusively by Rocket Artillery.
    • Similar to Rocket Launcher, but having:
    • Slightly longer range. (45 up from 22)
    • Much higher RoF. (2×)
    • Damage malus. (-20%)
    • Capable to use cluster bomb ability. (see below)
  • Explosive Rocket Pack
    • Ammo for any rocket launcher.
    • Cluster bomb splitting only if launched from vehicle Rocket Artillery.
    • Positional firing, lost the homing ability.
    • Crafted from 5 explosive rockets.
  • Incendiary Rocket
    • Ammo for any rocket launcher.
    • Homing ability, like the basic rocket and explosive rocket.
    • Cluster of 4 incendiary canister upon impact, creating long-lasting flames.
  • Napalm Bomb
    • Ammo for any rocket launcher.
    • Positional firing, no homing ability.
    • Cluster of 100 incendiary canister upon impact, creating long-lasting flames over the wide area.
  • Poison Bomb
    • Ammo for any rocket launcher.
    • Positional firing, no homing ability.
    • Cluster of 6 poison capsule upon impact, creating long-lasting poison clouds over the wide area.


Portable Fusion Reactor

Introduced small variants of portable fusion reactor. Works at a lower efficiency. Unlocked by portable fusion reactor technology (same as vanilla portable fusion reactor).

Vehicle Energy Shield

Introduced large capacity variants of vehicle-only energy shield. Unlocked by same technologies of energy shield equipment.

Vehicle Battery

Introduced large capacity variants of vehicle-only battery. Unlocked by same technologies of battery equipment.

Vehicle Fuel Cell & Nuclear Reactor

Introduced fuel-powered generators for vehicle equipment. Compared to fusion reactor giving out "free" energy, these fuel-powered generators have higher power output. Works best when mixed together as a good backup/secondary power source, like what the coal-powered steam engines do to solar panels in any electric network.
All vehicle fuel cells are using chemical type fuel (wood, coal, solid fuel, rocket fuel, nuclear fuel) as fuel, unlocked by electric engine technology. Higher chemical fuel types do NOT confer any advantage, so best to use wood in fuel cells, leaving the rocket fuel in the vehicle fuel slots for the acceleration. Larger vehicle fuel cells have higher efficiency in power conversion, and higher power output per grid tile.
Vehicle nuclear reactor is similar to the vehicle fuel cells, especially for using only nuclear type fuel (only the "nuclear fuel cell" used by nuclear reactor is of this type, in the vanilla game). Due to the adaptation to fit in a vehicle, the power output and fuel efficiency is halved. However, it still much more powerful than the chemical fuel powered counterparts. Unlocked by the same technology as the nuclear reactor.

Discharge Defense

Discharge defense is a useless equipment long forgotten. Consumes large amount of power (1 trigger worths 20 personal laser shots). And even developer Klonan has commented on the impractical manual trigger. By having the option to make it auto triggering, combined with the above-mentioned new power equipment, it can keep enemies at bay! When driving light tank performing hit-and-run, it can prevent behemoth biters on the way in stopping and killing your fragile tank! Even for a super-heavy tank can be useful, explosions on premature cannon shell trigger will not hurt yourself since the blocking biters kept at distance, allowing you to fire safely and leisurely.
Note that each trigger costs 2 MJ, with shooting speed of 0.4 /s. This equals 800 kW, which is a little bit more than a full portable fusion reactor! You may need the newly-introduced fuel cells or even nuclear reactor to power it up (together with other equipment). Plus, it may need about 3 to 4 discharge defense to perfectly keep biters at bay, depending on number of behemoth biters chasing after you.

Tank Flamethrower

The handheld and turret flamethrower use the default flamethrower ammo behaviour: a flame stream having a smaller radius, do not deal damage to trees, but can set things on fire leaving flame on ground. The tank flamethrower uses a different behaviour: a wider flame stream that can damage trees, but do only direct damage. As par request, this mod provide the option to set tank flamethrower using the default behaviour as well.

Full List of New (or Changed) Items

Tanks / Vehicles

  • 5 basic tanks:
    • Light tank, medium tank (minimal changes from vanilla tank) [unlocked by tanks]
    • Heavy tank [unlocked by heavy tank]
    • Super-heavy tank [unlocked by super-heavy tank]
    • Flame tank [unlocked by flame tank]
  • 5 upper tier tanks MK1:
    • Light tank MK1, medium tank MK1 [unlocked by tanks MK1]
    • Heavy tank MK1 [unlocked by heavy tank MK1]
    • Super-heavy tank MK1 [unlocked by super-heavy tank MK1]
    • Flame tank MK1 [unlocked by flame tank MK1]
  • 5 upper tier tanks MK2:
    • Light tank MK2, medium tank MK2 [unlocked by tanks MK2]
    • Heavy tank MK2 [unlocked by heavy tank MK2]
    • Super-heavy tank MK2 [unlocked by super-heavy tank MK2]
    • Flame tank MK2 [unlocked by flame tank MK2]
  • 3 auxiliary half-track:
    • Rocket artillery [unlocked by rocket artillery]
    • Rocket artillery MK1 [unlocked by rocket artillery MK1]
    • Rocket artillery MK2 [unlocked by rocket artillery MK2]


  • 2 portable fusion reactor equipment: (in addition to original portable fusion reactor)
    • Portable fusion reactor 2×2 [unlocked by portable fusion reactor]
    • Portable fusion reactor 3×3 [unlocked by portable fusion reactor]
  • 2 vehicle energy shield: (vehicle only)
    • Vehicle energy shield [unlocked by energy shield equipment]
    • Vehicle energy shield MK2 [unlocked by energy shield MK2 equipment]
  • 2 vehicle battery: (vehicle only)
    • Vehicle battery [unlocked by battery equipment]
    • Vehicle battery MK2 [unlocked by battery MK2 equipment]
  • 3 vehicle fuel cell: (vehicle only, power generation from chemical type fuel)
    • Vehicle fuel cell 2×2 [unlocked by electric engine]
    • Vehicle fuel cell 3×3 [unlocked by electric engine]
    • Vehicle fuel cell 4×4 [unlocked by electric engine]
  • 1 vehicle nuclear reactor: (vehicle only, power generation from nuclear type fuel)
    • Vehicle nuclear reactor [unlocked by nuclear power]
  • (1 changed) active defense equipment:
    • Discharge defense [can choose auto trigger]
  • 2 night vision equipment:
    • Nightvision MK1 [unlocked by Nightvision equipment 1]
    • Nightvision MK2 [unlocked by Nightvision equipment 2]


  • 1 bullet:
    • Sniper rifle
  • 1 autocannon:
    • Tank autocannon [used by light tanks]
  • (2 new, 1 changed) cannon:
    • Tank cannon (75 mm) [adjusted range, used by medium tanks]
    • Tank cannon (88 mm) [used by heavy tanks]
    • Tank cannon (128 mm) [used by super-heavy tanks]
  • 2 rocket launchers:
    • Tactical missile launcher [used by rocket artillery]
    • Multiple rocket launcher [used by rocket artillery]
  • (1 new, 1 changed) tank machine gun:
    • Single tank machine gun [used by light tanks, rocket artillery]
    • Dual tank machine gun [stats UNCHANGED from vanilla tank machine gun, only rename]


  • 3 autocannon shells:
    • Explosive autocannon shells (20 mm) [used by tank autocannon]
    • Explosive uranium autocannon shells (20 mm) [used by tank autocannon]
    • Incendiary Autocannon Shell (20 mm) [used by tank autocannon]
  • (8 new, 4 changed) cannon shells:
    • Cannon shells (75 mm), uranium cannon shells (75 mm) [range set to 27]
    • Explosive cannon shells (75 mm), explosive uranium cannon shells (75 mm) [can toggle collision box, have minimum firing range, range set to 27]
    • Cannon shells (88 mm), explosive cannon shells (88 mm), uranium cannon shells (88 mm), explosive uranium cannon shells (88 mm) [used by tank cannon (88 mm)]
    • Cannon shells (128 mm), explosive cannon shells (128 mm), uranium cannon shells (128 mm), explosive uranium cannon shells (128 mm) [used by tank cannon (128 mm)]
  • 4 rocket:
    • Explosive rocket pack [used by multiple rocket launcher]
    • Incendiary rocket [used by any rocket launchers]
    • Napalm bomb [used by any rocket launchers]
    • Poison bomb [used by any rocket launchers]
  • (1 changed) flamethrower ammo:
    • Flamethrower ammo [can change the behaviour used by tank version to use the default incendiary behaviour]


  • (1 changed) capsule:
    • Poison capsule [can change icon, colour, and recipe]


  • 2 repair pack:
    • Repair pack MK1 [unlocked by repair pack 1]
    • Repair pack MK2 [unlocked by repair pack 2]


  • (2 new, 2 changed) defense-related:
    • Stone wall [get electric resistances]
    • Stone gate [get electric resistances, renamed from "Gate"]
    • Concrete wall [unlocked by concrete walls]
    • Concrete gate [unlocked by concrete walls]


  • 11 tank-related:
    • Heavy tank
    • Super-heavy tank
    • Flame tank
    • Tanks 1
    • Heavy tank 1
    • Super-heavy tank 1
    • Flame tank 1
    • Tanks 2
    • Heavy tank 2
    • Super-heavy tank 2
    • Flame tank 2
  • 3 half-track-related:
    • Rocket artillery
    • Rocket artillery 1
    • Rocket artillery 2
  • 1 gun-related:
    • Sniper rifle
  • 2 tool-related:
    • Repair pack 1
    • Repair pack 2
  • 1 defense-related:
    • Concrete walls