Mods by JanJB99

Epoch Engineers: Factorio of Ages

by JanJB99

Early Alpha Mod - Still under Development Currently only Stone Age is available. Epoch Engineers: Factorio of Ages takes you on a journey from the Stone Age to the future, challenging you to evolve your technology and factories through human history. Build, innovate, and strategize as you progress through epochs, unlocking new possibilities and facing unique challenges at each turn. An immersive experience where history meets industrial revolution.

28 days ago
Enemies Environment Mining Fluids Manufacturing Power

SE K2 BZ Adjustments

by JanJB99

This Mod adjust the way Krastorio2 Space Exploration and Very BZ (including ALL BZ Mods) are working together. The Major difference is, that only Iron, Copper, Stone, Coal and Aluminum spawn on Nauvis while every other ore needs to be obtained differently until it can be imported from foreign Planets.

a month ago
Mining Fluids Manufacturing

Jans Ultimate QOL Pack

by JanJB99

Add's a lot of different QOL Mods. This mod is only a pack with several mods from other authors. Credits go to every single author to make our game experience better!

Mod packs
6 months ago
Transportation Trains Combat Armor Environment Fluids Logistic network Circuit network Blueprints

Alien Loot Economy Rampant Fixed Compatibility Fix deprecated

by JanJB99

Adds missing loot to Rampant Fixed aliens and spawners. All credits go to KilowattSquall, author auf the original fix. I just changed dependencies to work with Rampant fixed!

4 months ago
Combat Enemies Environment