Exotic Industries

Progress through 6 ages of technology, starting with steam and tame exotic matter in the end. Adds various game mechanics, a variety of new resources and big machines.

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Version: 0.4.1
Date: 18.04.2023
    - removed that iron and copper plates can use productivity to prevent resource positive loops
    - fixed that rocket results return proper amounts of items
    - fixed more lang issues
Version: 0.4.0
Date: 16.04.2023
    - added more descriptions
    - added new recipe to purifier to vent normal water
    - added new recipe to extract water for the air filter and one to vent steam
    - added a setting to turn of beacon overload
    - added advanced centrifuge
    - added productivity to more recipes (steel from oxygen, neodym plates, diesel fuel)
    - added 2 more module slots to purifier
    - added 3 module slots to hyper cooler, added 2 more to air filters
    - locomotive now named diesel locomotive
    - buffed personal nuclear reactor to 1MW
    - each armor tier now only uses 1 of the previous
    - advanced motors require less steel mechanical parts and electronical parts
    - increased speed of advanced chemical plant from 2 to 3, to be in line with advanced centrifuge
    - reduced liquid nitrogen coolant usage of beacons to 1 and 2 /s respectively
    - decreased cost of induction matrix coils, basic coil now provides 25 instead of only 10 MJ
    - added 2 more module slots to compact beacon
    - fixed more typos in lang (PR #15)
    - fixed that in Informatron the blakc hole requires an initial mass of 10 instead of 1000x10^3
    - set next upgrade of express belts to neo belts
    - now showing modules in stone quarry
Version: 0.3.1
Date: 12.04.2023
    - added some more descriptions
    - added ru locale (PR #12)
    - buffed all fusion fuels
    - neutron collector now gets progressiv faster on higher efficiencies, 100% eff now has double speed
    - reduced neutron output of nuclear reactors and buffed fusion breeder reactors
    - added 2 more module slots to big lab
    - added some GUI tweaks (PR #10)
    - made neutron containers output multiple container per craft and removed need of magnets
    - reduced cost of neutron collector, activator, fusion reactor, big turbine, caster, arc furnace, lufter and wafer fab
    - reduced cost of advanced deep drill, superior mining drill and beacon
    - reduced power output of solar panel from 120KW -> 80kw and solar panel 2 from 200kW -> 160KW and solar panel 3 500kW -> 320kW
    - changed cost of all solar panels accordingly, the benefit of better panels mainly is in the smaller footprint
    - fixed two issues in induction matrix calculation (PR #9)
    - fixed some lang issues (PR #11, #13)
Version: 0.3.0
Date: 04.04.2023
    - added sulfur veins (sulf planet fragment now also yields new sulfur chunks)
    - there are now seperate filtering versions for the inserter cranes, all current cranes are now named filtering
    - substations require less concrete
    - plastic bars from benzol require less petrol and make 3 instead of 2 per craft
    - reduced craft time on Benzol to 1s
    - increased the yield of one cylce of crude oil processing to match vanilla advanced oil processing (55 petrol, 45 light, 35 kero, 25 heavy, 10 lube now)
    - increased output of coke liquefaction
    - reduced usage of sulfuric acid on advanced circuits and for carbon fiber plates
    - reduced mining time of buildings
    - assembling machine 3 can now be upgraded to neo
    - fixed that nuclear fuel gets properly migrated
Version: 0.2.4
Date: 31.03.2023
    - Bio armor now has proper charater sprite
    - max age percentage set to 90, default to 65
    - centrifuging U235/238 takes less time (20s -> 8s)
    - increased yield of fission product refinig
    - added productivity to more recipes
    - spoodertron now consumes way less fuel
    - buffed High energy rocket fuels acceleration bonus to 210%
    - fixed an issue when deconstructing black hole with full inv
    - cleanup disabled research for third party mods
    - fixed a bug where smelting mechanical parts gives to much molten metal
Version: 0.2.3
Date: 23.03.2023
    - fixed that the black hole reactor outputs the right amount of energy
Version: 0.2.2
Date: 21.03.2023
    - added a new recipe for concrete using slag
    - fixed changelog date of 0.2.1
    - forced settings from spidertron patrols to prevent issues
    - fixed bug with factorio version 1.1.78
    - fixed lang bug where cracking recipe had wrong name
    - fixed that uraium 235/238 were hidden
    - added optional dependency of fueler mod
    - superlativ capacity inserter now only has 250 stack size but increased turning speed
    - insulated pipe underground lenght set to 11
Version: 0.2.1
Date: 19.03.2023
    - added an icon to every tech that counts towards age progression
    - added unique icons to the different steel recipes
    - added some more lang entries
    - steel plate is now named steel beam
    - added 2 more modules slots to nano material factory, reduced energy consumption by 2 MW
    - made ressource extraction from dirty water slower and requiring more input for lead, gold, uranium and neodym
    - increased modules capacity of beacons to 4 and of compact ones to 12
    - level 3 modules need 2 blue circuits instead of 5
    - buffed all speed modules by reducing the energy consumption drawback by 30%
    - productivity modules now scale by +20% energy consumption per tier above 1
    - buffed tier 4-6 effectivity modules by 10-20 percent 
    - added 4 more modules slots to rocket silo (to acount for less good prod 3 modules)
    - made carbon fiber bit cheaper
    - rocket parts cheaper
    - reduced crafting time on advanced wavers 2s, also blue circuit requiring 1 electronical part, 4 sim data
    - reduced acid usage on semiconductor wavers by 5
    - reduced cost of module core and base
    - high energy crystal solution results in 25 instead of 10 per craft
    - small simulation chamber now output 3 sim data per craft -> 1 core = 15/s
    - reduced acid needed to purify uranium (to 5) and neodymium ore (to 15)
    - once more reduced steel mechanical parts usage for neo belts to 10, for undergrounds to 30
Version: 0.1.9
Date: 17.03.2023
    - fixed crash when deconstructing a cooled beacon with modules with bots
Version: 0.1.8
Date: 17.03.2023
    - fixed HTR fluidbox not being big enough for its recipes to craft
    - HTR recipes are now getting displayed in player crafting now
    - lithium recipe for batteries buffed
    - energy crystal growing now uses 15 acidic water per process
    - get 8 instead of 5 computer age science packs per craft, same for advanced computer age
    - get 5 instead of 3 electrictiy science packs per craft
    - made module cores a bit cheaper
    - computer cores only use 5 instead of 15 electronic parts per cycle
    - 25 less lube needed per blue belt also for splitters and undergrounds
    - fusion quantum age pack requires 1 charged neutron container
    - space quantum age requires 4 advanced rocket fuel, 4 space data
    - reduced data inputs for all quantum computer datas
Version: 0.1.7
Date: 16.03.2023
    - added a better recipe for ceramic in the advanced chemical plant using water instead of steam
    - added a better recipe for plastic in the advanced chemical plant using petrol + lightoil + crushed coke with high yield
    - streamlined nitric acid production, reduced time needed
    - reduced time needed to make hydrogen from water
    - reduced sulfuric acid usage in batteries and red circuit
    - one less plastic per red belt
    - reduced steam needed for ceramic
    - fixed a edgecase when matrix components were placed in non active induction matrix
    - fixed more lang typos and overwritten vanilla rocket silo
    - fixed that petroleum reforming was requiring advanced computer age tech
Version: 0.1.6
Date: 15.03.2023
    - added a improved recipe for rocket parts using odd plating and carbon structure
    - fixed that superior induction matrix converter uses advanced converter in its recipe
    - same for superior coil
    - added a fix for leftover vanilla items
    - set basic wafer craft time to 5s to be in line with other wafer recipes
    - extraction from dirty water uses less dirty water for one cycle, no cost change
    - exchanged stone for rich uranium/neodymium solution in refining recipes
    - buffed efficiency of combustion turbine by 15 percent
    - reduced power usage of fusion reactor by 100 MW
    - buffed nuclear reactor output to 200MW per reactor + 200 percent efficiency
    - buffed HTR to match new nuclear balance
    - computer/quantum age tech bit cheaper
Version: 0.1.5
Date: 14.03.2023
    - fixed a bug when artifacts spawned not properly
    - neo belt now has a related underground belt
    - load mod settings properly after change
    - added filters to inserter cranes
    - buffed speed modules tier 1-6 overall by + 10 speed, - 10 energy
    - buffed prod modules > tier 3 +1 percent per tier
    - decreased overall oil usage, decreased craft time of electricty and computer age tech pack
    - changed map color of lead for better visibilty
    - increased bot speed buff in speed techs by 10 percent each
Version: 0.1.4
Date: 12.03.2023
    - fixed that both migrations were applied
Version: 0.1.3
Date: 12.03.2023
    - added modules from tier 4-6
    - made nitric acid, advanced semiconductor waver and quantum age tech more expensive
    - adjust belt pricing for blue/purple belts
    - burner and electrical lab are now bit faster
    - fixed some more lang issues
    - fixed an edgecase with induction matrix core
Version: 0.1.2
Date: 11.03.2023
    - fixed that new menu sims now only show for factorio version >= 1.1.77
Version: 0.1.1
Date: 11.03.2023
    - fixed various lang bugs
    - fixed that artifact flags collide with stuff
    - new main menu sims
    - added age progress to informatron
    - reduced overall science cost on default cost setting (You can change this mod setting mid run if its now to cheap for you)
Version: 0.0.1
Date: 10.03.2023
    - First version