Extended Vanilla: Ore Refining

This mod implements many methods and machines for refining your precious ores and augment their final yield. With 14 different processes for each ore, you can currently arrive to obtain 3.75 plates per single ore. Will you decide to take a slow, productive recipe chain, or will you prefer to speed up the whole process to a few seconds? The in-game dedicated tech trees and researches will let you fully customize your setups and to give a response to this question: the combinations are almost limitless and the decision is yours. Inspired from minecraft's Mekanism mod, overhauled and adapted for the industrial-scale play style of Factorio.

1 year, 8 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
Bob's mods Copyright
1 year, 10 months ago
Latest Version:
1.2.0 (1 year, 8 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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Short description of this mod(pack):

This mod implements some methods for refining your mined ores and augment so the complessive yield.
Each tier needs to be unlocked with a technology, and you can "upgrade" the basic recipes for each tier too, in order to power up the speed or the production: the decision is yours.

Furnace (Basic smelting):

  • Obtain a plate from an ore
    Vanilla basic processing

Ore Crusher:

  • Obtain more than a plate from an ore before the smelting process (From 1.5x to 1.75x)

Enrichment Chamber:

  • Allows you to duplicate the ores mined before being smelted (From 2x to 2.5x)

Purification Chamber:

  • Allows you to triplicate the ores mined before being smelted (From 3x to 3.5x)
    I'll intending to add ore quadruplication and quintuplication too.

With the release of the Intermediate mods (look below) we'll arrive to the deca-plication in the endgame (10 plates from 1 single ore).
Inspired from the famous Mekanism's ore processing (A minecraft mod).

Since this mod(pack) has not a forum page, you can follow me on my discord server where you can tell me your idea and/or any suggestion on my mods.
On that forum you can find a dedicated section on all the mods/modpacks on which i'm currently working too.


  • Implement ore Quadruplication; (Vanilla) - Done!
  • Implement ore Quintuplication; (Vanilla)
  • Implement new tiers of the already implemented machines;
    (Ex. Ore Crusher Mk2)
  • Intermediates mods' overhaul.
    (See the mod list at the end of the page)


Yes, now you can directly support me and my creations if you really like them, and I'll give you something too for your contribution!

The Extended Vanilla Modpack:

These mods are meant to be no-game-changing / helper mods, however:

With the release of the "Intermediates" mods I'm going to change:

  • The ores' and metals' number, production and processing;
    (more intermediate products and passages for obtaining ores and plates)
  • The electronics itself;
    (more tiers of circuits and some other electric stuff)
  • The vanilla tech three.

What I'm planning to do:

  • The single mods will still be playable in the normal vanilla as NO-game-changing;
  • The new mods will be added as optional dependencies and will OVERHAUL them.
    (Similar to how the old FactorioPlus modpack was in the past 0.15)

The new mods will be first launched as alphas, with a content that will be subsequently expanded.


The mod is coded in a procedural way: implementing new ores is as easy as write a word, but creating all the textures needed could take some time.


  • If you are a mod owner, you can contact me in private on both discord and the factorio forum;
  • If you're a fan and want a compatibility, ask me and/or the other mod owner and we'll see what we can do to satisfy your request.
    I'd gladly do all the work on my own, but I don't have the time needed for it, so I'd be thankful if you gave me some help.

A complete list of the mods on which I'm currently working: (Latest update: 30.09.20)


  • Extended Vanilla: Logistics - Coming in October!
  • Extended Vanilla: Machines & Assembling - Coming in October!
  • Extended Vanilla: Green & Biotech - Coming in October/November!
  • Extended Vanilla: Mining & Drills
  • Extended Vanilla: Omega Expansion - Coming in October 2020!


Military & Armor:

(Screenshot of the mod in the game that I always forget to do)

Known issues:

  • Sorry for the English XD