Time Tools (+game speed +clock combinators)

Time tools : clock, daylight, game speed tweaks and clock combinators!

3 months ago
0.13 - 1.1
Unnamed license
6 years ago
Latest Version:
2.1.44 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
176282 times

For details, complete screenshots, discussion, suggestions, questions or bug reports, please use the dedicated thread on the forum (link above), because there is no email notifications on this portal for the moment.


Adds a tiny time toolbar at the top of the UI, that displays an ingame clock, allows to switch from night-and-day mode to continuous daylight and to tweak game speed. Also adds a Clock Combinator item to have access to time/daylight/luminosity variables through the logistic network.


1.0.37 - Only admins may change time
1.0.36 - Fixed Gui to be more in-line to previous factorio versions
1.0.35 - moved config to be settings per map instead
1.0.34 - continuation of original TimeTools
1.0.33 - fixed naming
1.0.32 - factorio 0.17 compatible
1.0.29 - correction : surface.freeze_daytime is now a boolean...
1.0.28 - factorio 0.15 compatible
1.0.27 - adds an "always_day_enabled" option.
1.0.26 - factorio 0.14 compatible
1.0.25 - better init forces when installing on existing game.
1.0.24 - when always_day, display an approximation of hour/minute, using game.tick
1.0.23 - change right arrow position to avoid missclick when goinf from x8 to x16 and reverse
1.0.22 - problem with day icon not correctly initialised in MP, and also time color.
1.0.21 - corrects a migration version compare mistake
1.0.20 - interface allows enable/disable display of clock.
/c remote.call( "timetools", "on" )
/c remote.call( "timetools", "off" )
1.0.19 - correct pb of bad alwaysday icon init on brand new map.
1.0.18 - better init of global.day when load existing map
1.0.17 - simplify gui, integrate sprite buttons
1.0.16 - add some migrations (destroy and rebuild bar before 1.0.16), and event player_join
1.0.15 - normalize code to new binbinhfr basic structure, and fix a campaign incompatibility.
1.0.14 - minor fixes
1.0.13 - (coming next...) clock combinator fix.
1.0.12 - 0.13 compatible (combinator does not work for the moment). rework of initialisation routines. Custom license. New way to approximate day in alwaysday mode.
1.0.11 - Improved gui refresh. Reduced size in the top bar.
1.0.9 - Update always_day if changed by another mod. Add interface frozen.
1.0.7 - No more limitation for the clock combinator to be in a logistic network. Can be placed and works everywhere.
1.0.6 - Memorize last speed for quick speed switching. Release stress on Combinator Clock refresh.
1.0.5 - Improves multiplayer compatibility when config changes.
1.0.4 - Improves multiplayer compatibility. Add a reset to the interface.
1.0.3 - Change remote interface to set current day and current clock separately.
1.0.2 - Adds locale for german (thanks to Apcnc) and french (my own language).
1.0.1 - Introduces Clock Combinator and time freeze, new buttons. Adds multiplayer compatibility.
1.0.0 - Initial release with a simple Time Bar.