Extended Vanilla: Personal Defence

Adds 4 brand new tiers of shields and lasers. This mod completes the Extended Vanilla set of power armors.

9 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
Bob's mods Copyright
1 year, 10 months ago
Latest Version:
2.0.0 (9 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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Short description of this mod(pack):

A complete overhaul of the vanilla Power armors: this mod adds several tiers of armors and allows you to organize them depending on your needs.
Let me explain this concept a little better.

This mod(pack) adds three types of equipment:

  • Protocol: Aggro - Equipment designed for combat and defense purposes;
    (The vanilla armors are part of this category, with lasers and shields.)
  • Protocol: Engineering - Equipment thought for productivity and QoL;
    (This includes roboports, exoskeletons, and a new type of armor.)
  • Protocol: Precision - Hybrid equipment usable in both types of armor.
    (For example, the fusion reactors or the night vision equipment.)

Every type of equipment has its respective mod.
This allows you to further customize your gameplay, as you could, like the power armors and the fusion reactors, but prefer not to modify the vanilla exoskeletons or roboports: the choice is yours.
(I recommend playing all the equipment mods due to the optimization, as the mods receive interesting buffs if played simultaneously with all the others.)
(You can find the entire list of the mod pack at the bottom of the page and the optional dependencies in the download section.)

Suggestions, likes, discussions... Enter in the community!

Since this mod pack has not a forum page, as I've not completed it yet, you can follow me on my discord server where you can tell me your idea and/or any suggestion on my mods.
On that forum, you can find a dedicated section on all the mods/mod packs I'm currently working on.

The craftings and technologies change based on what mods you install, so if you want some mods that aren't mine to be supported, (Not mayor mods, please, I'm already too busy D:) tell me.

Currently supported:


  • Make recipes compatible with the other Extended Vanilla mods;
    (I want to make the recipes and technologies requirements' depend on which mods are installed) Done!

  • Intermediates overhaul
    (See the mod list below) - (Currently working on...)

  • Make the mod all customizable from the setting section
    (Currently working on...)

The Extended Vanilla Modpack:

These armor mods are thought of as helper mods and don't completely overhaul the game.

I'm planning on releasing the "Intermediates" mods, thing that will change:

  • The number, production and processing of metals, alloys and plates;
    (There are currently 118 discovered elements in our Universe: aren't you tired of the usual vanilla iron and copper?)
  • The electronics and the intermediats themselves;
    (Transistors, processors, gears, wheels... and more stuff.)
  • The common vanilla tech tree.
    (Yeah, more science packs to automatize.)

So... what will be of these amor mods?

  • You'll still be able to play them in the regular vanilla game without needing to overhaul everything;
    (As always, I don't want to constrict you to play all my mods, despite this would be easier for me to program.)
  • The new mods will be added as optional dependencies and will further expand them.

I had this idea on my mind for over a year: maybe it's time to do something shall we?
(Disclaimer: The Intermediates mods won't be released until they are at least playable.)

A complete list of the mods on which I'm currently working: (Latest update: 06.10.2021)

(For the deprecated or older mods, see my mod page.)


  • Extended Vanilla: Logistics - Coming late this year, this time really!
  • Extended Vanilla: Green & Biotech - Coming late this year, this time really!
  • Extended Vanilla: Mining & Drills
  • Extended Vanilla: Omega Expansion - Coming in 2022!


  • Extended Vanilla: Electronics - Coming late this year, this time really!
  • Extended Vanilla: Metals & Processing - Coming late this year, this time really!
  • Extended Vanilla: Ores & Refining

Military & Armor:


Yes, you can directly support me and my creations if you want... and demonstrate to someone in my house - eEhm... - that this is not a waste of time.
Apart from jokes, this helps me understand if and which content you appreciate, other than encouraging me in modding Factorio, as I do it in my free time for fun and I can't enter in your mind and understand what's wrong (if there is something wrong).
In change, you also obtain something: a dedicated section both on Patreon and Discord, where you can directly talk to me and pre-release content.

Known issues:

  • I hope my English is proceeding well :D