Enemy Race Manager

by heyqule

Add support to have multiple races of enemies and add various enhancements to enemy races. They become tougher as you kill them. Added aerial enemies to all races. Buffed defensive entities and some attacks to balance with high level enemies. Free For All games!! Please visit the mod page or search "ERM -" mods to download the new demo races.

5 days ago
Combat Enemies Environment
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.21.2 (5 days ago)
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11.6K users

Enemy Race Manager

This mod adds support to have multiple races of enemies with distinct looks & abilities. It also adds various
enhancements to enemy races. Such as enemy leveling, enemy base rapid expansion, custom enemy attack groups such as
flyers squad and dropship squad.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BwWXygyEyQ

Feature Videos:

1.21 Changes

  • Rework custom attack group's pathfinder. They may deploy different pathing strategies.
  • Rework custom attack group's target force and surface selection.
  • Scout subsystem. Custom attack groups need to find their targets with aerial and ground scouts.
  • Added 2 new sets of enemy level up progressions. (see Enemy Unit Leveling section for details)
  • Ctrl + Alt + S to open stats window.
  • Precision strike warning now ping the attack group spawn position, instead of target position.
  • "Disable friendly fire" is in startup setting. When it's on, Explosive cannon projectiles, Explosive rockets and grenades do not do friendly fire to same force. Default: ON
  • Enemy units reach max movement and attack speed at level 5 by default.
  • Various changes and bugfixes, please see changelog for details.

Race Mods Changes

  • Changes to support the scout subsystem and new pathfinder.

Download New race demo

These race mods are made as educational demos. You'll have to download them separately.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/phLRReAjxHA?t=180

New Enemy Races:

The following races are made by 5hinzou. All hail to him as he did the remaster graphics!
They have different spawn table and unit properties. They can play together with my version, e.g Zerg vs Zerg FFA :)

Player Controllable Units:


ERM - Terran Control Tutorial: https://youtu.be/MzDwGJ3OOGY

Tips on defense:

  • A LOT OF construction robots and repair kits. Automate repair network ASAP. Mix all turrets. Uranium bullets and flamethrowers are OP.
  • Build multiple layers of turrets in early game. Don't bother repairing without automated bot repairs. Simply replace the damage turret with new one.

Do you want to create your new race? Please refer to this doc New-Race-DEV-README.md and join my discord for additional help.


New enemies are added as new forces

Manage new race as new enemy force. Each race has its own force statistics

4 difficulty levels

Youtube: https://youtu.be/phLRReAjxHA?t=78

  • Casual, max at level 5 (weapon lvl 6, pre-infinite research)
  • Normal, max at level 10 (default, weapon lvl 11)
  • Advance, max at level 15 (weapon lvl 16)
  • Hardcore, max at level 20 (weapon lvl 20)

Adjustable max attack range for extra long range attack units

  • Normal, 14, default
  • Advanced, 20, outside of gun turret range.
  • New 26, 32, 40 range

Enemy Unit Leveling

The evolution points is tied to force's hidden evolution factors (time, pollution and enemy spawner kills). Killing units and turrets also contribute to these points.

  • Regular: {1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 38, 50, 70, 100, 150, 210, 280, 360, 450, 550, 700, 1000}
  • Express: {1, 2, 4, 7, 12, 18, 26, 36, 48, 66, 94, 140, 190, 255, 330, 420, 530, 666, 900}
  • Shinkansen: {1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 16, 23, 31, 42, 55, 69, 105, 160, 225, 320, 420, 530, 666, 800}
  • Reference: When the enemy is at 0.8 evolution factor under Regular mode in death world. they usually reach level 3 (the 2nd value in the above list). They may reach level 3 or 4 in Express and level 4 or 5 in Shinkansen.

Leveling support for base game biter/spitters, Armoured Biters, Explosive Biters & Cold Biters and all ERM races.

Tiered unit spawns

New races may have up to 3 tiers of unit-spawners, turrets and unit.

  • 0 - 0.4 evolution factor uses tier 1 units & spawns, small amount of tier 2 may spawn after 0.2.
  • 0.4 adds tier 2, small amount of tier 3 may spawn after 0.6
  • 0.8 adds tier 3

Defense Enhancement

  • Artillery-Shell damage bonus now is part of infinite stronger-explosive upgrade.
    • Added this due to structure resistance and health increase
  • New tier of defense structures with higher HP and resistances.

GUI to view each race's stats.

  • replace races on a surface
  • adjust enemy level mid-game.
  • adjust enemy evolution mid-game.

4 Enemy Spawner Generators

This defines how enemy bases are generated when a new chunk is charted.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/phLRReAjxHA?t=12

  • Default
    • Moisture or/and temperature based spawns. Protoss and cold biter spawn in cold/wet climate, zerg and explosive
      biter spawn in hot/dry climate.
  • 2 ways split
  • 4 ways split
  • One race per surface/planet
    • randomly assign a race for each surface / planet.
    • Designed for Space Exploration.
    • The race of a planet can be changed using replace race button from UI.

Custom enemy base expansion

This defines how enemy expand into new area. In base game, each building group build one building at a time. This
feature changes that they build several buildings at one time with specified formation.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/phLRReAjxHA?t=88

  • Default
    • build one building at a time
  • Command Center
    • When the unit group base builds a command center type spawner, it triggers "Build A Town" logic. Otherwise, it's
      default logic
  • Build A Town (default)
    • Always use build formation option to build the base.
  • Full Expansion
    • When the first biter builds, everyone from the group will build based on "Build A Town" logic.

You can change the build formation option. For example:

  • 1 cc, 2 support spawners, 4 turrets
  • 1 cc, 4 support spawners, 5 turrets (default)
  • and more

Partial formation is build based on cc > support > turret priority.

Attack meters / Custom Attack Squad

Youtube: https://youtu.be/phLRReAjxHA?t=102

  • Each enemy kill worth some points.
  • Enemy will send out an army to attack when the killed points threshold is reached.
  • These attack groups are independent of pollution.
  • The default threshold is around 3000 points(~120 units) per attack group.
    • The threshold is configurable.
  • When mapping method is set to "one race per surface/planet", custom attack group can spawn on SE's planets with player
  • Launching rockets and using super weapons may increase attack points.
  • There are multiple types of attack groups.
General attack groups
  • This group includes all available units.
Flying attack groups (ON by default)
  • When "Flying Squad" is enabled, enemy may send out dedicate flying attackers to your base.
Dropship groups (ON by default)
  • When "Dropship Squad" is enabled, enemy may send out dedicate dropship to drop units in your base.
Precision strike groups (ON by default)
  • When this group is on its way to the target, the units ignore any attack distraction.
  • They target area with rocket-silo, artillery-turret and mining-drill. Defend them at all cost!
  • Dropship group always based on this group.
  • This feature can be enabled for flying attack group. Default to ON.
  • Early attack warning on mini map. Default to ON.
Time based attack wave (ON be default)
  • Time based attack wave starts after enemy level reach 3. Default to ON
    • It adds points to attack meter every minute.
    • The points to add can be adjusted 1% to 75% of next attack threshold. It takes about 1.5hr to 5 minutes
      respectively to reach next wave.
    • Default setting is 2% of the threshold per minute.
Featured Groups and Elite Featured Groups
  • Featured group are groups with predefined unit types. Please watch the following video for examples.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDdkzwMX73s
  • Elite featured groups have the enemy level of current level + 2 by default
    • It can be set up to 5 level higher, which is up to level 25. HP and damages at level 25 are about 20-30% more than
      level 20.
    • They spawn based on accumulated attack points. Default is every 60000 points.

Free for all

This can be enabled in startup setting tab.

  • Player entity health multiplied by 12.5x
  • Enemy damage multiplied by 10x.
  • The multiplier is to balance the time enemy units take to kill each other.

ERM - Free For All Mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOj4gU1q7Pk

Advanced Army Controls (Only for ERM - Terran, or other compatible mods)

  • Army controls enhancements
    • Dedicated unit assembly lines. Regular assembly machines can no longer build terran units.
    • Automated unit deployment.
    • Unit Teleportation between 2 areas, including between planets/surfaces.
    • Unit Population Control

ERM - Terran Control Tutorial: https://youtu.be/MzDwGJ3OOGY

Remote API Support

Known Issues

  • Defense turrets from new force attack player in peaceful mode.

Mod Compatibility

Resource Spawner Overhaul

  • You have to enable "Use vanilla biter generation" in Startup tab and disable "Use RSO biter generation" in Map tab

Space Exploration

  • Supports one race per planet! Default generator work great too with its temperature algorithm.

Krastorio2 (Requires 1.2+)

  • New races support creep generation

Armoured Biters & Explosive Biters & Cold Biters & Toxic Biters

Please visit https://github.com/heyqule/enemy_race_manager/blob/main/Mod-Compatibility.md for full compatibility details.




Please use the "Reset to default biters" button to replace ERM enemies with default biters before you remove the mod.
Otherwise, your map won't have any enemies on generated chucks as the ERM enemies are removed automatically.


  • UK: Yuriy, Met_en_Bouldry, ExexDiablo
  • DE: PatrickBlack, Spiti6910, Batrick
  • ES: Jose Eduardo
  • FR: Wiwok, Daiky Raraga
  • RU: SeptiSe7en, Misha Mitchell, oZeDo, X-0D

You can help translate this mod directly online by going to the following link and finding "ERM" or "Enemy Race


New translation will be released in the next version.