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adds more content like generators, ressource-transformations, machinery, turrets ...
7 days ago
0.13 - 0.17

b Recipe Bug

- 2 months ago

I got this error that block mod to be loaded:


I fix it modifying file z_recipes.lua in folder prototypes on line 15 and 16, the problem is that this line:

{ type = "item", name = "wood" , amount = 3.0, }

is repeated 2 times in crafting requirements. I dunno if u want set requirement of wood to 6 or is a copy and paste mistake

- 2 months ago

no copy and paste, the z_ files generated by my modding tool. i need to look into that what here happens.

- 2 months ago

Mine wasn't to be a blame :)
What tool?

- 2 months ago

self programmed in php with mysql. it makes creating recipes, items easier. if factorio changeing some item structure i need only change the a little and click export. so i have a working item/recipe.lua again. but i'am also lazy - so not all is currently in database and generating research and entitys still todo. i should put the code to github.

- 2 months ago

I am for putting code to github. I played yours mods from "first" release. So i want to help participate on your mod tools.
I am using php with Nette framework for programing SNMP network checkers or as one of programing tool for nagios plugins.
So i want to gain another skils in php on another type of programing.

Best regards.


- 2 months ago