Yuoki Industries

adds more content like generators, ressource-transformations, machinery, turrets ...
6 days ago
0.13 - 0.17

i please add support for deadlock stacking machines

- 11 months ago

please add support for deadlock stacking machines

- 4 months ago

Yes, that would be very cool and usefull

- 4 months ago

okay, i have read this now and will take a closer look. but it looks possible. Thanks for this suggestion.

- 3 months ago

Would be super awesome. IF you actually do that, would it be in the same mod or another one?

- 3 months ago

I have looked into description from deadlock. After made all 0.17 needed changes/balances i will set this with high priorty on my list. It's good documented and its not too much work.

- 3 months ago

We gonna appreciate that so much, thanks in advance!

- 2 months ago

Yaa the stacking is here! Thanks!