Water Turret

by Pi-C

An early game water thrower that does minimal damage but slows down the enemies. You can use steam for extra damage.

26 days ago
0.17 - 0.18
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
1 year, 1 month ago
Latest Version:
0.18.5 (26 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 0.18
5217 times

What does this mod do?

This mod provides you with water turrets that can be loaded either with water or with steam. These turrets are not meant to be used offensively, but are very useful for defense because they slow down your enemies to half their speed. Thus, your other turrets will have more time to kill approaching enemies.

Water turrets loaded with water will do only very little damage. However, they can extinguish fires in their range.
(Please note: Sometimes, they may seem to douse empty ground for no reason at all. That's not so! If they do this, there was a fire at that position a short time before, so the turrets water the ground in order to cool it down again.)

Water turrets loaded with steam will not only slow down your enemies, they will also really hurt them. You can even increase the damage they will do by using hotter steam. So, if you have the chance to hook up your water turrets to something that produces steam with a higher temperature than that coming out of a vanilla boiler, just go for it!
(Please note: The final damage will be multiplied with the factor steam_temperature/165, where 165 signifies the temperature of vanilla steam from boilers.)

Water turrets are meant for defense only. Therefore, they should target mobile enemies (biters/spitters and modded units as well as other players and their vehicles), but not spawners, worms, or enemy turrets. Unfortunately, there is no way to exclude these completely, so when the turrets are in automatic targeting mode, they may chose to attack a spawner, worm, or enemy turret. As soon as the mod notices this, it will assign them a new target.

Water turrets will attack other players and their vehicles before they attack biters, spitters etc. Turrets loaded with water will only look for fires in their range if there are no enemies around.

Start-up settings

Interval to check turrets

Smaller values will give the mod more control about what the turrets attack. However, if you have a lot of water turrets, that may slow down your computer considerably. If you are seeing UPS going down, try to set this to a higher value! The turrets will still continue to work in this case, however, targeting will be done automatically by the game. This means that water turrets loaded with water may take longer until they are looking for new fires.

Modifier for steam damage

You can set the factor that will be applied to the damage water turrets loaded with steam will deal. The final damage ist determined by this formula:
final_damage = water_damage * steam_damage_modifier * (steam_temperature/165)

Don't hurt spawners

If this is set to true, enemy spawners will be immune to damage from water and steam.

Don't hurt turrets/worms

Surprise, surprise! If this is set to true, worms and enemy turrets (including artillery turrets) will be immune to damage from water and steam. :-)

Extinguish fires in this radius

You can adjust the radius around the targeted position within which fires will be extinguished. Setting this to a low value will make things look more realistic. However, you can set this to a higher value if you want to improve performance: more fires extinguished at once will mean less work for the script!


  • Credits go to DellAquila, who made the original version of this mod. (He transferred ownership to me recently.) As of version 0.18.2, I've changed his prototypes a bit, added new ones, and implemented a control script to take care of targeting and looking for fires.

  • I'm very grateful to eradicator, who helped me out with great ideas and explanations while I was working on this mod. He also had a trick or two up his sleeve that he was kind enough to share with me. :-)

  • I'm indebted to Honktown for explanaining why fires behave the way they do. He also found a solution to a particular problem I had with combat-robots (Don't ask what they have to do with this mod!) that I couldn't solve myself, and found some stupid bugs I hadn't noticed before.