Natural Evolution Enemies

Adds new Enemies to the game. 5 new biters and 5 new spitters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. If you want a more of a challenge than what Vanilla can offer you... Compatible with Rampant and Bob's. Recommended to use with NE Buildings

2 months ago
0.14 - 1.1
7 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.29 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
7.80K users

Natural Evolution - Enemies

So you find that the Vanilla enemies are weak and no challenge and you’re hoping to find a mod that will give you a challenge with your next play through…

Well, you found the mod you need!

The main focus of this mod is to have Enemies that have different types of attack and resistances. That way you have to focus of a variety of defenses. Before all you needed to do was build a flame turret and that's it! Now, the red enemy units are actually 100% resistant to fire...

NE Enemies is part of the Natural Evolution mod set: NE Buildings, NE Enemies and NE Expansion, but each can be used as a Standalone.

Prior to Version 9, NE Enemies tweaked the Vanilla spawners, adding units to it. As of version 9, NE Enemies adds its own spawners. (Vanilla tweaks are still there)
5 New Spawners are added, each having 20 levels of unit spawns, both Biters and Spitters spawn from the same spawner.

Blue Spawner

The Blue Spawner spawns Breeder Units.
They “Swarm” into smaller units on death.

Red Spawner

The Red Spawner spawns Fire attack-based units.
They will cause a fire on death.

Green Spawner

The Green Spawner spawns Fast Biters and Unit-Launcher Spitters

Yellow Spawner

The Green Spawner spawns Wall-breaker Biters and Web-Launcher Spitters
The Wall Breakers will eat through walls fast and the Web-Launchers will slow you down wilts poisoning you.

Purple Spawner

The Purple Spawner spawns Tank Biters and Mine-Laying Spitters.
The Tank Biters are probably the worst of the enemies, since they have extra health and all round good resistances.

Unit Table:

Each Unit Type has 20 levels and will have increased Health, Damage and Resistances per level.
Health Scale is 20% Linier and 80% Exponential, so it will go up more and more per level.

Health Table:

Other Options:

Enable Alien Artifacts:

When you kill Enemies, they will drop Alien Artifacts.

Enable Scorched Earth:

When you kill Enemies, the ground underneath them will degrade.

Enable Burning Buildings:

When a building is destroyed, it will catch fire.

Enable Remove Blood Spatter:

Help CPU by removing some dying animations.

Enable Remove Vanilla Spawners:

Will remove the Vanilla Spawners and only keep Modded Spawners. So any mod that adds it's own spawners, like Bob's or Rampant or NE's New Spawners will be fine, but Vanilla spawners, and mods changing the vanilla spawners will no longer be available.

Enable Vanilla Worm Adjustments:

Medium worms will get a fire attach and Big worms will get a Unit-Launching Attack.

Enable Remove New Spawners (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple):

Option to only select the new Spawners you want.

Enable Challenge Mode

Slightly different that Difficulty Scale, this Spawns Enemies occasionally to keep you on your toes. Helps make the End-Game more challenging....

Enable Remove End-Game Biter Search

Removes the Unit Search "Challenge Mode" adds. Some PC's can't handle the influx of units.

Difficulty Setting (1-5)

Difficulty Setting range from 1 to 5. Increases Health, Damage & Resistances. Mostly a multiplier, so 5 is five times harder that 1.

Works best with Natural Evolution Buildings and Natural Evolution Expansion.
Please go to Home Page for details.


Medium Fire Worm:

Big Unit-Launching Worm:

Change Log: See Change-log Tab above