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Custom version of the Sea Block Pack. Other than the original mod pack this mod applies some small changes, mostly hiding unnecessary clutter and reordering stuff. All changes, including to dependencies, can be found in the description.

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This mod is a custom version of the Sea Block Pack. Other than the original mod pack this mod applies some small changes, mostly hiding unnecessary clutter. All changes compared to Sea Block Pack 1.1.2 and Sea Block 0.5.3 are listed below.

Please note: For full experience of this modpack it is advised to check your mod settings and reset them to default. Feel free to set your own preferences afterwards.

Dependency changes


  • Added minimal versions to all dependencies.

Removed dependencies

Made dependency optional

New optional dependencies



  • All offshore pumps can be placed anywhere on land.
  • Increased small storage tank and small inline storage tank size from 2.5k to 5k.
  • Grouped all ammo turret damage bonuses together (gun and sniper turrets).
  • Fix for the missing tooltip for the ingredient slot of the composter from Angel's Bio Processing.

Startup settings (WIP)

  • Forced "Enable pressure fluid tanks" from "Angel's Addons - Storage Options" to "false" and hid it.
  • Changed "Auto-barreling" from "Angel's Refining" default to "true".
  • Changed "Always show assembling machines" and "Always show products" from "Bob & Angel RAWs Patch" default to "false".
  • Changed "Long inserters 2 research" and "More inserters 2 research" from "Bob's Adjustable inserters mod" default to "true".
  • Forced "Recipe furnaces" and "Fluid burning furnaces" from "Bob's Assembling machines mod" to "false" and hid them.
  • Changed "Fluid wagon base size" and "Storage tank base size" from "Bob's logistics mod" default to 50.
  • Forced "Add conversion recipes" from "Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates mod" to "false" and hid it.
  • Changed "New accumulators", "Burner electric generator", "Fluid burning generator" and "New solar panels" from "Bob's Power mod" default to "true".
  • Forced startup settings "Burner and fluid powered heat sources" from "Bob's Power mod" default to "false" and hid it.
  • Hid startup setting "Science pack colors update" from "Bob's Technology mod" (does nothing).
  • Forced "Robot update" from "Bob's Warfare mod" to false and hid it.
  • Forced "Equipment: Personal laser defense" and "Equipment: Discharge defense remote" from "Shortcuts for 1.1" to "false" and hid them.
  • Added startup setting "Hide gold science pack", default true.
  • Added startup setting "Hide burner inserter", default true.
  • Added startup setting "Hide walls and gates", default true.


  • Warehouses require silos.
  • Combinators require red and green wire (disabled if Wire Shortcuts mod is active).
  • Repair packs require their previous tier.
  • If burner inserters are enabled, they are an ingredient of the inserter.
  • Steel and electric furnaces require stone and steel furnaces.
  • Guns require their previous tier.
  • Reset uranium rounds magazine recipe to the vanilla ingredients.
  • Atomic bombs require an explosive rocket.
  • Explosive cannon shells require a cannon shell.
  • Explosive uranium cannon shells require a uranium cannon shell.
  • Tanks require a car.
  • Armors require their previous tier.
  • Tankotrons require a tank instead of spidertron cannons.
  • If walls and gates are enabled, reinforced walls and gates require normal walls and gates.
  • Cliff explosives require the ingredients of a grenade instead of the grenade itself.

Technologies (WIP)

  • Speed, efficiency and productivity modules 0 are dependent on modules lab.
  • Warehouses and logistic warehouses are dependent on silos and logistic silos.
  • Replaced gold science packs with automation, logistic, military and chemical science packs.
  • All alien science packs are now unlocked by "Outworld Biology Testing".

Graphics (WIP)

  • New icon for "Logistics" tab (medium power pole and storage chest).
  • New icon for "Bob's logistics" tab (vanilla "Logistics" tab icon).
  • New icon for "Bob's materials" tab (polished emerald).
  • Improved SpaceX Combinator icon.
  • Fixed lab 2 entity icon.
  • Fixed that alien science pack icons weren't the high resolution ones from Artisanal Reskins.
  • Improved enriched fuel block recipe icon to be in line with the solid fuel recipes.
  • Changed diesel fuel recipe icon to the diesel fuel fluid icon.
  • Added roman numerals to the two rocket booster recipes.
  • Added roman numerals to the two carbon dioxide recipes.
  • New icons for thermal water recipes.
  • Changed clean ceramic filter recipe icon to spent ceramic filter icon.
  • Fixed modules 2 and 3 technology icon size.
  • Fixed infinite worker robot cargo size technology icon.


  • French and German translation included.
  • Added descriptions for all empty and filled barrels, canisters and bottles.
  • Renamed carbon dioxide recipes to "Carbon dioxide from wood pellet" and "Carbon dioxide from charcoal".
  • Renamed coolant filtering recipes to "Coolant coal filtering" and "Coolant ceramic filtering".
  • Renamed ceramic filter cleaning recipe to "Ceramic filter cleaning".
  • Renamed diesel generator technology to "Diesel fuel".

Hidden stuff (WIP)

  • Items, recipes, entities and technologies got hidden where necessary. Redundant technology unlocks got removed.
  • Hid armoured rolling stock.
  • Hid ore silos (default and logistic variants are still available).
  • Hid burner inserter (can be reenabled).
  • Hid steam inserter.
  • Hid converter valve.
  • Hid storage tanks from angels.
  • Hid accumulator.
  • Hid burner and big burner generators.
  • Hid burner and fluid burning heat sources.
  • Hid diesel generator and oil boiler.
  • Hid gold science pack (can be reenabled).
  • Hid all combat robots and their components.
  • Hid spidertron cannon.
  • Hid landmines.
  • Hid invar cobalt-steel and titanium-ceramic armor.
  • Hid walls and gates (can be reenabled).
  • Hid discharge defense equipment and remote.
  • Hid flamethrower, flamethrower turret and ammo.
  • Hid grenades and capsules.
  • Hid special magazines and their parts.
  • Hid special shotgun shells.
  • Hid scatter cannon shell.
  • Hid special rockets.
  • Hid special artillery shells.
  • Hid gunmetal.
  • Hid ground water bore.
  • Hid alien alloys and fluids.
  • Hid bob's electrolyser from GUIs.
  • Hid iron rod and iron rod stack from GUIs.
  • Hid lithia water from GUIs.
  • Hid vanilla trees from deconstruction planner GUI.
  • Hid crystal rock from deconstruction planner GUI.

Reordered stuff (WIP)

  • Made order of science packs in labs more consistent.
  • Configured order_in_recipe for all item-groups.
  • Reordered "Logistics" tab.
  • Moved car, tanks, spider vehicles and artillery wagons in "Combat" tab.
  • Moved all pipes in "Barrelling and fluid control" tab.
  • Moved "Barrelling and fluid control" tab behind "Bob's logistics" tab.
  • Reordered "Barrelling and fluid control" tab. (WIP)
  • Reordered "Production" tab.
  • Moved repair packs in "Logistics" tab.
  • Reordered "Modules" tab.
  • Merged "Intermediate products" and "Bob's intermediates" tabs.
  • Reordered "Intermediate products" tab.
  • Moved diesel fuel in "Petrochemical refining" tab.
  • Moved all Space extension stuff in "Production" tab.
  • Moved all nuclear stuff in "Intermediate products" tab.
  • Moved carbon dioxide recipes in "Petrochemical refining" tab.
  • Reordered "Combat" tab.
  • Reordered "Resource refining" tab.
  • Moved thermal bore and extractor in "water-treatment" tab.
  • Moved glowing hot iron plate in "Metallurgy casting" tab.
  • Moved fiberglass board recipe in "Intermediate products" tab.
  • Reordered "Water treatment" tab.
  • Reordered "Petrochemical refining" tab. (WIP)
  • Moved "Environment" tab to second last.
  • Moved "Signals" tab at the end.