Ore everywhere but not visible +

The resources are located underground and are not visible. The whole map has several ores but you have to mine to know what it is.

a month ago
a month ago
Latest Version:
0.0.10 (a month ago)
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Inspired by DellAquila's Ore Everywhere But Not Visible mod from 0.18, but I've improved upon it.

New Features

  • Resources now gradually get richer as you move away from spawn.
  • Supports also hiding ore that requires a fluid to mine (see caveats below).
  • Setting to ban fluid mining in an adjustable area around spawn.
  • Added optional extra miners with 3x3 and 7x7 mining area to help get around resources that require fluid or under buildings for the completionists. New miners change no other settings and are available from the start.
  • Each ore can have it's spawning behavior modified with the in game ore generation controls (please see explanation below).
  • Support for additional mods!

Controlling ore generation

By default, there is no relative balancing of the resource types. Each type would get an equivalent amount if no adjustments are made. Please take care to make some adjustments to perform your own balancing. Note: Invisible ores won't show on the preview.


This is the easiest setting to understand. Each tile of a resource will have it's random base amount multiplied by this number.


The percentage listed here is not directly correlated. Each "tick" is the size in chunks of the area a resource is allowed to occupy before it is surrounded by a one chunk border. This keeps the whole map from lighting up when you hover. So 17% is 1, 25% is 2, 33% is 3, and so on. The row/column that does the break is randomized for each resource.


Frequency is the relative chance that the resource will be picked for a tile. First each chunk determines if a resource can be placed there. A resource my be ineligible be cause it is not set Invisible in settings, it requires a fluid and is within the starting area in settings, or it might be the chunk for the border of that particular resource. After all eligible resources are determined for a new chunk, the frequency amounts are totaled up and a random pick is made based on their relative frequency.

Fluid mining

Because jamming up a miner that needs a fluid to mine the next ore, you must also check the "I understand the fluid warning" box or even enabled ores still won't be invisible. I highly recommend taking the Frequency and/or Size down greatly then compensating with increasing the Richness when setting up your map.

Currently supported mods

I'm open to requests to add others, but these are the ones I'm at least passingly familiar with. Just drop a line on the Discussion tab.