by brevven

Adds zircon, zirconia, zirconium, and cermet to the base game. Compatible with Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, FE+, and more. Part of BZ Mods.

2 months ago
11 months ago
Latest Version:
0.5.6 (2 months ago)
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“Be pitiful, for everyone is fighting a hard battle” - Ian Maclaren

Adds zircon, zirconia, zirconium plates, and, optionally, cermet to factorio.
Modifies several recipes to use new resources and intermediates.

If you enjoy vanilla Factorio, Krastorio 2, or Space Exploration, and would like to add a new resource, this mod might be what you're looking for.

Zircon is available early game and mineable by hand, but very little is needed at first. More refined products are available later. If Titanium is enabled, smelting zirconia from zircon will also yield titanium ore.

Cermet is on by default, but can be turned off in settings.

Supported compatible mods:
- Space Exploration & AAI
- Krastorio 2 & Rich Rocks Requiem
- FE+
- Several smaller mods like Deadlock Stacking, Deadlock Crating, Aircraft, Strange Matter, etc.

Planned but not yet supported: Omnimatter, 5Dim's, Simple Compress, The Big Furnace, and much more.

Many other mods are compatible, but not yet fully supported. Compatibility suggestions always appreciated.

Special thanks to

  • The community, for all the suggestions, feedback, and bug reports!
  • snouz (recolored ore graphics, thumbnail style)

Localization thanks to

Detailed list of changes (incomplete)


  • Stone furnaces & Steel furnaces require some raw zircon
  • Electric furnaces require zirconia
  • Low density structures - zirconia replaces some copper
  • Explosives require zirconium plate
  • Nuclear reactor requires zirconium plate
  • Uranium fuel cells require zirconium plate

If cermet is enabled, it's used by:

  • Rocket control unit
  • Tier 3 modules
  • Assembling Machine 3
  • Beacon
  • Spidertron

Krastorio 2

  • Stone bricks require some raw zircon
  • Advanced Furnaces requires zirconia
  • Matter research data

If cermet is enabled:

  • AI Core
  • Matter assembler

Space Exploration

  • Aeroframe scaffold requires zirconia
  • Heat shielding uses zirconia
  • Thruster suit uses zirconium plate
  • Thermodynamics lab uses zirconium plate
  • (AAI) Industrial furnace
  • Hot thermodynamics data

If cermet is enabled:

  • Quantum processor
  • Mechanical Lab