by brevven

Adds zircon, zirconia, zirconium, and cermet to the base game. Compatible with Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, FE+, and more. Part of BZ Mods.

2 hours ago


What is "BZ"?

BZ is two letters that were unique enough on the Factorio mod portal to not collide with other mod collections. You can pronounce it B's, as in Brevven's, or BEE-ZEE. Yes, the Very BZ mod pack's name is a bit of a groan-inducing pun. To learn more about the full collection of mods, see the forum thread.

Why is there X in this recipe?

Generally this mod adds things to recipes in these situations:

  • Refractories - zircon in early furnaces, zirconia in later furnaces.
  • Advanced ceramics - zirconia is used in things like LDS as an advanced ceramic material.
  • Explosives - zirconium plate is used to represent zirconium powder that can be used in explosives.
  • Nuclear energy - zirconium plates (or zircaloy in some mod loadouts) is used in nuclear cladding and nuclear fuel rods

Cermet is abstracted in this mod to represent a collection of possible cermets, so it's used in

  • Advanced eletronic situations like RCUs and module 3s, etc
  • Advanced mechanical situations like assembler 3s, etc
  • Certain advanced structures like LDS

A recipe isn't unlocked

This mod has a ZirconiumRecipes chat command (no slashes) to unlock all recipes if necessary.

I want to turn off the smelting byproduct

Now you can, through a mod startup setting.

I wish a recipe was not changed.

There is now a "Bypass recipes" setting. You can decide which recipes you want this (or each) mod to bypass modifications for. It requires a comma-separated list of internal recipe names. Eg.:

transport-belt, underground-belt

You must use the "internal" recipe-name. If you're not sure how to find it, the easiest way is to use debug mode (F5) and mouse over the recipe in your handcrafting window. Find the recipe-name in the debug properties.

Detailed list of changes (incomplete)


  • Stone furnaces & Steel furnaces require some raw zircon
  • Electric furnaces require zirconia
  • Low density structures - zirconia replaces some copper
  • Explosives require zirconium plate
  • Nuclear reactor requires zirconium plate
  • Uranium fuel cells require zirconium plate

If cermet is enabled, it's used by:

  • Rocket control unit
  • Tier 3 modules
  • Assembling Machine 3
  • Beacon
  • Spidertron

Krastorio 2

  • Stone bricks require some raw zircon
  • Advanced Furnaces requires zirconia
  • Matter research data

If cermet is enabled:

  • AI Core
  • Matter assembler

Space Exploration

  • Aeroframe scaffold requires zirconia
  • Heat shielding uses zirconia
  • Thruster suit uses zirconium plate
  • Thermodynamics lab uses zirconium plate
  • (AAI) Industrial furnace
  • Hot thermodynamics data

If cermet is enabled:

  • Quantum processor
  • Mechanical Lab