Pyanodons Raw Ores

Add ores, processes and materials. Also make the pySuite independent of bobs mods

16 days ago
1.0 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
2.4.11 (16 days ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
40.8K users

This mod will unlock the most traditional ores and will make their extraction, processing and smelting into a new comprehensive chain that focuses on "the more you put effort, the more you extract" idea. More than 20+ new buildings and 200+ recipes that will make other pymods easier as well as unlock several upgrades in them.

This mod makes the compatibility with bobs not functional.The use with Angels mods may cause bugs or incompatibilities. If you wanna use it with these other suites, try install:

Also..RSO can turn the game way better:

Explore new and chains to extract and refine ores in the game. With this extension you can play pY suite without bob´s mods and still getting their ores which we decided to kept since it´s common ores and materials. No need to reinvent the wheel here. This mod will improve the ore production as much as you advance in the game. This mod add mines and new/different ways to get basic and advanced ores, lots of mining machines to refine that ores to perfection and extract almost 100% of it without much loss.

If you want to follow the progress and development as well as provide feedback or suggestions, feel free to comment in the factorio foruns:

If you have problems to find the chains, there´s a thread with all of them:


1.0.1 - Initial release
1.0.2 = Several bug fixes and optimization
1.0.4 = Several bug fixes and optimization
1.0.5 = Deadlocks fixed
1.0.6 = Deadlock in the Centrifugal pan research.
Fixed graphic bug in the JIG recipes.
Improved the Hydrogen/Oxygen Ratio in the Electrolyzers
Mining machines mk03 now requieres only red, green and blue science packs.
Pynobots MK02 now unlocked in Coal Processing 03
Added new pyHT cyanic acid recipe
1.0.7 = Rebalanced the whole zinc chain
Rebalanced the whole nexelit chain
Small adjustments into coal chain
Some little balances in the sand and biofilm requierements
1.0.8 = Fixed Deadlock in the centrifuge.
Fixed Sintered Silver unlockable.
Added collagen to glycerol recipe for pyHT
Reduced the amount of lead to make ammo.
1.0.9 = Balanced Aluminium
1.1.1 = Balanced Several chains