Better Axes

This mod adds 4 new powerful axes (8 with my FactorioPlus mods) for hand-mine ores or deconstruct buildings in a faster way.
a month ago
0.15 - 0.16
Owner: DiegoPro77
Source: N/A
License: Bob's mods Copyright
Created: 1 year, 5 months ago
Latest Version: 2.3.0 (a month ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.16
Downloaded: 5935 times

This mod adds 4 new powerful axes (8 with my FactorioPlus mods) to allow you to deconstruct buildings faster than normal and hand-mine ores
( The powerful axe, unlockable only with my FactorioPlus mods, mines 90 ores per 10s).

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_Optional > FactorioPlus: Ores

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Changelogs and Features:
2.3.0: Finally fixed the migration bug.

2.2.0: All will not be the same!
_Remade all the textures;
_Changed the vanilla craftings;
_Rebalanced the tech threes;
_Added new axes for FP mods;
_New recipes for obtain the axes with FP mods;
_With FP mods, the axes can be achieved with military teches.
You can now run this mod with or without my FP mods, the choice is yours!

-New Textures, descriptions, rebalancing more name bugs!
Now my mods have a copyright
Upgraded to 0.16 and fixed some bugs!

FactorioPlus modpack list:

_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Plates (and related things like circuits, cables ex.);
RELEASED! ( (Beta!)
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Tech trees (labs and science packs);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: BioExpansion (wood automated process for basic things );
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Electronics (circuits and processings for make them);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Mining (mining drills and quarries)
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Machines (vanilla's structures improvement);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Logistics (belts, und. belts, inserters, splitters, robots and roboports and related things);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Power (electric poles, accumulators, generators and related things);
RELEASED! ( (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Refining (more methods to refine raw ores);
RELEASED! ( (Beta! )
I'll update the modpack for 0.17, be sure, but now i'll concentrate on RealFactory modpack releasing; thank you for the 50k+ downloads with these mods.

Addons: (can be run with or without FP mods)
_Better axes;

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Known issues:
_English...a tiny detail...