Better Axes

With this mod you can enhance your character's mining speed by researching technologies.

2 years ago
0.15 - 0.17
Bob's mods Copyright
3 years ago
Latest Version:
2.4.0 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.17
8608 times

This mod adds 4 new powerful axes (8 with my FactorioPlus mods) to allow you to deconstruct buildings faster than normal and hand-mine ores
( The powerful axe, unlockable only with my FactorioPlus mods, mines 90 ores per 10s).

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_Optional > FactorioPlus: Ores (for 0.16<)

(For other FactorioPlus mods see the bottom of this page! )

Changelogs and Features:
2.4.0: Updated to 0.17!
_Hi guys, have you been waiting for my return? I hope so, because i'll start update all my mods, except for Fp ones, that are too complex and huge for be updated: if i wanted to update them i would need to rewrite all the technology locales (that have changed a LOT in 0.17, starting with science packs and how names are given to each tech) and not only if i tell you that entities have changed too (another big problem)...
But don't worry, i'm preparing a new modpack, called RealFactory, that will take the place that FactorioPlus mods have left, for more info, see the modpage on the forum and be sure to enter in my discord page.

2.3.0: Finally fixed the migration bug.

2.2.0: All will not be the same!
_Remade all the textures;
_Changed the vanilla craftings;
_Rebalanced the tech threes;
_Added new axes for FP mods;
_New recipes for obtain the axes with FP mods;
_With FP mods, the axes can be achieved with military teches.
You can now run this mod with or without my FP mods, the choice is yours!

-New Textures, descriptions, rebalancing more name bugs!
Now my mods have a copyright
Upgraded to 0.16 and fixed some bugs!

FactorioPlus modpack list:

_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Plates (and related things like circuits, cables ex.);
RELEASED! ( (Beta!)
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Tech trees (labs and science packs);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: BioExpansion (wood automated process for basic things );
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Electronics (circuits and processings for make them);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Mining (mining drills and quarries)
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Machines (vanilla's structures improvement);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Logistics (belts, und. belts, inserters, splitters, robots and roboports and related things);
RELEASED! ( ) (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Power (electric poles, accumulators, generators and related things);
RELEASED! ( (Beta! )
_Dp77's FactorioPlus: Refining (more methods to refine raw ores);
RELEASED! ( (Beta! )
I'll update the modpack for 0.17, be sure, but now i'll concentrate on RealFactory modpack releasing; thank you for the 50k+ downloads with these mods.

Addons: (can be run with or without FP mods)
_Better axes;

Do you have any suggestion or do you founded a bug? Tell me in the comments page:

Known issues:
_English...a tiny detail...