Space Exploration

Build Cargo Rockets to launch stuff into space. Ride a rocket into space yourself and start spacewalking. Build an orbital space platform to develop difficult data-driven space science. Build a spaceship tile by tile, fly it from a planet surface to other planets, moon, asteroid belts, and more. Follow progress on
10 days ago
0.17 - 0.18


Version: 0.2.5
Date: 28. 01. 2020
    - Updated for Factorio 0.18.4.

Version: 0.2.4
Date: 31. 01. 2020
    - Fixed multilayered icons that combined 32px and 64px icons.

Version: 0.2.3
Date: 31. 01. 2020
    - Spaceship hotfix.

Version: 0.2.2
Date: 28. 01. 2020
    - 0.18 bug, when landing a spaceship, players on the spaceship lose their body.

    - Added remote interface (by request) for "cancel_entity_creation". Can remove an entity, put the item back in the player or drop to ground, and display flying text.

Version: 0.2.1
Date: 28. 01. 2020
    - Updated for Factorio 0.18.

Version: 0.1.149
Date: 24. 11. 2019
    - Added a collision layer to all rails to add support for cargo ships and similar mods (requires postprocess mod to be updated too).
    - Added some development tools for contributors.

Version: 0.1.148
Date: 20. 11. 2019
    - Put space rails into their own fast replace group so they don't conflict with other mods that add rails.

    - Added translation for Japanese by iicyan.

Version: 0.1.147
Date: 27. 10. 2019
    - Reduced nutrient vat recipe from 10s to 5s.

    - Updated translation for Russian by EternalDragon.
    - Added translation for Italian by Firestorm.

    - Fixed wrong icon for part of the condenser turbine entities.
    - Fix for rare case where some tiles around launched spaceships are 'out-of-map' tiles and can't be built on or flown over.

Version: 0.1.146
Date: 22. 10. 2019
    - Corrected typo on item name quantumn to quantum.

Version: 0.1.145
Date: 16. 10. 2019
    - Potential bug fix for script error on rocket launch with invalid rocket silo.
    - Fix for script error when landing with a capsule but the light got destroyed somehow.

Version: 0.1.144
Date: 11. 10. 2019
    - Fixed issue where cutting composite entities in "/editor" mode could leave partial remnants of the building. This may also help with some other issues relating to script-based entity deletion.

Version: 0.1.143
Date: 08. 10. 2019
    - Reduced meteor point defence power draw while charged by 50%.
    - Added an "Are you sure?" warning for respawning.

    - Fixed an issue with using a specific combination of navigation view and respawning.
    - Made new productivity module limitations match existing productivity module limitations if those were changed by other mods (added modded recipes).

Version: 0.1.142
Date: 22. 09. 2019
    - Reduced data card formatting time by 50%.

Version: 0.1.142
Date: 20. 09. 2019
    - Added commands to assign other planets as homeworlds making them match nauvis in terms of size, resources, and core mining. This is the first step towards supporting multiplayer with different planet starts.

    - Increased space biochemical lab crafting speed from 2 to 3.
    - Increased space growth facility to crafting speed from 1 to 2.
    - Increased space genetics facility to crafting speed from 1 to 2.
    - Increased space decontamination facility to crafting speed from 1 to 2.
    - Reduced nutrient gel vat recipe time from 10s to 5s.
    - Reduce all thermofluid heat radiating recipe times by 33%.

Version: 0.1.141
Date: 12. 09. 2019
    - Significant specimen recipe now returns 2/7/1 significant/experimental/waste instead of 1/8/1.

    - Fixed crash on robot placing invalid tile.

Version: 0.1.140
Date: 08. 09. 2019
    - Cargo Rocket Silo output signals are updated immediately upon launch (previously there could be a 1s delay if launched via a trigger).
    - Added a working light to Space Manufactory.

Version: 0.1.139
Date: 04. 09. 2019
    - Found a workaround for condenser turbines sometimes stopping working in certain orientations after switching surfaces with a spaceship.

Version: 0.1.138
Date: 04. 09. 2019
    - Updates antimatter reactor prototype to match Factorio nuclear reactor changes (relating to heap pipe glow).

Version: 0.1.137
Date: 29. 08. 2019
    - Fixed issue with command to change existing resource values, eg: /c"space-exploration", "multiply_nauvis_resource", {surface = game.player.surface, resource_name = "uranium-ore", multiplier=2})

Version: 0.1.136
Date: 21. 08. 2019
    - Cargo rocket silo adds item consumption data to production statistics.

    - Fixed issue with uranium settings on repeated mod configuration changes.

Version: 0.1.135
Date: 19. 08. 2019
    - Added zone radius to zone tooltip.

    - Fixed issue with boarding spaceships.
    - Fixed issue with capsule trying to land in ungenerated chunks.
    - Fixed that asteroid fields were not considered for closest zone calculation.
    - Added code to handle surfaces left after uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.

Version: 0.1.134
Date: 11. 08. 2019
    - Most space fluids are now 'compressed': All recipes involving the fluids have fluid values approximately divided by 10. Where this would cause significant rounding error other approaches are taken. In general this means pipe throughput is less of an issue in space. You may want to adjust fluid conditions and remove storage tanks.
    - Telescope recipes don't destroy thermofluid anymore.
    - Reduced output count of observation frame recipe.
    - Added recipe to scrap cargo pods.

Version: 0.1.133
Date: 08. 08. 2019
    - Hotfix: Factorio 0.17.63 changes fluid boxes which broke condenser turbines.

    - Krastorio resources "imersite" and "menarite" are excluded from asteroids as part of a compatibility request.

Version: 0.1.132
Date: 04. 08. 2019
    - Fixed landing pad script error if landing pad was unexpectedly deconstructed.

Version: 0.1.131
Date: 02. 08. 2019
    - Decreased core mining energy cost from 80MW to 50MW.
    - Decreased core fragment processing cycle time from 50 to 20 and core fragments per processing cycle from 50 to 20.
    - Decreased specialised core fragment return of mixed resource core fragment per cycle from 10 to 5.

Version: 0.1.130
Date: 01. 08. 2019
    - Hotfix: Migration function name was not updated properly and caused crash on update.

Version: 0.1.129
Date: 30. 07. 2019
    - Doubled brightness and solar output in close solar orbit.

    - Added some code to prevent assembling machine related load errors when some other mod was installed.

Version: 0.1.128
Date: 29. 07. 2019
    - Improved Tier 4 insight recipes, they require blank data cards and output more insights.
    - Improved dark energy data success chance.

    - Added remote interface "multiply_nauvis_resource" that can be used to revert parts of recent resource changes. It should not be used unless you are sure the available resources on nauvis are insufficient to set up a few moon mining bases. /c"space-exploration", "multiply_nauvis_resource", {resource_name = "iron-ore", multiplier=0.9})

Version: 0.1.127
Date: 26. 07. 2019
    - Added remote interface "get_player_character" to get the character from a player, even if they are detached from the character.

    - Data card and gamma ray detectors recipes now require copper plate.
    - Data card advanced circuit requirement reduced.

Version: 0.1.126
Date: 26. 07. 2019
    - Hotfix: Previous update accidently optimised away resource spawning in space surfaces.

Version: 0.1.125
Date: 25. 07. 2019
    - Increased Cargo rocket capacity from 400 to 500.
    - Increased Landing pad capacity from 500 to 600.
    - Decreased all cargo rocket fuel requirements by 20%.
    - Reduced rocket part recovery research from +5% to +4% per level.
    - Increased base rocket part recovery by 20%.
    - Reduce Nauvis resource overabundance, no effect on default or low resource settings.
    - Uranium is now a rare resource on Nauvis surface (Core mining is not affected).
    - Huge improvement to space terrain generation speed.
    - Small improvement to planet and moon surface terrain generation speed.
    - Launching spaceships requires less of a UPS spike (due to terrain generation).
    - Added migration code to update existing surface settings (required to for terrain generation speed improvements to affect existing surfaces).

Version: 0.1.124
Date: 24. 07. 2019
    - Specialised core fragments now return 10 generic core fragments instead of 5, meaning more resource variety from core mining.
    - Core mining speed increased by 50%.
    - Changed rocket part recovery formula to be less influenced by RNG, an improvement for high research levels that can hit the max 100% return value.
    - Decreased level 1 and level 2 data card reformatting times.

Version: 0.1.123
Date: 23. 07. 2019
    - Updated science pack icons to 64x64px

    - Fixed spaceship UI displaying time to destination at current speed but using the max speed value.
    - Reverted some changes that blocked bobs pumps from space.

Version: 0.1.122
Date: 22. 07. 2019
    - Increased railgun dart damage from 100 to 200.
    - Increased tesla gun ammo dart damage from 20 to 25.
    - Changed Thruster Suit MK3 grid from 13x13 to 14x12.
    - Decreases observation frame recipe output from 100 to 50.
    - Decreased space mirror cost.
    - Removed single-spectral astrometric analysis recipes.
    - Rescaled outputs of multispectral astrometric analysis recipes.

Version: 0.1.121
Date: 20. 07. 2019
    - Reduced deep space science pack cost.
    - Halved genetics lab recipe times.
    - Increased biochemical lab crafting speed.
    - Decreased power output of Fluid Isothermal Generator.

    - Removed leftover debugging code.

Version: 0.1.120
Date: 17. 07. 2019
    - Allowed productivity for material testing pack if made on the ground.
    - Decreased uranium yield from core mining.
    - Decreased water yield from core mining.
    - Increased core mining speed.
    - Altered some procedural collision settings, this will hopefully prevent things like water wells.

    - Added some checks around getting force data for invalid player forces (enemy, neutral).

Version: 0.1.119
Date: 14. 07. 2019
    - Fixed error when riding a space capsule launched from a spaceship and it gets destroyed before landing.

    - Updated translations for German, Spanish, and Korean.

Version: 0.1.118
Date: 10. 07. 2019
    - Core miners won't emit their efficiency text on game load if the value has not changed.
    - Energy weapons research requires energy science packs instead of material science packs.
    - If a rocket aiming for a landing pad crashes, the space capsule will always thrust to the target pad (and won't need to be manually deconstructed).
    - Increased nuke cost. (Was initially forgotten from changelog.)

    - Fixed rocket reusability research stating it is multiplicative. It is not multiplicative, it is an additive 5% (i.e. roughly 5) to the number of cargo rocket sections you can get back per level.

Version: 0.1.117
Date: 8. 07. 2019
    - Players spawning to a surface without a position specified now default to their force's spawn default spawn position instead of the world origin.

    - Fixed problem with new forces setup.
    - Fixed problem with space capsule landing with an invalid passenger.

Version: 0.1.116
Date: 7. 07. 2019
    - Fixed problem with code that with rocket silo prerequisites unlock code.
    - Fixed subatomic data recipe returning too many data cards.
    - Fixed the multiple spaceships on the same surface with intersecting bounding boxes were considering overlapping tiles of the other ship as their own tiles for integrity stress calculation.

    - Fluid resources from the Geothermal mod can now be infinite (thanks to SlippyCheeze).

    - Added missing string for railgun shooting speed.

Version: 0.1.115
Date: 5. 07. 2019
    - Fixed error with required fuel signal output if required fuel is unknown.

Version: 0.1.114
Date: 4. 07. 2019
    - Cargo rocket silo now outputs signals: E for empty slots, F for full slots, L for Liquid rocket fuel required, and 'Cargo Rocket' if the rocket is complete (i.e. 1 capsule and 100 rocket sections).
    - Made the key text in the 'postprocess mod is not installed' error message more obvious.

    - Fixed that satellite view couldn't ghost-place rails.
    - Fixed that not all levels of cargo safety and cargo reusability were applying fully.

Version: 0.1.113
Date: 2. 07. 2019
    - Forced space accumulators to not have a fast replace group for cases where one was added to accumulators by another mod.
    - Fixed issue relating to universe resources updating.

Version: 0.1.112
Date: 1. 07. 2019
    - Fixed that nutrient gel from methane recipe could not be unlocked.
    - Fixed multiple issues relating to Factorio 0.17.53 collision/upgrade rules.

Version: 0.1.111
Date: 30. 06. 2019
    - Changed damage type of meteors, certain entity types can now have meteor-specific resistances (train rails now have 99.75% meteor resistance).

    - Spaceship UIs can now be translated (70+ new strings added).

Version: 0.1.110
Date: 30. 06. 2019
    - Added a 2nd bar to spaceship integrity stress so you can see structural vs container stress.

    - Fixed issue relating to boarding a spaceship from a spaceship that you are not in.

    - Added missing locale for railgun damage bonus.

Version: 0.1.109
Date: 30. 06. 2019
    - Doubled thermodynamics lab effective smelting speed.
    - Thermofluid base cooling time reduced from 8 to 6.

    - Spanish translation updates thanks to Abarel.
    - French translation updates thanks to TheKoopa and Dae.
    - Hebrew translation updates thanks to Multytint
    - German translation updates thanks to Moertschi

Version: 0.1.108
Date: 29. 06. 2019
    - Characters in a moving cargo rocket or space capsule are indestructible.

    - Fixed electric boiler south orientation sprite offset.

Version: 0.1.107
Date: 28. 06. 2019
    - Added 6 new tiers of modules up to tier 9. The modules are balanced around being used together, efficiency becomes an important part of negating excessive power usage. Thanks to Ironic Toblerone for assistance with initial prototyping.

    - Techs for module tiers 1-3 have been redistributed back to their vanilla positions.
    - Increased thermal radiator module slots from 1 to 2.
    - Added cargo rocket silo launch trigger for cargo full OR green signal.

    - Fixed crash caused by remote-landing a spaceship via satellite, exiting satellite mode while still scouting for anchor placement, then exiting landing mode.
    - Fixed that starmap has a day/night cycle.

    - Added remote interface: get_zone_icon requires data.zone_index.
    - Added remote interface: get_zone_is_solid requires data.zone_index.
    - Added remote interface: get_zone_is_space requires data.zone_index.

Version: 0.1.106
Date: 28. 06. 2019
    - Increased planet upper limit for random resource range from +300% size/richness to +400% size/richness.

    - Fixed that space belts were using express belt icons in some interfaces.

Version: 0.1.105
Date: 27. 06. 2019
    - Renamed Space science pack to Rocket science pack. This is mainly because many people call the in-space sciences "space science" so the terminology was getting confusing.

    - Korean translation thanks to PolarZero.

    - Made sure space pipe does not have an upgrade if the express transport belt had been modified with one by another mod. (Bobs logistics compatibility)

Version: 0.1.104
    - Space pipe and space belt are no longer the same fast-replace-groups as the ground versions because it allowed an exploit to have ground versions in space.

    - Fixed issue relating to placing space tiles on invalid surfaces with bots.

    - Spanish translation thanks to Abarel.
    - French translation thanks to TheKoopa and Dae.
    - Hebrew translation thanks to Multytint

Version: 0.1.103
    - Added electric boiler, prototype code thanks to Ironic Toblerone.

    - Fixed issue with meteor defence if an entity becomes invalid.

Version: 0.1.102
    - Fixed incorrect collision box on meteor defence facility that prevented automatic ammo insertion.

Version: 0.1.101
    - Meteor point defence now shows the protected area on the map and while placing the entity.
    - Meteor point defence and Meteor defence facilities now only accept the correct ammo type.
    - Meteor point defence and Meteor defence facilities now show a no ammo alert when charged but out of ammo.

    - Fixed issue caused by deconstructing a spaceship during transit.

    - German translation thanks to Moertschi.

Version: 0.1.100
    - There is now a mod setting to set the space pipe fluid capacity between 50 and 200, default is 100.

Version: 0.1.99
    - Increased space pipe capacity to 200.
    - Increased antimatter booster tank capacity from 20k to 50k.

    - Fixed issue with planet resource system that prevented bobs lithia water from spawning.

Version: 0.1.98
    - Corpse markers are removed when the corpse is removed.
    - Two-part simulation techs require hypercooling 2 tech.
    - Increased particle collider power consumption.
    - Decreased most particle collider recipe times.

    - Fixed issues relating to dying while in satellite mode.

Version: 0.1.97
    - Fixed error relating to rocket passengers dying during transit.

Version: 0.1.96
    - Tesla gun is properly affected by energy weapons damage upgrades.
    - Railgun is affected by bullet weapons damage upgrades.
    - Increased railgun range from 24 to 100.
    - Spaceship integrity stress from cargo now includes vehicle inventories and storage tanks.
    - Base spaceship integrity increased from +200 to +300.
    - Spaceship integrity 7 tech removed.
    - Updated entity pollution format to latest spec.
    - Reduced concrete cost of nanomaterial testing recipe.
    - Railgun is now affected by bullet damage and shooting speed tech.

    - Fixed some collision settings that allowed some structures to be placed in empty space.
    - Fixed crash in case where capsule shadow gets destroyed during landing sequence.

Version: 0.1.95
    - Forced Nauvis to not list a primary resource.

Version: 0.1.94
    - If the radar tech is disabled in the game state it is re-enabled for all forces.

Version: 0.1.93
    - Disabled rail being upgradeable because it was preventing the ability to hand-place rail intersections.
    - Cargo rocket sections can't be packed/unpacked by hand due to base game issue return incorrect number of items.

Version: 0.1.92
    - Space rail can now be placed on empty space.
    - Enabled the vanilla radar technology. it exists in vanilla but is disabled but that was causing problems.

    - Fixed problem with low numbers of core miners on a planet not outputting the expected resources per second.

Version: 0.1.91
    - The first meteor in a meteor shower does not have a random offset if relative to the meteor shower.

    - Fixed crash when player is killed during rocket landing sequence.
    - Fixed when player died and had logistic requests or inventory filters, then the mod for that filter item was removed before the player respawned.

Version: 0.1.90
    - Fixed crash when spaceship takes damage at the location of a character but the character is invalid.
    - Fixed crash when trying to respawn at a destroyed landing pad.

Version: 0.1.89
    - Internal restructuring of landing pad data storage.
    - Cargo rockets can now be sent to landing pads without specifying a specific destination, the silo is fuelled up to the highest destination fuel cost but a random available landing pad is chosen on launch.

Version: 0.1.88
    - Allowed bobs pumps in space.
    - Added plamsa canister emptying recipe.
    - Added recipe to make nutrient gel with methane instead of coal.

    - Fixed crash on script deletion of landing pad while GUI was open.

Version: 0.1.87
    - Increased deep space science pack recipe output count.
    - Reduced biomass recipe contaminated water and contaminated biosludge byproducts from 500 to 400.

    - Fixed issue with higher levels of rocket survivability research having a reduced effect,
    - Fixed crash when respawning character has less request slots than deceased character.

Version: 0.1.86
    - Planets and moons now have different day/night cycles.
    - Decreased crafting time for data card components.
    - Decreased genetics recipe times.
    - Allowed angels silos in space.
    - Added unlock for methane conversion to angels refining version.

    - Fixed that high tier material catalogues required cold instead of supercooled thermofluid.
    - Fixed condenser turbines getting stuck at 99% filled due to base game rounding problem.

Version: 0.1.85
    - Decreased core miner pollution by 50%.
    - Decreased genetics recipe times.
    - Added a conversion from space exploration methane gas to angels methane gas.
    - Added angels crushing crafting category to mechanical laboratory.

    - Fixed that containers outside of a spaceship but inside the spaceship bounding box affected integrity stress.

Version: 0.1.84
    - Hotfix for error on rocket crash.

Version: 0.1.83
    - Added "currently viewing" text to the satellite UI.
    - If landing with a capsule at a random location, if there is no valid spot in range of the first attempt it will try a place nearer to the planet origin.
    - If the cargo rocket silo storage tank is removed it is automatically replaced.
    - Changed rounding of displayed cargo pods lost, actual item loss is unaffected.
    - Spaceships structure stress is influenced by container slot capacity. Each slot is 0.5 stress but this is not added to the existing stress, the higher value is used. The starting spaceship is limited to the same slot equivalent of the cargo rocket. Spaceship integrity research increases the amount you can carry. If you have a spaceship filled with chests it is recommended that you land the spaceship before updating.
    - Added recipe to pack and unpack stacks of cargo rocket sections so they are easier to deliver to other planets via rocket.
    - Increased RTG 1 power output.
    - Renamed fluid burner generator to fluid isothermic generator as it is designed to burn rocket fuel to power spaceships and shouldn't sound like a simple burner entity.
    - Added incompatibility with train tunnels mod, it needs to respect connecting surface restrictions to be compatible (e.g: no interstellar tunnels).

Version: 0.1.82
    - Changed spaceship integrity check pulse to once every 10 minutes.
    - You must launch a satellite before launching a cargo rocket.
    - Space platform plating requires material science.
    - Space rail requires energy science.
    - Fluid burner generator requires energy science.
    - Cargo rocket silos nearly full with fuel load fuel faster.
    - Added unlock for bio processing recipe for methane gas to crude oil.
    - Doubled thermodynamics lab crafting speed and doubled thermodynamics recipes duration (thermodynamics recipes are effectively unchanged but smelting is twice as fast).

Version: 0.1.81
    - Updated code relating to resources being added/removed mid game.
    - Added water ice as a space-only resource.
    - Added water ice to water recipe.
    - Added methane ice as a space-only resource.
    - Added methane ice to methane gas recipe.
    - Added bio processing recipe for methane gas to crude oil.

Version: 0.1.80
    - Fixed problem with auto-space-collision settings affecting cargo rocket silo sub-entities.

Version: 0.1.79
    - Moved space solar panel to energy science.

    - Fixed initial spaceship tech integrity description value.

Version: 0.1.78
    - Fixed crash if space capsule was destroyed while landing.
    - Fixed wire shortcuts mod and satellite view causing wire dropping.

Version: 0.1.77
    - Decreased thruster suit 2 tech cost.
    - Rocket silos can't be placed on spaceships.
    - Increases effective growth facility speed by recipes using increased batch sizes.

    - Fixed that some material fabricator recipes would consume too much thermofluid.

Version: 0.1.76
    - Reduced space mirror lubricant requirement.
    - Reduced heat shielding sulfur requirement.
    - Allowed pipe valve entities from other mods in space.

    - Fixed science pack recipes generating extra junk data.

Version: 0.1.75
    - Update to automatic space collision.

Version: 0.1.74
    - When switching surfaces via satellite your last position is remembered.
    - Reduced tech costs for rocket upgrades.
    - Reduced fluid burner generator output from 5MW to 4MW

Version: 0.1.73
    - Reduced gravity wave data craft time.
    - Adjusted imaged observation frame crafting times.
    - Allowed ghost-placing landfill from satellite.

Version: 0.1.72
    - Fixed particle collider probability recipes.

Version: 0.1.71
    - Updated data catalogue tech costs.

    - Fixed that mining an antimatter booster would return a rocket booster.

Version: 0.1.70
    - Reduced core mining drill energy cost to 80MW.
    - Added more tiers of mining productivity and artillery techs so that science packs can be added more gradually.
    - Moved plague rocket further back in the tech tree.
    - Increased plague rocket recipe cost.
    - Rough data storage substrate can use productivity if made on a planet.

    - Bio catalogue 4 requires decompression resistance data instead of decompression data
    - Remove spaces from ru locale.

Version: 0.1.69
    - Fixed script error in satellite uplink interface if button gets removed unexpectedly.
    - Fixed that character could get disassociated from player when landing a spaceship in satellite view.
    - Fixed that sometimes a satellite could launch and not discover anything when there are still things to discover.

Version: 0.1.68
    - Added a max runtime for the plague.

Version: 0.1.67
    - Added inventory to space capsule
    - Added space capsule scrapping and empty barrel reprocessing.

    - Fixed error in satellite uplink code.
    - When using the wire shortcuts mod, does not spill wires to the ground if in satellite mode.

Version: 0.1.66
    - Fixed error in migration code.

Version: 0.1.65
    - Improved support for entities being built via script.

    - Fixed that planet enemy setting weren't applied properly.
    - Removed biters from planets with 0% lifesigns.
    - Corrected factory spaceship description from +200 to +500.

Version: 0.1.64
    - Russian translation by EternalDragon.

    - Changed internal name of factory spaceship tech to match display name.
    - Updated factory spaceship tech bonus integrity to +500.
    - Changes required for updated thermofluid icons.
    - Updated thermofluid recipe names and descriptions.

Version: 0.1.63
    - Fixed the cargo full trigger would not fire sometimes.

Version: 0.1.62
    - Fixed error in spaceship integrity check code.

Version: 0.1.61
    - Improved ability to use special tools from satellite uplink mode, such as artillery remote and upgrade planner.

    - Changing recipes while in satellite uplink mode drops items and incompatible modules to ground for deconstruction instead of putting them in an unrecoverable inventory.

Version: 0.1.60
    - Requires higher version of robot attrition due to updated remote interface.

    - Print meteor alerts to console option now includes a location link.

Version: 0.1.59
    - Surfaces now have special robot attrition factors visible through the satellite uplink button tooltips.

    - Increased space science pack cost.

Version: 0.1.58
    - Decreased cargo rocket section cost (roughly -25%).
    - Decreased astronomic, material, energy, and biological science pack cost (roughly -45%).
    - Landed cargo pods are automatically marked for deconstruction.

    - Fixed that no-spacesuit warning would print for players entering a rocket that had a valid space suit.

Version: 0.1.57
    - Increased space belt cost to be closer to blue belt.

    - Fixed space assembling machine could use productivity modules.
    - Fixed issue with rail selection priory priority.

Version: 0.1.56
    - Fixed crafting time on rocket fuel from water recipe.

Version: 0.1.55
    - Recycling machine can be crafted normally (not only be space manufactory).

    - Fixed that some techs hand science packs as ingredients that were not tech prerequisites (progression is unaffected, the tech tree is just clearer).

Version: 0.1.54
    - Fixed that a debug print line was left in a released version.

Version: 0.1.53
    - Biomechanical resistance data and bio combustion resistance data require experimental specimens not significant specimens.

    - Fixed the normal rail could be placed in space.
    - Fixed that core miner could not be rotated after reloading the game.

Version: 0.1.52
    - Fixed cargo rocket silo combinator icons too big.
    - Fixed cargo rocket launch manual override not working.
    - Fixed cargo rocket launch trigger green signal when rocket cargo full not working.

Version: 0.1.51
    - Player cannot craft lifesupport recipes anymore (many of them required fluid and weren't hand craftable anyway).

    - Set fuel refinery to require stone bricks not concrete.

Version: 0.1.50
    - When a cargo rocket silo is deconstructed items are generated for the space capsule and rocket sections that were consumed. Rocket fuel is still lost, but can be pumped out first.
    - Added corpse markers.

Version: 0.1.49
    - Reduced space science requirement for robot speed research.
    - Allowed productivity for Space Science Pack recipe.

    - Fixed that MK4 and MK5 energy shield recipes required themselves.

Version: 0.1.48
    - Added more specific status messages to launchpad GUI.

Version: 0.1.47
    - Fixed cargo rocket silo signal output sending incorrect (higher) fuel value.
    - Fixed cargo rocket silo siphoning the last 0.1% of required fuel very slowly.
    - Reverted change to belts that prevented items from being dropped on them.

Version: 0.1.46
    - Added 5 tiers of Adaptive armour. Fills a similar role to energy shields with lower power requirements but much slower regeneration. Not as good for sustained combat or skirmishing but has lower tech requirements.
    - Added 6 tiers (4 new tiers) of Energy shield equipment. Energy shields charge quickly but are power hungry. Higher tier versions will be difficult to use effectively until the personal antimatter reactor equipment is added.

    - Code changes required to have hr graphics in a separate mod that is not a required mod.
    - Added cargo rocket silo launch event thanks to MFerrari.

Version: 0.1.45
    - Added Fuel Refinery structure and technology.
    - Added Rocket fuel from water recipe.

    - Added empty barrel scrapping recipe.
    - Solid fuel recipes and rocket fuel recipes are now part of fuel refining, this will break you existing solid fuel setups.
    - Fuel refining recipes have had their crafting times have been reduced to 1/4, the fuel refinery is effectively 4 times faster but keeps a crafting speed of 1 to keep tooltips simple.

    - Fixed a problem with spaceship launch sequence when integrity stress exceeded maximum.

Version: 0.1.44
    - Added some optimizations to cargo rocket silo and landing pad GUIS.
    - Removed space science prerequisite from power armor mk2.

    - Switched Fluid Burner Generators graphics back to SR (fixed) versions.

Version: 0.1.43
    - Quick fix: Normal resolution Fluid Burner Generator sprites didn't process correctly, switching to hr Fluid Burner Generators graphics for all resolutions as a temporary workaround.

Version: 0.1.42
    - Added Antimatter Reactors. Antimatter can be manufactured where there is abundant energy (like a star), and used to power somewhere energy poor (like deep space).
    - Added Fluid Burner Generators. Can burn fluid with an energy value to generate electricity. Simple and compact but lacks the energy efficiency of steam setups. Allows spaceships to burn rocket fuel for power.

    - Renamed supercomputer MK2 and MK3 to Quantum supercomputer and Neural supercomputer.

Version: 0.1.41
    - There are now 4 tiers of medpack.
    - Added player respawn event call to respawn function.
    - Reduced stack size of meteor defence 50 -> 20, and meteor point defence ammo 100->50. You may want to rescue the items before updating, or spawn them in if you lost out.
    - Meteor point defence does not require explosives.

Version: 0.1.40
    - Meteors that fall in water don't leave remnants.
    - Inventory filters, logistic request slots, and auto-trash filters are saved on death so your successor is created with the same settings.

    - Fixed meteor alert having completely wrong structure totals.

    - Added string for se-core-miner-drill

Version: 0.1.39
    - Supercomputers can now be upgraded in place.

    - Added missing unlock for bio combustion data.

Version: 0.1.38
    - Changed planet core mining to use a different method that does not require continuous updates via script. They are now like electric mining drills and output in the same way. You may need to remove inserters and add belts to collect the fragments.

Version: 0.1.37
    - Fixed meteor point defence being unplaceable in space.

Version: 0.1.36
    - Fixed collision problem with spaceship doors.
    - Fixed 2 spaceship script errors.

Version: 0.1.35
    - Added meter point defence radius visualisation on entity open and entity hover (can't add while placing the item unfortunately).
    - Added spaceship launch / landing sound effects.

    - Reduced satellite accumulator and solar panel cost
    - Reduced space capsule accumulator and solar panel cost

Version: 0.1.34
    - Added Meteor point defence, a cheaper more basic meteor defence option. Has limited range, but can fire 4 times and has a much lower power requirement.
    - Added custom meteor event sound.
    - Added a custom alert for meteors so it does not make the annoying sound that happens when something gets printed to the console.
    - Added a per-player setting for meteor alerts to be printed to the console (so you can look back later to see stats, but you get the annoying noise), off by default.

    - Space science is now required on average 1 tech later in many tech lines.
    - Rocket silo research is now cheaper and faster.
    - Meteor defence installation accuracy reduced to 80%.

Version: 0.1.33
    - Improved the on/off flicker of space science labs but it is still not perfect. The graphics still need to be redone to remove the flicker completely, but the graphics need to be updated anyway to remove the pipes.
    - Fixed that cargo pods couldn't be placed in space, and therefore would be destroyed by the game engine if the tile under them was changed while in space.

Version: 0.1.32
    - Fixed supercomputer in SR using HR graphics that got cut off.

    - Reduced electric furnace heat shield requirement.
    - Increased default meteor interval to 20 minutes.

Version: 0.1.31
    - Fixed that higher tier thruster suits would display unarmoured character.
    - Fixed angels barreling pump could not be placed space.

Version: 0.1.30
    - Thruster suit tiers, includes different spacewalking thrust per suit
    - RTG equipment to bridge the long wait for fusion reactor equipment.

    - Added zh-CN translation by Frost.

Version: 0.1.29
    - IMPORTANT: Compatibility patches and a few other things are being moved to a separate mod (space-exploration-postprocess). It is required, but I can't list it as a dependency. Please make sure you install it when updating (assuming you read changelogs).
    - Moved all graphics to a separate package (also required but I can list it as a dependency without causing a dependency loop). This is to allow people to download code updates without repeatedly downloading 200MB of images.

Version: 0.1.28
    - Fixed that particle accelerator had become impossible to research after shuffling some things around.

    - Steam is no longer considered a raw ingredient for water.

    - Bobs modules and nanobots are excluded from auto-science-pack additions.

Version: 0.1.27
    - Increased minimum random planet size.
    - If additional fluid resources are added by mods the omni core fragment is restricted to 4 fluids, water is removed first.

    - Updated remote interface: begin_meteor_shower. Can now specify number of data.meteors along with data.entity or (data.zone_name and data.position)
    - Added remote interface: get_zone_from_name requires data.zone_name
    - Added remote interface: get_zone_from_surface_index requires data.surface_index
    - Added remote interface: get_zone_from_zone_index requires data.zone_index note: this allows you to traverse the zone tree

Version: 0.1.26
    - Fixes that the cargo rocket silo and landing pad got blocked from space by a collision change.
    - Fixes that sometimes Nauvis would get assigned a core fragment other than Omni.
    - Fixes that spaceship launch would consume incorrect fuel.
    - Fixes Spaceship console required stone instead of glass. (A leftover from the early attempt to remove AAI).

Version: 0.1.25
    - Fixed that meteors showers get stuck in pairs instead of the chances: 50% 1, 25% 2, 12.5% 3, 6.25% 4, etc...

Version: 0.1.24
    - Fixed meteors keep landing close to player.

Version: 0.1.23
    - Fixed meteor defence ammo couldn't be inserted automatically.

Version: 0.1.22
    - Added meteor defence.

    - Increased stone resource generation.
    - Allowed productivity for heat shielding

Version: 0.1.21
    - Fixed that lifesupport facility required space-assembling-machine.

Version: 0.1.20
    - Potentially fixed a desync with spaceships. More testing required.

Version: 0.1.19
    - Fixed that glass and sand recipes weren't unlockable.

Version: 0.1.18
    - Fixed that sometimes the spaceship landing position was incorrectly offset.
    - Fixed an exploit what allowed you to place space platform anywhere.
    - Fixed the core mining could not be researched.

    - Increased meteor selection priority.
    - Meteors and rocket fragments now count as rocks as far as the deconstruction planner is concerned.

    - Improves space rail alignment and endings.
    - Updated astrometric and gravimetric lab pipe connections.

    - Added missing tech names and descriptions.

Version: 0.1.17
    - Fixed technology loop after bobs mods changed space science to require radars-4.

    - The space capsule return launch will now take you to a random friendly landing pad if there is one at the destination.

Version: 0.1.16
    - Prevents Angel's fish from spawning in space.
    - Fixed that entering a space capsule around a star would cause a crash.

    - Improved supercomputer pipe connection graphics.

Version: 0.1.15
    - Fixed that a mod adding and removing a force on the same tick would cause a crash.

Version: 0.1.14
    - Increased the size of the Biological Laboratory, it needed new graphics for the all pipe connections.
    - Removed AAI Industry as a dependency BUT some parts of the mod had to be copied in to Space Exploration, and it is still strongly recommended to play with that mod installed.

    - Fixed that support for Reverse Factory could break if mod load order changed.
    - Fixed an incompatibility with bobs power.

Version: 0.1.13
    - Fixed crash on renaming spaceships.

Version: 0.1.12
    - Fixed pipe connections for Growth Facility

    - Moved heat shielding in the tech tree.
    - Added support for Simple Silicon.

Version: 0.1.11
    - Fixed crash on changing resources by changing loaded mods

    - Added more event handling for script-created entities.
    - Added some more unique planet settings.
    - Added support for Reverse Factory.

Version: 0.1.10
    - Fixed crash on clicking the uplink back button.

    - Swapped rocket fuel solid->liquid production order so it will fit more easily with other mods recipe changes.
    - Better angels petrochem support.