Qatavin's More Stuff

by Qatavin

An expansion modmod for Bob's. Includes lots more chemistry, some weapons, enhancements for nuclear production, and various balance changes.

2 months ago
Transportation Combat Mining Fluids Manufacturing Power


Version: 1.0.23
Date: 2024-3-23
    - Added additional level of physical projectile damage and energy weapon damage technologies requiring production science.
    - Added integration with Fluid Level Indicator mod relating to bigger pipes setting.
    - Changed level 5 of laser shooting speed, level 4 of refined flammables, level 4 of stronger explosives, and level 4 of enhanced toxins to require production science instead of utility science.
    - Revamped production science pack production time increased to 30 seconds.
    - Revamped tech tree has been reorganized to push some materials to a later stage. Nitinol and tungsten alloys now require utility science. Alclad, titanium, tungsten, and ceramics now require production science. Invar, aluminium, gems, and cobalt now require chemical science. Military 4 now requires production science instead of utility science. Other military-related techs have been reorganized accordingly.
    - Faster pipes speed increased from a maximum of 2x to 4x.
    - Ultra automation science pack output increased from 7 to 10.
Version: 1.0.21
Date: 2024-2-21
    - New recipes: Steam temperature increasing. Can be used to get the most out of Steam assembling machines and inserters earlier.
    - Liquid barreling pumps can now always produce ground water, even when the ground water boring setting is disabled.
    - Steam assembling machine and steam inserter energy drain decreased to compensate for the difficulty of using them.
    - Advanced heat pipe energy transfer increased.
    - Revised gem technologies to fix an issue with the final stage of gems being moved to the new technology Gem Processing 3.
Version: 1.0.20
Date: 2024-1-8
    - Deuterium fuel cell fusion catalyst cost reduced.
    - Ultra satellite launch products changed to be less overpowered.
    - Ultra satellite will now use vehicle/personal shield 4 instead of 5 if available.
    - Bob's MCI's nuclear fuel update will now always be force enabled.
    - Fish hormone recipe output increased from 1 to 4.
    - Resolved an issue relating to multiplayer.
    - Fixed platinum science packs being required for some techs when they aren't able to be crafted.
    - Fixed compatibility with RampantArsenal.
    - Fixed issue with small alien artifacts of all colors not being selectable in logistic filters until the recipe to produce them is researched.
    - Fixed machine shops upgrading into the wrong machines
Version: 1.0.19
Date: 2023-12-23
    - Greenhouses are more expensive to produce.
    - Pollution absorption of growing trees has been decreased.
    - Fish extractor fluid production speed increased from 30 to 60 per second.
    - Poison capsules have been altered so that their clouds will now benefit from damage upgrades. Poison and fire capsules have been rebalanced.
    - Explosive, poison, and fire artillery shells have similarly been adjusted.
    - Fire capsule 1 now uses heavy oil instead of liquid fuel.
    - Using nuclear weapons will now produce massive amounts of pollution. Pollution generated in this way does not affect the enemy's evolution factor.
    - In revamp, tanks, car MK2, and most AAI vehicles now require batteries.
    - In revamp, recipes to make electrolysers and chemical plants have been revised. Electrolysers now require batteries from tier 2 and up instead of pumps. Storage tanks have been added to electrolysers and removed from chemical plants.
    - In revamp, production science pack output increased to 5.
    - In revamp, nickel output from meteoric iron ore processing increased.
    - In revamp, silver-zinc batteries now require less sodium hydroxide.
    - In revamp, (pink) logistic science pack has been made cheaper.
    - In revamp, ultra production science pack now requires productivity modules instead of processor boards.
    - In revamp, graphene added to nickel-metal hydride battery recipe. Nickel hydroxide recipe now uses pure water if available.
    - Ultra utility science pack now uses personal shields instead of vehicle shields.
    - Removing infinite energy exploits will now also remove certain infinite pollution cleaning exploits.
    - Silicon wafers and powdered silicon can now be produced in machine shops.
    - Domestication implant 3 now uses fewer fish hormones.
    - Chalcopyrite processing now outputs copper ore instead of copper plates to allow for cobalt extraction. Recipe revised to be cheaper.
    - Xenon is now produced from oxygen instead of compressed air. Energy cost reduced.
    - Xenon output of okloite processing increased from 1 to 10.
    - Added (pink) logistic science pack to Robot Attrition's swarm safety tech and the smart roads tech from Pavement Driving Assist Continued and original.
    - The rocket part recipe is no longer hidden, for convenience.
    - New item: Nutrient supplement capsule. Improves move speed, provides healing over time, and improves night vision by creating a circle of light around the user. Lasts for 30 minutes.
    - New item: Nickel rod. Used in a handful of revamp recipes to make electric heating elements.
    - New recipe: Meteoric iron oxidation. Converts native iron ore into standard iron oxide ore.
    - New recipe: Oxygen-only production from compressed air. Can be used in distilleries.
    - New recipe: Sodium perxenate. Added to transplutonic byproduct processing recipe.
    - New recipe: Advanced satellite, plus its modular pieces. The ultra tech version of the original satellite. Extremely complex. Bob's Classes recommended.
    - Storage tanks and pipes will now list their fluid box height in their descriptions if using this mod's Alternate faster pipes setting.
    - Biter breeding for Rampant Fixed factions added.
Version: 1.0.18
Date: 2023-9-2
    - Greenhouse now has a crafting speed of 1. Recipes have been adjusted accordingly, so this is just for the sake of making the math easier.
    - Color masks for assembling machines have been updated. The three basic assembler classes - assembling machines, electronics machines, and machine shops - will now all have a single style for each class.
    - Personal and vehicle roboports will now be able to control as many robots as two robot controller modules of the same tier.
    - New item: Citrus fruit. Heals you like fish, but can be consumed faster.
    - New recipes: Citric acid, calcium citrate, copper citrate, zinc citrate, iron sulfate, lithium carbonate. Used as nutrients.
    - Biter/spitter breeding is now available, along with infinite techs to improve their damage. Requires artifacts. Rampant integration included.
    - Portable manufacturing upgrade tech now has levels that can be researched starting around science pack 2.
    - Steam assembling machines will now have the proper revamped recipe.
    - AAI shield projector has been given an integrated recipe.
    - Integration with Angels is no longer planned.
Version: 1.0.17
Date: 2023-1-2
    - Updated for compatibility and consistency with Bob's mods version 1.1.6.
    - a. Revamped accumulators have been adjusted, with a fourth tier being added.
    - b. Platinum science pack can no longer use productivity.
    - c. Removed 8-directional plasma cannons and some graphical and recipe fixes, which have now been added to the base Bob's mods.
    - Additional revamped recipes adjustments for nuclear reactors.
    - Additional tech prerequisite and science pack adjustments for AAI integration.
    - Production science pack recipe has been updated in Production revamp.
    - AAI and Rampant Arsenal wall recipes have been revised.
    - Issue with Electric multi-furnace 2 recipe when using both One more ingredient and Production revamp has been fixed.
    - Corrected a minor graphical issue with PTFE pipes and adjusted color.
Version: 1.0.15
Date: 2022-10-18
    - Additional Science Cost Tweaker fixes.
    - Additional revamp fixes relating to certain items being absent.
Version: 1.0.14
Date: 2022-10-18
    - Minor revamped recipe adjustments.
    - Fixed nitrogen dioxide unbarreling recipe.
Version: 1.0.13
Date: 2022-10-17
    - The faster pipes setting has been updated. All machines should now be able to fill more advanced pipes completely. Tanks will also be able to work with pipes properly.
    - Added second tank cannon to Tank MK3, allowing use of both explosive shells and penetrator shells simultaneously.
    - Tank artillery guns will now be able to fire capsule shells.
    - New item: Electrostatic mines. Has the same knockback effect as electrostatic capsules. Geared towards defending rail lines.
    - Setting: Limestone concrete. Allows switching over to a more accurate concrete recipe using limestone, if it exists in the game.
    - Setting: Catalyst modules. These items can be used like modules to make certain recipes more efficient. Some recipes are made slower for balance. Note that these modules are NOT meant to be used in machines that do not use recipes (i.e. labs, miners) but there is currently no way to block them.
    - Setting: One more ingredient. Many top-tier machines, belts, and inserters will have an additional ingredient in their recipes (i.e. vulcanized rubber for belts). Previously only some top-tier recipes required these additional ingredients, but now that ingredient will not be required by default.
    - Integrated various AAI mods (Industry, Containers, Signal Transmission, various Vehicles) to use Bob's materials and fit in with the technology tree.
    - Reduced power requirement on AAI Signal Transmitter and Receiver, since they don't need to broadcast to other planets when used with this mod.
    - Added compatibility and integration with Klonan's Torches mod. If torches are available, lamps will now require nitrogen gas, which pushes them down the tech tree.
    - Added compatibility and integration with Rampant Arsenal. Rampant Arsenal recipes will now use a variety of Bob's materials. Rampant Arsenal infinite technologies are not recommended.
    - New material: Graphene. Used in improved low density structures, catalysts, the one-more-item for the electrolyser 5, and some revamp recipes.
    - New item: Neutron radiography source. Used as the one-more-item for the assembling machine 6, and a small number of revamp recipes.
    - New setting: Major production revamp. Overhauls recipes for many machines to significantly increase their complexity. Adds new intermediates and chemical reagents. Automatically turns on when this mod is used with AAI Industry.
    - a. Settings: Nuclear enhancement 1 and 2, Enhanced early ammo, New gold, Silver logic boards, Lithium lubricant, Oxygen from quartz, Amethyst modules, One more ingredient, and Infinite energy exploit fixing will be force enabled. Nickel from iron will be force disabled.
    - b. There will now be 4 tiers of electric motor and 4 tiers of battery (lead-acid, silver-zinc, lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride).
    - c. Many machines will now require electric motors, pumps, or inserters in their recipes.
    - d. Added new items: Silver wires and magnetic bearings.
    - e. Modules will be significantly overhauled to require more varied ingredients in order to spread out the progression from one level of modules to the next. Module effects will also be set to fixed values.
    - f. Efficiency modules will not be usable in hydrogen electrolysis.
    - g. Productivity modules will not be usable in simple molecular chemistry recipes and other lossless or cyclical chemistry recipes. Some ore chemistry recipes and most oil-based recipes can still use productivity. Affected recipes will be noted as such in their descriptions.
    - h. Some science pack revisions.
    - i. Includes integration with Wretlaw's Beacon Rebalance mod, which is optional but highly recommended.
    - Color update for turbo engine unit.
    - Color update for the PTFE bearing.
    - Concrete walls will now be made out of concrete.
    - Increased damage for various bullet types. Laser turret damage also increased for balance, including laser equipment.
    - Super fire and alien super fire have been removed from the game.
    - Fire capsule 2 and 3 now have a secondary effect that launches short flamethrower bursts at their own blaze, intensifying the fires they create.
    - Bob's Warfare rocket ammo will now accelerate slightly faster.
    - Engine units added to spider robots that use standard fuel.
    - Slow module 2 and 3 will now have a much stronger effect.
    - Nuclear enhancement 2 will now force enable Nuclear enhancement 1, which in turn will force enable Bob's Nuclear fuel update.
    - Added flavor text for various material processing technologies.
    - Fixed compatibility issue with AAI Industry.
    - Fixed some ordering issues when used in combination with AAI Containers.
    - Fixed compatibility issue between Bob's Warfare and AAI Flame Tank and Flame Tumbler.
    - Fixed compatibility issue with Science Cost Tweaker.
Version: 1.0.12
Date: 2022-07-05
    - Setting: Highlight all ores. All ores patches will be highlighted when holding an item capable of mining them to make it easier to see which tiles actually have the resource on them and which are simply graphics spilling over from neighboring tiles.
    - Oil pumpjacks no longer also pump water or lithia water if water pumpjacks exist.
    - Updated Krastorio2 compatibility so that upgraded oil pumpjacks now work.
    - Krastorio2 basic pumpjack mining speed reduced from 2 to 1.
    - Various other Krastorio2 compatibility improvements.
Version: 1.0.11
Date: 2022-06-22
    - Fixed a compatibility issue with Shortcuts-ick.
Version: 1.0.10
Date: 2022-06-14
    - Resource Spawner Overhaul version 6.2.14 includes Qatmore's rare ores. Thanks to orzelek.
    - Setting: Alternate filter inserter recipes. When enabled, filter inserters will always be constructed from inserters on their same tier, instead of being upgraded from other filter inserters.
    - New technology: Alien insight. Infinitely repeatable alien tech. Adds a small amount of productivity to research labs.
    - New recipe: Lubricant from fish.
    - New recipe: Synthetic petroleum gas created through electrolysis of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
    - New recipes: Downgrade colored artifacts into basic artifacts.
    - Updated graphics for slowdown capsules 2 and 3 to match new graphics for slowdown capsule 1.
    - Compatibility fixes with Krastorio2 to account for new technologies added in Bob's.
    - Additional compatibility fixes with Krastorio2 dealing with greenhouse redundancies. Note: Bob's Greenhouse mod is still recommended for balance.
    - Fixed an issue with pricing on certain alien techs when alien science packs are not in the game.
Version: 1.0.9
Date: 2022-03-12
    - Because as of this time the Resource Spawner Overhaul mod has not been updated for Qatmore's rare ores, the config file has been provided so you can manually do the update. Simple copy the file qatmore.lua provided in this mod's main folder and paste in the rso-mod's resourceconfig folder. (Removed in version 1.0.10)
    - Added preset specifications for new ores.
    - Setting: More advanced pipes should now be able to transport fluid more quickly, up to twice as fast. This is controlled by a setting because it has not been exhaustively tested yet.
    - Compatibility with Krastorio2 has been fixed. Various changes have been made to reduce redundancies and ensure consistency.
Version: 1.0.8
Date: 2022-03-09
    - New item: Slow modules. Reduces production speed. If you feed gears or other intermediates directly into the machines making the finished products in your mall (for example), these will give you the ability to further limit your production rate and moderate your resource consumption.
    - New item: Machine shops level 1-4. These are small 2x2 manufacturers, the same as Electronics assembly machines. They can be used to build many simple intermediate products, in order to compactify your sub-factories.
    - Setting: Small assembler color shift. Machine shops and Electronics assembly machines will have slightly different colors to distinguish them from each other and from basic Assembly machines.
    - Setting: Rare ores can be added to the game, all completely optional. Each is a source for multiple elements, allowing you to potentially save time on setting up mines, or to improve your energy economy. Resource Spawner Overhaul is strongly recommended, because vanilla resources have a lower limit to how rare they can be, and multiple new ores will add to map clutter. If using RSO, rare will mean Rare. This is meant to reward efficient exploration, and give you a reason to consider how best to set up your production to work both with and without the new resources.
    - a. Okloite. The rarest ore: a natural nuclear reactor. Produces uranium, plutonium, americium, curium, and xenon.
    - b. Cryolite. Can be used as an alternative to the synthetic cryolite that has always been in this mod, or be broken down into alumina, sodium, and fluorine.
    - c. Meteoric iron. Cheaper, and can be used as a source of nickel as well. The nickel-from-iron setting in this mod will disable this ore, because that setting effectively turns all iron into meteoric iron.
    - d. Chalcopyrite. Iron-copper ore. Also contains trace amounts of zinc, sufficient for all your needs. Produces sulfur dioxide as a byproduct.
    - Setting: Impure ground water. When active, ground water will be regular water instead of pure water. Try disabling bodies of water and using landfill on the single lake in your starting area as a challenge run.
    - Miner pollution increased, with miner 5 now producing 40% as much pollution per output as miner 1 instead of 1.25% as much. Large area miners have the same pollution efficiency instead of producing a flat 10/minute.
    - Shotgun shell recipes are now modified by Enhanced early ammo recipes setting.
    - Transplutonic byproduct processing time reduced from 120 to 20, relating to the implementation of okloite, which gives these byproducts.
    - Petroleum jelly unlock moved up the tech tree from cordite processing to oil processing.
    - Adjusted ground water and lithia water to no longer have insane outputs 50 times greater than the rate capactiy of a pipe. Advanced waterjacks now have a reason to exist.
    - Modular nuclear reactor efficiency reduced to 80%. Output increased to 40MW.
    - Sniper turrets will now consume more ammo per shot (5) and fire slightly slower, but will prioritize enemies with more health.
    - When playing with Rampant and artifacts, all enemy factions will now drop basic artifacts. Colored artifacts have been reorganized to better reflect their purposes, and to allow exploding factions to be turned off.
    - a. Purple (acid): Acid, Laser
    - b. Blue (pierce): Brutal, Spawner, Wasp
    - c. Green (poison): Poison, Regenerative
    - d. Yellow (explosive): Fast, Nuclear, Suicide
    - e. Orange (electric): Electric, Sapper
    - f. Red (fire): Fire, Inferno
    - Ground water and lithia water patches will now be properly highlighted like oil patches are when you are holding an item capable of mining them.
    - Added incompatibility with Angel's and RampantArsenal.
    - Reduced push back distance of the Electric capsule to reduce the chance of enemies teleporting through walls.
Version: 1.0.6
Date: 2022-02-04
    - Setting: Altered early ammo. Yellow ammo recipe will use 1 each of iron, lead, and coal. Red ammo will use less copper, but will require sodium nitrate as an oxidizer.
    - The new fishnet pump will provide all the fish you could possibly want.
    - New recipe: Sodium nitrate, may be acquired by placing fish in a greenhouse, or by combining sodium hydroxide with nitric acid.
    - New recipe: Cooked fish. Used to separate productive fish from consumable fish.
    - New recipe: Protein capsule, a stronger instant-healing capsule. For when your health bonus has a few levels on it.
    - New recipe: Perchloric acid, used in explosives and nuclear applications.
    - New recipe: Ammonium perchlorate, high-end propellant for rocketry.
    - New recipe: Solid rocket fuel, made from ammonium perchlorate and rdx.
    - New recipe: Thorium to Uranium-235 nucleosynthesis.
    - Setting: Nuclear enhancement 2. Adds americium, curium, and californium to the game.
    - a. Americium (and americium+californium) may be used to create nuclear fuel cells for use in modular reactors, an expensive but easy and compact solution for all your outpost power needs. Though less cost-efficient, these can also be used in uranium nuclear reactors.
    - b. Californium added to nuclear fuel makes a stronger fuel.
    - c. Americium and californium can be used to create fusion catalysts with lithium.
    - d. Curium can be used to generate alien artifacts. These recipes have no catalysts, so they get full benefit from productivity.
    - e. Californium can be used to make a nuclear hand grenade and ammo for a handheld or tank-mounted gamma ray laser.
    - Sodium nitrate replaces nitric acid in fertiliser.
    - Sodium nitrate added to explosives.
    - Ammonium perchlorate is now used in high-tier rocket ammo.
    - Power generator recipes will now be in their own header category.
    - Artifacts and artifact-related recipes will now be in the same category as gems.
    - Portable manufacturing tech will now only require 1 Production science pack per cycle. Repeatable chemical/explosive/flammable damage techs will now require a Production science pack.
    - If using Bob's Revamp Extra Chemistry, nitric acid will now only require 10 hydrogen peroxide instead of 20.
    - Alien acid fluid now requires perchloric acid. Alien electric metal now requires gold.
    - Ultra chemical science pack recipe output changed from 10 to 8.
    - Plutonium nucleosynthesis and Bobingabout enrichment outputs will now be a catalyst where appropriate, and will not benefit from productivity modules.
    - Deuterium fuel reprocessing will now be done in chemistry plants instead of centrifuges.
    - Reduced the lithium-6 needed for deuterium fuel and added a lithium-6 output to deuterium fuel reprocessing.
    - Numerous recipe changes when Nuclear enhancement 2 is in play.
    - a. Both plutonium synthesis recipes now take 30 seconds, down from 60.
    - b. Thorium and uranium extracted from used fuel cells will no longer be catalysts, allowing them to benefit from productivity modules.
    - c. Uranium hexafluoride production will be slightly more expensive, but uranium processing will only require 2 of it, down from 10, to compensate for the extreme increase in demand.
    - d. Deuterium fuel cells will require many more fusion catalysts. Fuel value relative to other nuclear fuel types increased.
    - e. Personal reactor equipment will now use fission reactants, but will otherwise be cheaper. The first tier now uses red circuit boards, so they can potentially be made much earlier. Power output has been adjusted.
    - Plutonium-239 will now glow in the dark like Uranium-235.
    - Fixed a minor graphical issue with Nuclear Reactors 2 and 3.
    - If using revamped nuclear reactors, uranium/thorium/deuterium reactors will no longer upgrade to types that use different fuel.
Version: 1.0.5
Date: 2021-11-11
    - Capsule launcher now has 8-directional rotation.
    - Plasma turrets now have 8-directional rotation.
Version: 1.0.4
Date: 2021-11-10
    - When using Bob's Expensive Electrolysis mode and this mod's Fix Infinite Energy settings together, most electrolysis recipes that do not produce hydrogen will now take half as long, to help balance their increased energy cost.
    - Moved electrostatic capsule to the correct bonus category with the electrostatic shell.
    - Hid an unfinished item originating from Bob's Personal Equipment mod.
    - Fixed an issue with the Artificial Emerald recipe.
    - Fixed an issue relating to the Less Basic Belts setting.
    - Fixed an issue with revised lab recipes.
Version: 1.0.3
Date: 2021-11-04
    - Fixed a startup error resulting from Bob's Warfare not being active.
Version: 1.0.2
Date: 2021-11-03
    - Resource Spawner Overhaul version 6.2.10 includes Qatmore's fluorite ore. Thanks to orzelek.
    - Sodium hydroxide from gold is now a catalyst, and is not affected by productivity.
    - One diamond produced by the artificial diamond recipe is now a catalyst, and is not affected by productivity.
    - Lithium chloride produced as a byproduct of lanthanum is now a catalyst, and is not affected by productivity.
    - Atomic artillery shell now has the same action effect as an atomic bomb.
    - Capsule launcher range increased to 40.
    - Fixed order of overdrive engine/motor.
    - Fixed pipe windows.
Version: 1.0.1
Date: 2021-10-22
    - Setting: More complex alien research. Infinite alien techs now require platinum science pack, which uses all regular packs.
    - New item: caustic cleaner. An early sink for sodium hydroxide. Can be used to remove decoratives and alien ground.
    - Slowdown capsule will now have the correct description if Bob's Warfare is missing.
    - Slowdown mines will now slow enemies as much as they are supposed to.
Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2021-10-12
    - New ore: fluorite, and fluorochemistry production chain.
    - a. Includes a new route to produce silicon, which breaks the sodium/chlorine duopoly.
    - b. Also includes a more energy efficient production method for aluminium.
    - c. PTFE (commonly known by the brand name Teflon) is made from HF and used in some top-tier recipes.
    - Added nickel extraction recipe from iron ore. Nickel ore may be safely disabled entirely on the map.
    - Uranium and thorium processing have been completely reworked.
    - a. Uranium must be processed into uranium hexafluoride before being centrifugated.
    - b. Thorium ore is now monazite, and also gives lanthanum and neodymium.
    - It's a new car (MK2).
    - Magnets added as ingredients to some items.
    - a. Early iron magnets can be made either in a furnace, or by hand if not using Bob's new steel.
    - b. Second tier magnets are made with iron ore and either nickel or zinc.
    - c. Third tier magnets use aluminium, nickel, and cobalt.
    - d. Fourth tier magnets use iron and neodymium.
    - Satellite now uses ion engines instead of rocket fuel.
    - New recipes to create or break down gems.
    - New material: vulcanized rubber, made from rubber and sulfur.
    - a. Used to make walls that are immune to impacts. Good for lining roads inside your base.
    - b. Needed for ultimate belts and inserters.
    - c. Also used to make tires/treads for car-2 and tank, spidertron legs, character boots, etc.
    - New material: Alclad (copper-aluminium alloy) replaces titanium in certain less-strenuous applications.
    - Robot optics for all seeing-robot needs.
    - New levels of tech lab with up to 8 module slots.
    - Methanol(fluid) and hexamine(solid) pre-oil fuel sources.
    - New ultra science packs, using late-game materials for increased output.
    - Capsules galore. Now enhanced with tech damage bonuses so they never lose their utility.
    - a. All capsules now get damage bonuses from techs, so they never lose their utility.
    - b. There are now 3 tiers of poison, fire, and slowdown capsules. The first tier is available before oil tech.
    - c. Tier 3 requires alien artifact materials.
    - d. New electric capsule uses alien orange material to zap and push back enemies like a discharge defense.
    - The capsule launcher. A powerful force multiplier for your defensive lines. Unlike mines, capsules don't get blown up by plasma cannons.
    - New alien-tier cannon shells.
    - New infinite alien tech for boosting character health.
    - Bob's rockets have been modified to have more interesting effects.
    - Setting: Blue electronic boards can be switched to using silver instead of gold.
    - Setting: Gold can be changed to have a more complex production method, fitting for its status.
    - Setting: Piercing damage will now be more effective and used on kinetic tank shells.
    - Setting: Adjustment to certain recipes to prevent infinite energy exploits. Can be used with or without Bob's expensive electrolysis.
    - Setting: Cheaper alien artifacts, for use with alternate enemy mods like Rampant where artifacts are more rare.
    - Setting: Silicon electrolysis with calcium chloride will now produce oxygen as a byproduct.
    - Setting: Ore stack sizes may be set anywhere from 200 to 20.
    - More uses for lithium.
    - a. Setting: Lithium can be added to lubricant.
    - b. Lithium fluoride is needed to make thorium nuclear cells.
    - c. Lithium is used to extract lanthanum.
    - More uses for zinc.
    - a. Added to chemical plant 3.
    - b. Depleted zinc is now needed for nuclear power plants.
    - Various spelling and punctuation edits.
    - Reorganization of various recipes.