Qatavin's More Stuff

by Qatavin

An expansion modmod for Bob's. Includes lots more chemistry, some weapons, enhancements for nuclear production, and various balance changes.

28 days ago
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2 years ago
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1.0.23 (28 days ago)
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If you encounter any sort of problem or crash while using this mod, please direct any reports to me rather than bobingabout, as it's most likely my fault. I've done my best to test this mod with as many combinations of settings as I could come up with, but there are likely some that I've missed. Any feedback on balance or suggestions for more More Stuff (or even just typo reports) are welcome.

Who's Ready for some More Stuff?

Welcome to my modmod for Bob's. As the title indicates, this mod contains a whole bunch of more stuff. Everything has been created with the same basic design philosophy as in Bob's mods, so there's nothing that will radically alter your play experience. However, numerous production and balance changes will break a lot of production lines in your factory, so it's best to start over from scratch. If you don't want to do that, there are several settings that can be turned off to revert most but not all of the major alterations so that you can tackle them one at a time. To get the full experience, the complete set of Bob's mods is required.


-New in 1.0.18: Biter and spitter capsules, with Rampant integration.
-New in 1.0.6: A further enhancement of nuclear production, now with transuranic elements americium, curium, and californium.
-New ore: fluorite. Takes sulfuric acid to process into hydrogen fluoride, which leads to several other useful fluids.
-A new route to produce silicon plates without chlorine, using fluorosilicic acid.
-A more energy efficient way to process aluminium with cryolite. The old way still works, but this upgrade has been designed to be easy and simple to implement in existing production lines.
-Rare ores that serve as sources for multiple elements, if you can find them.
-A major enhancement of uranium processing. Centrifugation will now require multiple steps to convert the ore into uranium hexafluoride, as in real life.
-A complete rework of thorium ore into monazite ore, a mineral that now gives thorium, lanthanum, and neodymium through a complex chemical processing chain.
-A new car MK2.
-Ion engines for your satellite.
-More uses for lithium.
-More uses for zinc.
-Recipes to create or break down gems.
-Vulcanized rubber.
-PTFE (commonly known by the brand name Teflon).
-Alclad (copper-aluminium alloy).
-Weird eyeballs.
-Walls that are immune to impacts. Good for lining roads inside your base.
-New levels of tech lab with up to 8 module slots. (Requires Bob's Tech and Bob's Logistics)
-New pre-oil fuel sources.
-New ultra science packs, using late-game materials to give you more bang for your buck. (Requires Bob's Tech)
-Capsules galore. Now enhanced with tech damage bonuses so they never lose their utility. (Most require Bob's Warfare. Top-tier capsules require colored artifacts from Bob's Enemies)
-The capsule launcher. A powerful force multiplier for your defensive lines. Unlike mines, capsules don't get blown up by plasma cannons.

Future plans

-Also, redoing integration with Krastorio 2.