by maroder

Version 26.12.2017. Remake of Stx3's Hardcorio:SC2. Hardcorio:SC2 turns Factorio into a hardcore survival game, by completely replacing the enemies, combat mechanics and added life support requirements.

a month ago
0.13 - 1.1
5 years ago
Latest Version:
2.3.38 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
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Hello there! Glad to present a new version based on hardcorio_2.2.8 :)

Hardcorio:Second Chance 2 turns Factorio into a hardcore survival game.

In Harcorio, enemies attack when THEY want, regardless of pollution or distance. After a certain time increasingly hard waves start pounding your factories' defences.

All the while, you need to keep yourself alive by having you factory keep your oxygen and water tanks filled.

Produce food-like biomass substance from trees, so you don't die, while trying to keep your toxic and decaying factory from finally collapsing under the force of this horrible worlds' environment and lifeforms.

A completely revamped set of weaponry replaces the vanilla weapons, vehicles, enemies and turrets. Turrets now require radars to assist with target-lock and come equipped with either cannons or missile launchers.

The mod features new production processes and a more flexible ore processing chain, allowing for refinement and compression of ores. New logistics functionality is added and a new way of generating electricity.

In addition, the mod features:
- Different difficulty levels
- Works well for co-op survival, with different player classes
- Adds significant challenge over the vanilla game
- Added short description for character selection.

This remake is brought to you by maroder.

More information you can found in the Russian socialgroup vk.com/hardcorio_sc2

Donate: you can get more information in the topic of the same name in the "Discussion".
Patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/marodermods


- Added "soft" evolution setting.
- Reduced smoothing of the randomness of the time period before the first enemy base appears.
- Reduced the stack size of furnaces, factories and similar buildings.
- Changing inventory sizes now affects inventory size bonuses gained from technologies and armor.
- Optimized regenerator, removed first aid kit clones.
- Changed jeep gun to M60.
- Bonus from reactor neighbors halved.
- The amount of experience required to increase the tanker's skill has been doubled.
- Some visual improvements to vehicles.

- Added setting for strong dimming at night.
- Added a light tank. The ability to upgrade the "tankman" skill in the middle of the game.
- When two players are in the tank, the highest skill is selected instead of the driver skill.
- Fixed the choice of a tank gun when changing a skill.
- Changed some items, recipes and technologies. This is mainly due to the hydrogen canister and light tank.
- The recommended modification settings have been changed.

- Added a distraction setting for the enemy.

- Fixed plasma turret.

- Added disabling of a certain number of turrets, depending on the energy drawdown of the radar (if necessary, build a radar near the turrets).
- Some parameters for most turrets have been averaged: the amount of health is equal to the maximum, the repair speed is doubled.
- Changed charging parameters for electric turrets.
- Changed turret recipes.

- Fixed the disappearance of the recipe for repairing the ship when the technology effects are reset.

- Fixed the start of the game when a crashed ship is removed by another mod.

- Added setting for disabling the life support system.
- Added a setting that reduces inventory size for chests.
- Added a setting that changes inventory size for all objects: characters, all chests, wagons, vehicles, and gun turrets.
- The amount of DNA is now affected by the technology cost multiplier.
- The recipe and technology have been changed for grinder.
- The grinder can only use 2 modules.

- Redesigned the start of the game. The ship repair method has been slightly changed.
- The balance of the damage increase by technologies has been recalculated. You can endlessly study these technologies. Now there is no sharp jump in the player's favor.
- Changed the damage type of sniper_ammo-3 to fire.
- Changed ammo recipes.
- Reduced vulnerability of Ultralisks to armor-piercing damage at the start.
- Increased vulnerability of Devourers to fire damage.

- Added alternative display of laser beams. To activate, check the box in the modification settings.
- Fixed other visual issues that occurred as the base game changed.
- Fixed the display of the amount of DNA received upon killing (+1 is not displayed if no DNA is added to the laboratory).
- Artillery damage bonus is now awarded for Advanced DNA Research.

- Adaptation to factorio_0.18-factorio_1.1

- Corpses of enemy units added

- Fixes.

- Added a setting to remove the need to build radars near turrets.

- Changed the number of units evolution stages from 5 to 11.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

- Modification settings have been added that allow you to fine-tune the difficulty of the game. Removed the choice of difficulty at the start of the game.
- Changed the system for adding DNA to the laboratory. Changed related technologies.
- Some bug fixes.

- Fixes.

- Fixes.

- Adaptation to factorio_0.17
- Redesigned turret inclusion system due to radar. Now the radars should be located not far from the turrets.
- Changed recipes and technologies.
- Optimization, mod settings added.

- Some recipes have been changed.
- The manufacture of plasma turrets now requires batteries.
- Some recipes now require a canister with hydrogen instead of liquid.
- Alien artifacts are now required to produce a beacon, a nuclear reactor, a centrifuge, artillery and a rocket silo.
- Changed the maximum number of items in the stack of ammunition, combat robots, turrets and elerium.
- The damage from mines and artillery shells now rises from when examining enemy DNA.
- Mine added a shock effect.
- A sticky blast now creates a slowing cloud.
- Fake robots now do explosive damage.
- Enemy extractors now have a level like other structures.
- Corrected the conditions for the appearance of units for protection and attack. Killing enemies near their base will not greatly affect the situation.
- Removed the effect of "rage", increasing the level of enemy buildings and units with the active destruction of enemies.
- The skill of the heavy weapon now changes the parameters of the fire from the flamethrower.
- Reduced resistance to fire and physical damage from enemy buildings.
- Changed the mechanics of fast running at the beginning of the game.
- The explored territory is hidden at the start.
- The number of vital resources at the beginning of the game now depends on the complexity.

- Just hot-fix.

- Increased health of construction and logistics drones
- Fixed a bug when downloading the game due to the need to have at least 1 prototype "unit-spawner."

- Fixed a bug due to which players did not receive DNA and weapons experience when destroying enemy buildings.
- At the site of the killing of enemies, now appears the display of the amount of experience given to each player and the amount of DNA.
- Added a hidden table of current skills with the current experience and experience necessary to enhance the skill.
- Increased the minimum distance from the player's buildings to the new enemy base, as well as the distance between enemy bases.
- Optimized the search for a place for a new enemy base.
- Removed the possibility of attacking the enemy base when there are no defense units there.
- Increased the number of combat robots in the stack to 5.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

- Added the extraction of food from trees when deconstruction by robots.
- Fixed a bug with damage to large enemy buildings.
- The tank does not receive damage from trees.
- Fixed a bug with the passenger of the tank.
- Increased RPG rate of fire.
- The attack zone of the Missle turret (105mm) is limited.
- The volume of the stack of grenades (105mm) is increased.
- Strengthened the Medical kit.
- Added the ability to treat other players.
- Added health display for characters when there is a player with a Regenerator and a Medical kit nearby.

- Improved script migration.
- Edits for the fish have been made, due to the recent update.

- Fixed life support system.

- Adaptation to 0.16
- Military science pack has been removed from the laboratories.
- Changed the amount of some resources in the stack.
- The health of the characters is increased threefold and the health regenerates outside the battle. The soldier's time to quit the battle is reduced by one and a half times.
- Decreased skills at death.
- Reduced the health of enemy buildings in half, respectively, reduced the damage bonus from explosions.

- Fixed reading of the mod in the archive.

- Fixed the fish farm.

- Recipes and technologies have been recycled due to the addition of several types of research packages.
- An easy-to-use nuclear reactor has been removed from the mod.
- The amount of dust obtained during the crushing of iron and copper ore is reduced. Now, during the remelting of not compressed dust, the part is burned out in vain.
- Combined weapons skills for rifles, shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles.
- The aiming time for shooting from sniper rifles is now the same for all three sniper rifles, decreases with increasing skill.
- Added the "tanker" skill.
- The level of non-hatched units now increases with evolution.
- Removed display of information about the attack.
- At the radar the radius of the review is increased, the radius of scanning is reduced.
- Fish can now be caught by building drones, released in any pond. Added recipes for eviscerating fish.
- Other small changes.

- Reduced the level of Gryzling added to the wave from the initial capacity of the bases.
- Changed the second ability of bases, now in the wave of attack is added not the Queen, but Ultralisk. Its level corresponds to the evolution of the enemy.
- The ratio of damage to piercing cartridges has been changed.
- Changed the size of the sticker on the units.
- Added a limit on the number of extractors from enemy bases.
- The regeneration of the health of the Sunken and the Colony has been fixed.
- Most enemy attacks on the area will not hurt the flying robots.
- Added piercing ability to tank shells.
- The accuracy of the missiles has been increased, the collision has been removed from the bursting action rockets.
- Updated the system for creating a group of attacking waves.

- Optimized the fish farm. Now a large number of hungry fish, coupled with treatment of enemy bases hard not squander FPS.
- Fixed autorotation incubator. The incubator is built on the coast without turning in the right direction.
- Added an indication of the cost of oxygen resources, water and food. Number of corresponding items in the inventory is displayed next. Remove red screen with a small number of these items. Added consumption of resources during mining.
- Increased the health of combat robots, respectively, increased loss of health at the time of shooting to match the number of resources in the recipe.
- Changed Roach damage resistance.

- Optimized search for a place of occurrence of enemy waves. The possibility of spawning enemies near the player's buildings is excluded.
- Increased the health of the laser turrets small radius of destruction, respectively, changed the amount of steel in the recipes.

- Fixed required technology for the Live support system.
- Reduced range flamethrower.
- Reduced the health of enemy buildings.
- Increased health regeneration at the enemy buildings.
- Added a system of renovation of buildings by the evolution.
- Fixed a minor bug due to which the Queen and Ultralisk often could not find a way through the multi-layered wall.
- Added a fish farm. Tips for using the incubator and fish feeders are in the description of the buildings.

- Sniper bullets now have a hint of the damage only units.
- Fixed player receiving damage from sniper weapons.
- Reduced area sniper ammunition destruction.
- Removed fire damage resistance in body armor and power armor.
- Increased the visual explosion of the plasma zone to match the damage.
- Plasma Turrets now deal damage to enemy buildings.
- Fixed animation turrets.
- Fixed electrical turret with a shortage of working radar.
- Fixed an issue in the beginning of the game when the server is more than one player.

- Fixed Localization (technology names).
- Increased the maximum number of health at the walls and gates. Increased the bonus repair walls and gates. Accordingly, damage resistance parameters changed.
- Organic food gets directly into the main inventory.
- Changed the location of the recipes.

- Fixed elerium-walls.
- Fixed construcsion of new ship carcase.
- Other minor fixes.

- Adaptation to 0.14
- Minor fixes.

- Changed the recipes of oxygen and drinking water.
- Change the amount of consumable oxygen, drinking water and food and when moving at different health level.
- Added low consumption of oxygen, water and food when inactive.
- Added additional consumption of food, water and oxygen by the manual craft.
- Decreased the long range Hydralisks.
- Fixed a bug which caused some enemy structures do not spread.
- Added increasing damage from acid explosions depending on the unit level.
- Reduce the distance spread of enemy structures.
- Reduced the time of Flame-sticker.
- Increased the time of Velcro-sticker.
- Sniper turrets are now without a negative damage bonus.
- Added sniper rifle M82 damage bonus.
- Changed the aiming sniper rifles, added description.
- Changed some type of damage combat drones. Changed the required technology and recipes under the new damage type.

- Until the building alive creating eggs, these eggs hatch all enemies.
- Cars is minable now.
- Some changes of plasma-shotgun.
- Minor fixes.

- You can build turrets close to the enemy.
- Sniper bullets will cause damage buildings on the first value. Damage second value will be applied only to units.
- Balancing of small arms and rifle turrets.
- Balancing ammo recipes.
- Some changing tech tree at first steps. Increased upgrading time.
- Increased max time "not spawning enemy bases" by 200%. Increased random of this time by 50% (not for "easy").
- Added technology "Life support tank".
- Removed vanilla spawners, really. If you have some another mod who use it, then you will take some problems with those mod.

- Fixed the lack of power switch.

- Minor fixes.