by maroder

Version 26.12.2017. Remake of Stx3's Hardcorio:SC2. Hardcorio:SC2 turns Factorio into a hardcore survival game, by completely replacing the enemies, combat mechanics and added life support requirements.

6 months ago
0.13 - 1.1
6 years ago
Latest Version:
2.3.42 (6 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
2.04K users

Hello there! Glad to present a new version based on hardcorio_2.2.8 :)

Hardcorio:Second Chance 2 turns Factorio into a hardcore survival game.

In Harcorio, enemies attack when THEY want, regardless of pollution or distance. After a certain time increasingly hard waves start pounding your factories' defences.

All the while, you need to keep yourself alive by having you factory keep your oxygen and water tanks filled.

Produce food-like biomass substance from trees, so you don't die, while trying to keep your toxic and decaying factory from finally collapsing under the force of this horrible worlds' environment and lifeforms.

A completely revamped set of weaponry replaces the vanilla weapons, vehicles, enemies and turrets. Turrets now require radars to assist with target-lock and come equipped with either cannons or missile launchers.

The mod features new production processes and a more flexible ore processing chain, allowing for refinement and compression of ores. New logistics functionality is added and a new way of generating electricity.

In addition, the mod features:
- Different difficulty levels
- Works well for co-op survival, with different player classes
- Adds significant challenge over the vanilla game
- Added short description for character selection.

This remake is brought to you by maroder.

More information you can found in the Russian socialgroup vk.com/hardcorio_sc2

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