Cargo Ships

Adds massive cargo ships to the game, that function similarly to trains. Also adds deep sea oil, oil platforms, tanker ships, train bridges and other water based content.

a month ago
0.16 - 0.18

b Conflict with Factorio version 0.17.75

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

[SOLVED see solution at the bottom]

Hallo! Error msg at the bottom, i tried to remove cargo ship from mods folder and both game (and my current saved game) load ok with 0.17.75. Revert to 0.17.74 and things got back OK. So there are some sort of conflict with the new version of factorio.

This is error msg:

Failed to load mods: entity prototype "curved-rail" (curved-rail) collision mask does not collide with entity "bridge_crossing" (straight-rail). rail collision mask must collide with all other rails.
bridge_crossing modifications: Cargo Ships

Hope you will fix ... or i'll have to stay with 0.74 :(

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

I've got a similar error with Bio Industries. Somebody suggested a fix for it in that thread, something similar should apply here.

Looking at the changelog of Factorio 0.17.75, it's likely that more mods will be affected by this:

Fixed a crash related to removing all collision masks from rails. (
8 months ago

Man! You and the other guy solved my problem!!!! Big thank you, i can go on with my save with latest patch!!!!
Solution for this problem (thx to the post above mine and to jamiech1 which posted temp solution at the link provided above):

In the water_rails.lua file in the prototypes folder (cargo ship mod) change the collision mask as shown here:

--bridge_crossing.collision_mask ={}
bridge_crossing.collision_mask ={"object-layer"}


--invisible_rail.collision_mask ={}
invisible_rail.collision_mask ={"object-layer"}

Thank you guy, i love this community.

8 months ago

Yep, seems to work now. Thanks for finding these lines, I've been too tired to look myself and probably shouldn't play anymore right now. :-)

8 months ago

It's a shame that it doesn't also solve the collision issues with Space Exploration's railway. Given my group uses both mods quite substantially, this is one problem we sincerely hope gets resolved. Bridges seem to follow their own rules which causes an incompatibility between the two, though other collision issues might be present.

We'll be patiently waiting on .74 with our oil tankers and space trains for the time being. We'd hate to lose cargo ships over this strict collision requirement.

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

It's a shame that it doesn't also solve the collision issues with Space Exploration's railway.

Uncomment line 6 from prototypes/entity/rail.lua by changing


That's basically the same thing that worked here and with Bio Industries. However, I don't use Space Exploration myself and have no game to test it with, so it may work or not. :-)

8 months ago

Thank you very much! I didn't think the solution was so simple.

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

Hi. I've added the "object-layer" but still I get the error.
Here is an img:

8 months ago

Guys, huge thanks to all of you. Both cargo ships and space exploration mods now work for me and I can play them on the latest version of the game.

8 months ago

After applied these changes it works great with existing maps, Thank you!. But when create a new map the deep sea oil slider doesn't show up on the resources tab. Does this happen to anyone else?

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

But when create a new map the deep sea oil slider doesn't show up on the resources tab. Does this happen to anyone else?

Did you see this far down on the info page?

Known limitations

Deep sea oil does not show on the "generate preview" screen when starting a new game

Guess your issue could be related to that …

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

Thank you Pi-C for responding, but it doesn't show on the map during play time. Was aware of the preview screen limitation. On existing map it all works fine yet doesn't seem to generate on a new map.

Oh well, will wait I guess..... If it does appear will update my post.

SpezEdit: So, I spoke too soon.... Was hasty and apologize for that. It did generate oil patches in the water, outside of my spawn area. Started a new mainly water map to test it out and didn't spawn anyplace could see so assumed..... You know. On map where added it after the fact had to get some new chunks to spawn and now have deep sea oil patches. Thanks for your understanding.

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8 months ago

Still an issue on 0.17.76, doesn't work changing it locally on the server as all the clients download from the mod portal instead of from the server so their version is still broken.

8 months ago

I'm already working on a mod that should fix it. :-D

8 months ago

Just uploaded Rail fix. Does this help?

8 months ago

fixed in new version!

7 months ago

Thanks! :-)

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