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Adds aluminum, alumina, cables, alloys and more to the game. Compatible with RSO, Krastorio 2 and Space Exploration. A standalone piece of BZ Mods.

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"And I am nothing of a builder / But here I dreamt I was an architect" - Colin Meloy

Adds aluminum ore, alumina, aluminum plates, cables, alloys, spark plugs, and more to the game.

Largely retaining the vanilla factorio feel, this mod provides a small rework to the burner phase early game, as well as many later recipe updates. It also requires the Foundry building.

If used alongside most of the other BZ mods, the game will become quite a bit more complex. As always with BZ resource mods, the game is not extended much past the rocket launch, instead the game is a lot wider up to that point. For a post-rocket-launch extension, consider using this mod alongside Krastorio2, Space Exploration, or both.

If you want a vanilla-esque game with some tweaks, try this mod, or perhaps a less complex one like Titanium or Lead.


Aluminum ore can be smelted to alumina. It also outputs silica if using Silica & Silicon. Alumina is used in some recipes and can be smelted to aluminum plates, which is used for aluminum cable and ACSR cable. Aluminum replaces copper in most early recipes. Copper and green circuits are locked behind research and not needed until electronics. Alloys are later unlocked consisting of aluminum and a variety of other resources. Warning, if using alongside Lead, you'll need to hoard copper byproduct until you research copper processing.

Supported compatible mods:

  • RSO
  • Space Exploration & AAI
  • Krastorio 2 & Rich Rocks Requiem
  • 248k (beta)
  • Several other mods like Cargo Ships, Deadlock Stacking, Deadlock Crating, etc.
  • Various other land and air vehicle mods.

Coming soon: FE+, 5Dim's, ModMash, etc.
Planned but not yet supported: Omnimatter, Simple Compress, and much more.

Many other mods are compatible, but not yet fully supported. Compatibility suggestions always appreciated.

Special thanks to

  • The community, for all the suggestions, feedback, and bug reports!
  • snouz (recolored ore graphics, thumbnail style)
  • FreeSVG/OpenClipart for spark plug
  • Krastorio2 team for original automation-core icons (Licensed under GNU LGPL v3.0)

Localization thanks to

Detailed list of changes (incomplete)


  • Most pre-electronics recipes, replaces copper or green circuits
  • All power pole recipes, replaces copper
  • Tier 1 belt items, some inserters
  • Early armors use alumina
  • Sulfur requires alumina
  • Replaces iron plates in several structures
  • Engine units and flamethrowers use spark plugs
  • Rocket silo uses multiple ingredients

Krastorio 2

  • Most pre-electronics recipes, replaces copper.
  • Glass (low percentage alumina)
  • Vehicle equipment
  • More structures, etc

Note: With realistic weapons, Krastorio 2 and Aluminum will be more challenging in the early game.

Space Exploration & AAI

  • Most pre-electronics recipes.
  • Glass (low percentage alumina)
  • More structures
  • Some data


  • Tons of ground and air vehicles. (Will continue to add support for more)
  • Some modded inserters