by brevven

Adds a foundry building for making alloys, etc. A standalone accessory from BZ Mods.

2 months ago
10 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.1 (2 months ago)
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Provides a foundry building, as well as an electric version. The building is used for founding (e.g. casting metal), as well as other "hot" things like coking coke/solid fuel (optional). Can (optionally, default off) perform vanilla smelting tasks as well.

This mod is currently fully compatible with vanilla. It can be used with BZ Mods as well, and will always be compatible with them.

By default, the foundry building is used to smelt steel and to make coke (used in steel and as fuel). If you have the relevant BZ mods enabled, silicon, tungsten carbide, aluminum alloys, crucibles, cermet, and other recipes use the foundry. Most of this is fully configurable.

Other vanilla smelting recipes are, by default, not done in foundries, but that can be configured as well.

There are also optional recipes (default off) that enable advantageous smelting ratios when using a supplemental refractory.

Other supported compatible mods:

  • AAI Industry & Space Exploration
  • Krastorio 2 (though, this building is a bit redundant with K2 furnaces)
  • Deadlock stacking, crating, and other popular mods.

Many other mods are fully compatible but not yet fully supported. Please let me know if you find anything that needs compatibility support.

Special thanks to

  • TheoMarque - for the suggestion
  • The community, for all the suggestions, feedback, and bug reports!

Localization thanks to


  • Adds a Foundry building and an Electric foundry building, and corresponding techs.
  • (Optional) adds a Coke recipe that can be made in the foundry, or can choose to use solid fuel with a new early recipe made in foundry.
  • Steel is now made in the foundry. It is made with coke (or, using a mod option: solid-fuel, coal, or no carbon)
  • There is a new experimental option to enable advanced plate recipes that input and problematically output refractory materials.

BZ Mods:

  • Tungsten carbide is now made in foundry with coke (or, using a mod option: solid-fuel, coal, or no carbon)
  • Silicon is now made in the foundry with coke (or, using a mod option: solid-fuel, coal, or no carbon)
  • Cermet (from Zirconium mod) is now made in the foundry.
  • Crucibles (from Graphite & Diamonds mod) are made in foundry.