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Adds zircon, zirconia, zirconium, and cermet to the base game. Compatible with Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, FE+, and more. Part of BZ Mods.

a day ago

g Overcomplicated Crafting

1 year, 22 days ago

This is one mod that I not install because changes for vanilla are not liked by me. I show You why:

  • Electric furnaces require zirconia <== I must say firmly NO. With Lead, Tungsten, it extends basic Electric furnace into 7 intermediates what is creazy, because it little less complicates than Spidertron. El. Furnaces are heavily used to building factory AND most expensive (in logistics) science pack. Maybe detect used mods and optimize it?

  • Low density structures - zirconia replaces some copper <== Like above, Mass producing LDS require 3 intermediates that eat tons of materials. 4 Intermediates, even replacing copper, oversize LDS producing factory into 3 belt system. No in game logistic systems can satisfy throughput now.

I suggest to rebalance other mods like titanium and lead to use it in bots producing line, all vehicles (you do not touch it in your mods), power poles/transformers.
Current changes are unacceptable for large scale factories and sadly must refuse your mod form my save.

1 year, 21 days ago

As always, thanks for your feedback.

First thing -- Based on some prior feedback from yourself and others, I've been planning a feature for each mod where people can opt out of individual recipe modifications. So once that is live, it might help out in some of these scenarios.

But also, my goal with each of these mods is to have them be pick-and-choose. I have a couple more in planning (probably a couple months away), but I'm guessing there will be more after that as well, so I think it's likely most people won't be playing with each of them.

All that said, I'll continue to evaluate electric furnace complexity. I've been leaning on it to be the most "complex" ingredient for science (in vanilla, it basically already is), but 7 ingredients may be too much. I'll play around with it and see. That feature to opt individual recipes out of individual mods might solve it as well.

As far as LDS: the tradeoff used in this mod, in using zirconia in LDS is more complexity for less raw materials. 10 copper plates require 10 copper ore, while 10 zirconia requires ~5 zircon. Logistically, since 20 copper was replaced with 20 zirconia, the idea is that a full belt of copper is now a half belt of copper and half belt of zirconia. I realize there will some builds including those that side-load that can't immediately be adapted, but in general it's only meant to be slightly more complex. And again, when I implement the feature above, it will be more customizable.

1 year, 21 days ago

Customizations with mods, it can solve a problem with situation when mods interferences on complexity. Why purple science is hardest now?

You need prod modules 1, 30x rails and el.furnaces

First one - you need silicon factory for making wafers (mine stone, smelt stone into bricks, crush it into sand and from sand make silicon using large amount of acid). After that you can produce adv circuits with plastics. So, very wide recipe. Is fun, and ok in small scale. In larger scale, factory making only wafers and adv circuits can suck up nera 2GW of power and enormous amount of stone. But, it can be solved and fit to factorio.
Second - rails, devs that add rails in this science - add this only for push players into larger logistic problems that encouraging them into divide factory into smaller ones. is ok, but amount of consumed rails is large but can be handled as usual.
Third one, Electric Furnace - Costly, slowly crafted machine as part for good automated factory producing steel, adv circuits and stone. Is Basically OK. Now, when you add some new metals - situation with el. furnaces start complicate input (1-3 intermediates setup is easy, 4 - 5 intermediates making some problems with fitting them with beacons, and 7-8 intermediates is very hard when you using belt logistic OR push you into using a bots. I pick last one, because belts have to small throughput but using bots to carry bricks is ok?

An LDS problem is similar. amount of intermediates, very wide usage for LDS making problem with scale.

So, I give you some idea. Make compounds of your metal materials or alloys. For example You can make Zirconed Copper plates and add receipe for this and other crafting. Using that intermediate recipes all crafting can be less enforcing logistic but - like factorio devs - encourage players into diversification of sourcing factory. Maybe next your mod can be about "Smeltery"? when you use all your metals as part of alloy producing. I know about limitations of furnaces, but some modern can bypass this problem. For example, Bioindustries have Terraform that is not a typical assembler.

1 year, 21 days ago

Customization setting has been added to tungsten and zirconium, will be added to other mods soon.

Regarding the electric furnaces, I think I am going to reduce the quantities of resources needed, a little bit, as a tradeoff for the increased complexity, but keep the number of ingredients high. Personally, I want the "default" behavior to be that each time you add one of these mods, you increase complexity a bit. So by adding 5 of them, the complexity of some of the recipes will become quite high. But I do not intend to make the sheer volume of resources required be way higher. From there, I'll try to keep them relatively customizable.

A separate smelter-type mod is a great idea. It would continue to allow people to pick and choose what mods they want, including the new smelter mod, but provide a different type of logistical challenge (longer chains) while reducing the complexity of individual recipes a bit. I like it. I'll add it to my list. Not sure if it will be next, but it's a perfect solution to an issue I keep running into. Thanks again!

1 year, 19 days ago

One thing that might help is have a sub component that uses some of those intermediates to keep the number on each step down. This what K2 does with advance circuits. For the furnaces have some of the intermediates make a electric heating element that is part of the final recipe.

11 months ago

Wanted to let you know, I've implemented a Foundry mod. It's pretty bare-bones right now, but I plan to add more intermediates in the coming days and weeks. It's here: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/bzfoundry

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