Biter Clash

Biter Clash is an indirect PvP scenario heavily inspired by Biter Battles. Designed with competitive play and enjoyable viewing experience in mind from the ground up. Introduction game video: Discord:

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Biter Clash is an indirect PvP mod/scenario. In this mod two teams compete in trying to achieve one of two objectives:
1. Destroy enemy team's rocket silo.
2. Launch a rocket.
The teams that completes any of those objective first wins.

Introduction game video:

How to attack:
1. Unlock a given biter/spitter, that will let you a nest that will spawn that biter at a constant interval (TBD - subject to game balancing, currently 30s).
2. Once having the nest place it as a ghost on the designated permanently visible area around field of play of the enemy. Its border is marked with a black line. The ghost will be automatically replaced with an item and the item will be removed from your inventory.
3. Biter attacks are gathered in 50x50 areas so you decide how big and frequent the attacks are. Each area has a 10% (also subject to balance) chance of generating an attack every 30 seconds.
4. If you happen to upgrade a given biter/spitter (each one has exactly one upgrade at this time) all the nests will be upgraded but already spawned biters will not be modified.
5. Your biters sometimes give report on their progress by charting a small part of enemy playfield.

What Biter Wars aims to achieve:
1. Dynamic and fast-paced games.
2. Game balance with many different strategies being viable.
3. All (or almost all) researches being viable.
4. All (or almost all) weapons being viable.
5. Viability for both 1v1 and team gameplay.

What Biter Wars is not and is not meant to be:
1. Casual gameplay. This is a competitive game mode. You can play it casually but it will never compare to the base game.
2. Complete game overhaul - all the recipes are still the same, there are no new buildings with the exception of nests, no new items (although there might be a medpack in the future as a replacement for fish).
3. Compatible with other mods. While there might be elements from other mods added in the future Biter Wars is meant to be a standalone game.