Xenos Oppression: ALR-AC

by Mr.YaR

A lightly armored combat vehicle armed with a single turret mounted automatic cannon. Comes with HE and stunning HE ammo

a month ago
Transportation Combat
YaR Factorio Limited Distribution Only Licence
2 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.16 (a month ago)
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774 users

Internal Name: "vehicle-alr-ac", "he-rounds-magazinum", "suppressive-he-rounds-magazinum"
Name: ALR-AC
Dependencies: ALMF
Player Friendly: Medium-High
Game stage: Explosives+
Type: Support Light Armored Unit
Supposed usage: Supporting less or more armored units
Best usage with: Any
Description: An auto-cannon turret mounted on an ALMF armored transport unit. Comes with custom high explosive and suppressive rounds. For various reasons uses low calibre ammo that is highly boosted by it's auto-cannon to provide a more different form of dps

Support: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=SDPF2A8QM7VWN

+ grid
+ custom ammo
+ mod settings
+ languages: en/fr/ru

--- SPG-23 -------- SPG-23L ----- ALR-2MG ------- ALR-AC -------- SPRA-23

Story: While fighting the harder Rempant fixed biters, it became obvious that tanks of various kinds lack mid-range fire support that other lower-tier units could not offer. While used with other lesser/more armored units - the ALR-AC may provide a significant increase of firepower against bigger than small biters. The suppressive ammunition of the widest used category may be used in many other weapon systems.
In terms of damage dealing efficiency, the cannon damage multiplier works best with various area-effect upgraded ammunition.
Firing rate, range and damage multiplier can be adjusted in the mod settings to fit various environements.

N.B.: The balance will be refined/shifted as if the ALR-AC is made too "good" in it's intended role - it starts making tanks useless... Untill the DPS changes go live - one may adjust DPS via the mod settings menu.