Refined Network Storage

Store, access, and transfer items/fluids digitally.

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1.0.7 (11 days ago)
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Refined Network Storage (RNS) is a storage mod that introduces ways to manage items and fluids which is primarily inspired by the Minecraft mod Refined Storage and the Matter Serialization from Mobile Factory.

The mod includes:
Priority: Each component allows players to prioritize certain components in the network between 5 and -5.
Item Drives and Fluid Drives: These drives allow items to be stored at a maximum capacity of 4k, 16k, 64k, and 256k units; and fluids to be stored up to 16k, 64k, 256k, 1024k units.
Cables and Undergrounds: There are 10 different colored cables and undergrounds that do not connect. Allowing multiple networks to run side by side. The Undergrounds have a maximum reach of 9 tiles, the same as the Express Underground Belts.
Personal Player Port and Wireless Terminals: RNS includes a Wireless Terminal which paired with something like a Personal Player Port, allows the network to transfer items to and from the player's inventory based on their logistic slots.
Item and Fluid IO Buses: The Item Bus transfers items at a base rate of 1 item per 4 ticks (15 items/s) and the Fluid Bus transfers fluids at a base rate of 100 units per 5 ticks (1200/s). Both rates can be further increased with research and have adjustable sliders to fine-tune the transfer rate.
Network Transmitters: Includes a Network Transmitter and a Network Receiver that allows the network to link across long distances as well as other surfaces.

Personal Notes

Based on my playthrough, I was able to reach 3 science per second while hovering around 45 UPS as of v1.0.3. Some sample images are provided from that playthrough above. The mod is sort of UPS-heavy due to its nature as much as I have tried to optimize on my end, either way, this is a decent mod for a decently sized factory.

Some tips if you plan on using the IO Buses with trains, I highly encourage using circuits to control them because they will try to input/output into moving trains. Also, they happen to only work on the middle portion of the wagons as seen in the images; I do not know why that is but I assume it has something to do with how the game registers the hitboxes.

When crafting the next tier of drives, do not have any drives in your inventory that already have stuff because it will not transfer over.

The Item Drives do not store any items that are damaged or have been modified, you need to use an External Storage Bus for that. But try not to use too much of the External Storages because it is very UPS intensive.