Mobile Factory

New update:Inventory Pads, Mining lasers, Fluid Extractor, Quatrons, Chemistry and more ...! You will receive a big Mobile Factory with a room inside. You can use it to build your main base inside, and explore the world!
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Owner: Mugiwaxar
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 26 days ago
Latest Version: 0.0.41 (a day ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 3649 times


This mod is in early developpement, I will work on it to make it better and even better, please make a BACKUP of your save and use it at your own risk! Future mod update may break your existing save or Mobile Factory.

I will do my best to not break your save, but please make a backup of your world BEFORE updating the mod!

I've a big lack of icons, entities, etc...If anyone could allow me to use his mod's graphics, I'll be really happy!

If you need help, found a bug or want to talk, Here the Discord link
You can also read the FAQ <- Contain many informations

Mining Lasers:

- You can now extract Or with the Ore Cleaner
- You can now extract Fluid with the Fluid Extractor
- It doesn't use electricity, but Quatron Charges instead
- More your Quatron Charges are pure, more the Ore Cleaner and the Fluid Extractor will extract
- Added Dimensional Plant
- Added Hydrogen and Oxygen
- Added Oxycoal
- Many elements added
-Science Pack with chemistry


-Can be used for new world or existing save
-Your base is a big vehicle
-There is a room inside, where you can build your factory
-The room can be expanded
-All items put in the vehicule will be transfered in a chest inside the vehicle automatically
-You can call the vehicle close to you
-The mod contains an GUI dedicated to the Mobile Factory
-New resources, new technologies, new items, lasers!
-The Mobile Factory can:
Drain energy from surrounding structures
Drain Fluid From tanks around
Recharge all inroom Dimensional Accumulators
-Modules: You can upgrade your Mobile Factory vehicle
-Complet Logistic System for Fluids and Items with Interface
-Mining system that can extract a big amount of ore
-Fluid Extraction Sytstem
-You can make science pack with chemistry


Being a great scientist, you just found a way to manipulate dimensions, and make big things appear little, and little things appear enormous.
You have a big laboratory, and want to make it mobile to discover new science in the world, and lucky you are, you know now how to manipulate dimensions...
With your new discovery, you success to create a Mobile Factory, with a compressed dimension inside!
Well almost ...
During the process, something went wrong, and many shakes were felt. And when you went out of your laboratory, you discover that your'e not in the same place, no wait... not in the same world!!
A new world, filled with dangers awaiting you!
But behind this dangers, you can see that this world have many resources.
You have succeeded to create your Mobile Factory, now, can you succeed to come back home!?


How to get it

When you create a new world (or use a command), you get your Mobile Factory in your inventory, just place it, and TADA!
If you lost or destroy you Mobile Factory, you can use the GUI to get a new one

How it work

-You get the Mobile Factory in your inventory the first time you load a save, or if you start a new world, if not, use the command /GetMobileFactory
-You can drive your Mobile Factory like any other car, it will auto-fuel itself if they are energy available in its Internal Batteries
-When you get realy close of your Mobile Factory, you will be teleported inside
-There is a big chest inside the factory, all inventory in the vehicle truck will be transfered here (usefull if you want to send items inside the factory with inserter, etc ...)
-When you get close of the big chest, you'll be teleported outside
-The GUI appears the first time you enter the indoor room of your Mobile Factory.
-Only one Mobile Factory per world (Even in multiplayer)
-Your Mobile Factory can't be mined (but can be teleported), place it wisely

What is added

I will add contents over time, for now:
-Dimensional Ore: Base resource of the mod
-Dimensional Sample: Ore fragment, that can be analyzed
-Dimensional Plate: Plate smelted from Dimensional, used to build things
-Dimensional Fluid: useless for the moment
-Tile Capsule(1,2,3): Used to create tiles inside the Mobile Factory
-Dimensional Analyzer: Needed to analyze world dimensional resources
-Dimensional Furnace: Only it can smelt Dimensional Ore
-Dimensional Accumulator: A basic accumulators for the beginning
-Dimensional Substation: A substation with 64x64 radius
-Electricity Drain Poles: Drain Energy inside your Factory to charge the Mobile Factory Internal Battery
-Fluid Drain Poles: Drain Fluid around them to fill the chosen Internal Tank
-Electric Drain Technologie: The Mobile Factory will drain energy from surrounding structures
-Fluid Drain Technologie: The Mobile Factory can drain fluids from tank and tranfers them to the chosen internal tank
-Internal Energy Distribution Technologie: The Mobile Factory will recharge all Dimensional Accumulator inside the room
-Equalizer: Can receive Upgrade Modules
-Three Upgrade Modules, put them inside the Equalizer to upgrade your Mobile Factory Vehicle
-Logistic Dimensional System: With the use of "Pads", you can send and retrieve content from your Internal Storage
-Internal Tanks
-Internal Ore Silos
-Ore Cleaner: Mining technology that can extract a great amount of Ore
-Fluid Extractor: Fluid Extraction technology to extract mass Fluid
-Quatron: Massive energy charge used in many application
-Chemistry: Dimensional Plant with Oxygen, Hydrogen, ...
-Create science pack with chemistry


If you are using an existing save, or didn't get your Mobile Factory for an unknow reason, you can use the command "/GetMobileFactory" to get one in your inventory


-When you drive the Mobile Factory and leave the vehicle, you are teleported inside Fixed!
-Inside big chest bounding box is a little bugged Fixed!
-Problem with AAI vehicle, to make the Mobile Factory work again, you have to disable the AI, see here
-I don't know, I have many tests to do, feedbacks are welcome :)


->Full mod compatibility with all others mod as much as possible
->Story integration
->A big branch of technologies
->Dedicated GUI Done!
->Information GUI about the Mobile Factory Done!
->A better logistics system, better items transfer, fluids, power, etc ... Done!
->Big Reactor
->Mining system (Technology) Done!
->Fluids extraction system(Technology) Done!
->Make your Mobile Factory even bigger (Technology) Done!
->Defense system upgrades (Technology)
->Logistic system upgrades (Technology) Done!
->Multiple floors, rooms... Done!
->Internal energy storage Done!
->Internal resource storage Done
->Internal fluid storage Done!
->Substation that cover an entire room Done!
->Internal Storage upgrades
->Internal Batteries upgrades
->Chemistry overall
->And even more! Make suggestions!


Thanks to PyroFire and his mod Harvestorio for the original idee
And I hope he will forgive me for stealing some lines of code :)

If someone is good at making images and animations, please tell me! (I'm a programer, not an artist :p)


See the FAQ