Mobile Factory

New Update: Total GUI Rewrite A mod with many features where you can make a Mobile Factory, build you base inside and travel around the world. The mod contain a way to transfer items via the Circuit Network, some nice way to mine Ore or extract Fluid, many new chemical elements, Jets who will work for you, Data Storage of Items, and many more ...
6 days ago
0.17 - 0.18
Owner: Mugiwaxar
Source: Mugiwaxar/Mobile-Factory
License: MIT
Created: 6 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.119 (6 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17 - 0.18
Downloaded: 18448 times

Require: Mobile Factory Graphics
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--------------------- MOBILE FACTORY ---------------------

Mobile Factory adds a new way to explore the Factorio world. The main addition is the Mobile Factory where you can go inside and build your Base. With it, you can take your base with you while collecting resources, fighting Enemies and discovering new things!
The Mod also adds tons of new content like a dedicated GUI, new Ore/Fluid/Intermediates, new Machines, new chemicals Items, new Techs, Jets, Mater Serialization, ...
A daily updated Wiki is available. You can also join the community via Discord and chat with other Players.
The mod has its own server too! You can get more informations about it by joining the Discord.


Being a great scientist, you just found a way to manipulate dimensions, and make big things appear little, and little things appear enormous.
You have a big laboratory, and want to make it mobile to discover new science in the world, and lucky you are, you know now how to manipulate dimensions...
With your new discovery, you succeed in creating the Mobile Factory, with a compressed dimension inside!
Well almost ...
During the process, something went wrong, and many shakes were felt. And when you went out of your laboratory, you discover that your'e not in the same place, no wait... not in the same world!!
A new world, filled with dangers awaiting you!
But behind this dangers, you can see that this world has many resources.
You have created your Mobile Factory, but, successfully return home!?

The Mobile Factory

For now, there are 3 types of Mobile Factory:
- The Base Mobile Factory: A balanced Vehicle with a standard speed and a big equipmend grid
- The Hovering Mobile Factory: A slow Vehicle who can fly above structures
- The Mobile Factory GT: A Vehicle with a small equipment grid and a small trunk which can go really fast

The Dedicated GUI

The Mod comes with its own customisable interface.
This GUI show the Mobile Factory informations, what's inside your Base, and allow you to set Structures and Mod options.

The World Inside

There are two floors inside the Mobile Factory:
The Factory: The first floor where you build your Base, it can be expanded using special Tiles
The Control Center: The second floor, containing the technical place of the Mobile Factory. Here, only a few special structures can be built. This floor is expanded using Technologies.

The Items

Many Items are added by the Mod:
- New Ore, new Fluid
- New Intermediates
- New Tiles
- New Fuels
- A Shield for the Mobile Factory
- ...

The Structures

Structures are added too:
- New Lab
- New Furnace
- New Machines
- New Chemical Plant
- New Solar Panel
- New Accumulator
- ...


A new chemical overhaul is added:
- Many molecules and atoms are added
- A new way to produce Science Packs
- A new overpowered fuel which can be updgraded many times: Quatron

Matter Serialization

The Matter Serialization is a new way to transport Items and Fluids:
- Items/Fluids are serialized and sent via the Circuit Network (also called Data Network) to distant Inventories
- Can work wirelessly


Storage Structures are added to the game, they work with the Matter Serialization and can be used wirelessly:
- The Deep Storage: Can store an unlimited amount of one Item
- The Deep Tank: Can store 10 ML of one Fluid


The Jets are here to help you in many Factory tasks:
- The Mining Jet: Will mine Ores and bring it back to you Mobile Factory
- The Contruction Jet: Will construct or deconstruct Structures, it interacts with the Mobile Factory Internal Inventory
- The Repair Jet: Will fly to damaged structures and repair them
- The Combat Jet: Will do its best to defend your Mobile Factory with flames

Erya Tech

The Erya Tech add many if not all vanilla Structures to the game, but with an easy way to build them.
In addition, Erya Structures use Environmental heat to work (Instead of Energy), but this make them a little less efficient than vanilla ones.
These Structures freeze the environment and create Mists and Snow.


-Problem with AAI vehicle, to make the Mobile Factory work again, you have to disable the AI, see here
-I don't know, I have many tests to do, feedbacks are welcome :)


->Full mod compatibility with all others mod as much as possible
->Data Network: Transfer Items via Circuit Networks (Matter Serialization) Done!
->Jets that will help you (Mining, Construction, Repair, Combat) Done!
->Deep Storage to store a unlimited amount of Items Done!
->Deep Tank to store a great amount of Fluids Done!
->Mobile Factory Lasers (For Item, Fluid, Energy, ...) Done!
->More Resources/Intermediates/Elements Done!
->More functionnal Structures Done!
->A Way to teleport Resources Inside the Factory
->Energy Network with Lasers and Energy Cubes
->Dedicated GUI Done!
->Information GUI about the Mobile Factory Done!
->A better logistics system, better items transfer, fluids, power, etc ... Done!
->Big Reactor
->Mining system (Technology) Done!
->Fluids extraction system(Technology) Done!
->Make your Mobile Factory even bigger (Technology) Done!
->Mobile Factory Teleportation (World and Between Worlds)
->Auto Drive?
->Defense system upgrades (Technology)
->Logistic system upgrades (Technology) Done!
->Multiple floors, rooms... Done!
->Internal energy storage Done!
->Big Substations Done!
->Internal Storage upgradesDone!
->Internal Batteries upgrades
->Chemistry overall (In progress)
->Resources Grower
-> Tree Grower
->A new Tech Tree with modified vanilla Structures Done!
->One Mobile Factory per Player Done!
->More Mobile Factory Vehicle Done!
->An optimised Update System to avoid lag and keep UPS Done!
->Miniatures version of the Mobile Factory
->And even more!