Mobile Factory

Update: New Jets Extension A mod with many features where you can make a Mobile Factory, build your base inside and travel around the world. The mod contains a way to transfer items via the Circuit Network, some nice ways to mine Ore or extract Fluid, some new chemical elements, Data Storage of Items, and many more ...

8 days ago
0.17 - 1.0


Version: 0.0.199
    - bad migrations bug
Version: 0.0.198
Date: 13/10/2020
    - Ore Cleaner + Fluid Extractor support multiple-output resources
    - Data Assembler production/consumption shows in Statistics
    - remote call to blacklist recipes in the Data Assembler (see utils/remote.lua, blacklistDACategory(category, value) )
    - Mobile Factory re-fueling code changed a bit (directly adds coal fuel, instead of a coal item)
    - Ore Cleaner and Fluid Extractor will deplete last of a resource (raising on_resource_depleted)
            (should improve mod compatibility)
    - only make the Data Controller and Jump Drive once
    - possible desyncs, also optimizes obj remove operations
    - Opening Mobile Factory inventory in multiplayer shows wrong MF
    - only apply migrations from old save (not for scenario's with maps - workaround for bugged migrations)
    - 0.0.171 to 0.0.172 migration bug
Version: 0.0.197
Date: 26/09/2020
    - Blueprinting is back, baby! (thanks Volch! - honk honk)
    - error when a resource catcher is destroyed
    - workaround to prevent storing an item-with-tags, as tags are forgotten
           only applies when user interface is open (existing matter interactors aren't changed)
           may have bugs, please report
Version: 0.0.196
Date: 23/09/2020
    - fix bad call with recipe sorting (Data Assembler)
Version: 0.0.195
Date: 23/09/2020
    - Data Assembler recipe selector (with option for original behavior) - Volch
    - internal Data Assembler table issue - Volch
    - improve on_string_translated safety
    - a cloned entity should be checked for valid as another mod can immediately destroy it v_v
Version: 0.0.194
Date: 23/09/2020
    - thank volch for nearly all of this patch
    - DA outputs multiple products (with probabilities)
    - MF, Factory Surface entities, and Control Center entities change force if the player does
    - Internal Energy Cube and Internal Quatron Cube can be placed/mined quickly without losing energy/quatron
    - Resource Catcher doesn't draw above character and character now collides with it
    - player changing force doesn't leave behind the Mobile Factory, Factory Surface entities, and Control Center entities
            (be aware if multiple people are sharing one's Mobile Factory)
    - Mobile Factory surfaces should not have things added with RSO enabled
    - repair-kits shall not open an entity GUI
    - player starting with a Mobile Factory (and tiles) is back! *if the option is on of course
    - small localisation update
Version: 0.0.193
Date: 17/08/2020
    - Added the Resource Catcher: Allows you to move Resources (Ore Path, Fluid Path, Water ...) between two places.
Version: 0.0.192
Date: 16/08/2020
    - Updated to Factorio 1.0
    - Fixed a new game Crash (Because of 1.0)
    - Fixed a crash related to Data Network
    - Fixed a crash that can occur when a Ghost/Blueprint is placed
    - Fixed a crash when an Energy/Quatron Laser or an Energy/Quatron Cube is destroyed
    - No more free Mobile Factory inserted inside your inventory when you start a new Game (Factorio 1.0 problem, have to wait)
Version: 0.0.191
Date: 13/08/2020
    - Fixed Warptorio 2 Compatibility
    - Removed the Profiler (Crash: Command strartProfiler, stopProfiler already exist)
    - The Quatron Energy produced by the Quatron Reactor has been significantly increased and balanced, higher level means more production (See the Quatron Reactor Wiki for more information)
Version: 0.0.190
Date: 13/08/2020
    - Created the "Mobile Factory - Jets" Extension and removed all Jets from the "Mobile Factory" Mod
Version: 0.0.189
Date: 25/07/2020
    - Fixed some loading crashs
    - Fixed the Ore Cleaner wrong Graphics
Version: 0.0.188
Date: 25/07/2020
    - Created the "Mobile Factory - Erya" Extension and removed all Erya tech from the "Mobile Factory" Mod
Version: 0.0.187
Date: 11/07/2020
    - Erya Extreme Splitter :DDD
    - some Deep Tank migration issue
    - NAP DS-signals max out at 2 billion to prevent crash
    - 'extrem' ---> 'extreme' in many texts
Version: 0.0.186
Date: 11/06/2020
    - typo lead to sync error with flying-text
Version: 0.0.185
Date: 11/06/2020
    - Begin some mining jet flag optimizations
    - double-invalid MF sync entity causing error on update
Version: 0.0.184
Date: 10/06/2020
    - Changed the graphic of erya mining drill to burner mining drill
    - Fixed a issue with DangOreus creating ores inside the mobile factory
    - fixed a crash with Factorio 0.18.31
Version: 0.0.183
Date: 7/06/2020
    - Mining an Erya Item Mover returns an Erya Item Mover
Version: 0.0.182
Date: 1/06/2020
    - Fixed the Fluid Interactor that doesn't work
Version: 0.0.181
Date: 31/05/2020
  Major Features:
    - Jump Drive
    - The Jump Drive is a new way to Teleport the Mobile Factory to saved locations
    - A new GUI is added: The Jump Drive GUI, that allows to save multiple Mobile Factory Locations and teleport back later
    - Added the Jump Drive inside the Control Center, it shows the Jump Charge of the Mobile Factory (Base Capacity: 500 Charges, Base Charge Rate: 1 Charge/s)
    - Added the Jump Charger, improve the Jump Drive every time one is placed (+150 Capacity, + 1 Charge/s - Must be placed on the Control Center Constructible Area)
    - Added the Jump Drive Technology: Unlock the Jump Drive
    - Added the Jump Charger Technology: Unlock the Jump Charger
    - Added a new Animation for the Mobile Factory Teleportation
    - The Jump Drive no longer uses all its Charges when the Mobile Factory is teleported (1 Charge per Tile)
    - The Jump Drive drains now less Internal Energy to recharge (300KW instead of 1 MW)
    - The Jump Drive, the Internal Energy and the Internal Quatron keep they charges when the Mobile Factory is removed
    - The Player can no longer call the Mobile Factory to himself
    - The Quatron Cube and the Inernal Quatron Cube now send a "signal-Q" Signal
    - Merged the Crystallizer Technology with the Dimensional Fluid Purification Technology
    - Adjusted Energy Core recipe
    - Adjusted Jets recipe
    - Correction of bad local translations
    - The Mobile Factory is no longer updated twice every Tick
    - Fixed a crash related to the Fluid Interactor
    - Fixed a crash related to the Matter Interactor
    - Fixed a crash related to the Data Assembler
    - Fixed bug when sometime Internal Energy/Quatron Cubes don't keep their Energy when removed
    - Fixed a bug that allowed the Internal Energy/Quatron Cubes to be placed outside the Mobile Factory
    - Fixed a crash with the Quatron Laser
Version: 0.0.180
Date: 27/05/2020
    - Matter Interactor defaults to "None" inventory
    - Internal Inventory in MI selection has base Mobile Factory icon and is inventory "0"
    - Pulled 0.0.179 due to bug
Version: 0.0.179
Date: 27/05/2020
    - Deep Tank selector list: fluid icons
    - GT and Hovering Mobile Factorys use the same equipment as a base Mobile Factory
    - script_raised_revive place-and-remove.lua fix. Again.
    - clean out deprecated player-permissions code from MI inventory selection tooltip
Version: 0.0.178
Date: 24/05/2020
    - Remake of recipes for quatron production
Version: 0.0.177
Date: 21/05/2020
    - Removed the Network Controler Data Network Frame
    - Fixed the Data Storage Animation (Now the Animation is removed correctly)
    - Fixed a crash related to the Internal Energy Cube
Version: 0.0.176
Date: 21/05/2020
    - Fixed a crash related to Data Storages
Version: 0.0.175
Date: 21/05/2020
    - Fixed a crash with Quatron Cubes and Quatron Reactors
Version: 0.0.174
Date: 21/05/2020
  Major Features:
    - Total rewrite of the Matter Serialization and Data Network
    - Now, when you unlock the Matter Serialization Technology, a Network Controller and a new Constructible Area is added to the Control Center
    - Everything work Wirelessly, the Network Access Point is used
    - Added the Network Controller: The main Structure of the Data Network (Added to the Control Center when the Matter Serialization is unlocked)
    - Added the Network Access Point: Allows access to the Data Network, can be placed anywhere but works with Quatron Energy
    - The Data Network is now Wireless (No more Green or Red Wire needed!)
    - There is now only one Data Network per Player
    - The Matter Serialization Technology now require the Quatron Technology
    - The Data Storage can now only be placed inside the Control Center Constructible Area
    - All Matter Serialization Structures now automatically try to connect to the closest Network Access Point (If in range)
    - Changed the Energy Cube MK1 characteristics
    - Changed the Energy Laser MK1 characteristics
    - The Internal Energy Cube is now unlocked by the ControlCenter Technology
    - The Internal Quatron Cube is now unlocked by the ControlCenter Technology
    - The Power Module is now an equipment and must be placed inside the Mobile Factory Equipment Grid
    - The Efficiency Module is now an equipment and must be placed inside the Mobile Factory Equipment Grid
    - The Focus Module is now an equipment and must be placed inside the Mobile Factory Equipment Grid
    - Removed the Equalizer (No longer used)
    - Removed the Data Center (Depreciated - Items inside were send to the Mobile Factory Internal Inventory)
    - Removed the Data Center MF (Depreciated - Items inside were send to the Mobile Factory Internal Inventory)    
    - Removed the Wireless Transmission Technology (No longer used)
    - Removed the Wireless Data Transmitter (Wireless Router) (Depreciated)
    - Removed the Wireless Data Receiver (Wireless Network Adapter) (Depreciated)
    - inventory.lua changed to internal-inventory.lua
    - Moved all Matter Serialization Prototype to the "matter-serialization" folder
    - Rework of Data Network Object (One Data Network per Player)
    - Added the Data Network Object to all Matter Serialization Structures
    - Moved the DTKTable inside the Data Network
    - Moved the DSRTable inside the Data Network
    - Fixed crash with AAI
Version: 0.0.173
Date: 20/05/2020
    - MK1QuatronConnectedBeam.png error
Version: 0.0.172
Date: 20/05/2020
    - remove the barreling of Quatron Fluid
    - prevent crash(es) with robots placing tiles
Version: 0.0.171
Date: 18/05/2020
    - Added the Quatron Reactor: Transform Liquid Quatron into Quatron Energy
    - Added the Quatron Cube MK1: Store 10K of Quatron Energy
    - Added the Quatron Laser MK1: Can move 1K/s of Quatron Energy
    - Energy Cubes now sync correctly when placed inside the SyncArea
    - Fixed a Migration crash
    - Fixed a wrong GUI placement (CyberWizard)
    - Fixed a crash with Blueprint
    - Fixed a crash with Energy Cube
    - Fixed a crash when some Entities are placed
Version: 0.0.170
Date: 17/05/2020
    - metatables only would have loaded in limited circumstances
Version: 0.0.169
Date: 17/05/2020
    - 0.0.168 - whoops
    - Command Center unavailable on game start
    - one's first Mobile Factory placed gets one free jump and 1.5 GJ - lose energy and jump timer on mining
    - begin refactoring and simplifying of various object and newly-needed-values code
    - move some player init assignment to MF new()
    - this will take much time and many bugs (honk honk)
Version: 0.0.168
Date: 16/05/2020
    - bad init for new MF tables
Version: 0.0.167
Date: 15/05/2020
    - Liquid Quatron can now be made with Quatron Cell
    - Added Lights inside the Mobile Factory, but they will turn off if there are no more Internal Energy
    - Changed the Fluid Interactor Pipe Connections for better interaction with the other Structures (Honktown)
    - Deep Tank and Deep Storage Objects are now placed inside its corresponding MF Object (But still exist in global for object update reasons)
    - Added the MF Object and the PlayerIndex to all Data Network Objects
    - Objects are now automatically created, stored and updated
    - Full rewrite of all place-and-remove Functions
    - Saved-tables file removed
Version: 0.0.166
Date: 15/05/2020
    - Improved the visual of the Energy Cubes charge level
    - Improved the visual of the Energy Lasers Beams
Version: 0.0.165
Date: 15/05/2020
    - Picked-up Deep Tank now saves temperature
    - Placed Deep Tank or Deep Storage has filter set to stored fluid/item (if it had anything)
Version: 0.0.164
Date: 15/05/2020
    - decrease Energy Laser power consumption statistics (related to Factorio bug)
    - Energy Laser can be rotated
Version: 0.0.163
Date: 15/05/2020
    - Fluid Interactor can now be copy/pasted, blueprinted (settings may not copy), decon'd
    - Localised names and descriptions of Wireless Transmitter / Receiver (for clarity)
Version: 0.0.162
Date: 15/05/2020
    - Added the Energy Laser MK1, now you can transfer Energy between Energy Cubes and charge the Mobile Factory from outside
Version: 0.0.161
Date: 14/05/2020
    - Added the Internal Energy Cube, an Energy Cube that represent the Mobile Factory Internal Energy
    - The Internal Energy Cube was added inside the Control Center, it can be removed but can only be placed inside the Mobile Factory
    - Energy Cubes balance its Energy between them when placed together
    - Added the Internal Quatron Cube, an Quatron Cube that represent the Mobile Factory Internal Quatron
    - The Internal Quatron Cube was added inside the Control Center, it can be removed but can only be placed inside the Mobile Factory
    - Quatron Cubes balance its Quatron between them when placed together
    - Changed the Graphics of the Energy Cube MK1
    - The Data Assembler Settings can now be Copy/pasted
    - Removed the Dimensional Accumulator (Replaced by the Internal Energy Cube)
    - Removed the Power Drain Pole (Replaced by the Internal Energy Cube)
    - Removed the Energy Distribution Technology (Replaced by the Internal Energy Cube)
Version: 0.0.160
Date: 13/05/2020
    - sync area sticker error
    - Network Explorer multiplayer compatibility
Version: 0.0.159
Date: 12/05/2020
    - Rewrite of all Tooltip GUIs
    - Removed the canModify() function (Players can see or can't see the Structures GUI, canModify() is useless)
Version: 0.0.158
Date: 12/05/2020
    - canModify better multiplayer compatibility
    - allowedPlayers table went un-inited
    - Network Explorer GUI bug? (wasn't appearing)
    - Data Assembler GUI bug? (wasn't appearing)
    - missing AllowedPlayers table on new Mobile Factory
Version: 0.0.157
Date: 11/05/2020
    - scanEnt(), some entities won't have last_user
Version: 0.0.156
Date: 11/05/2020
    - Added Liquid Quatron (1-20)
    - Added missing Quatron Cell (Between 1-20)
    - Quatron name has changed to Quatron Cell
    - Changed Quatron Cell recipe, now it's made of Liquid Quatron
    - Rewrite of the Share Options GUI, now you have to choose who is allowed to use your Structures
    - Fixed a crash related to the Network Explorer
    - Rewrite of the Multiplayer Code (Permissions)
    - Now, the global.entsTable keys are the "unit numbers" of the Structure associated when there is one (global.entsTable[obj.unit_number] = obj)
Version: 0.0.155
Date: 10/05/2020
    - All GUI Objects are now placed inside it's corresponding MFPlayer Object
    - Improved the Data Assembler GUI
Version: 0.0.154
Date: 10/05/2020
    - Improved the Data Assembler
    - The Information GUI and the Network Explorer show 0 Item/Fluid if a Deep Tank or a Deep Storage still have a Filter set
    - Fixed a Localisation crash
Version: 0.0.153
Date: 09/05/2020
    - fix last fix (x2)
Version: 0.0.152
Date: 09/05/2020
    - Sync collision flying text would error with localised strings
Version: 0.0.151
Date: 09/05/2020
    - Mobile Factory did not unclone the sync area when mined
Version: 0.0.150
Date: 09/05/2020
    - Added the Data Assembler: Allow you to create Items/fluid directly from the Data Network
    - The Network Explorer now display how many Items are inside the connected Data Center
    - Fixed a crash related to Information GUI
Version: 0.0.149
Date: 08/05/2020
    - Added Network Explorer: Let you explore a Data Network and send/retrieve Items
    - Information GUI Inventory should now only display what's belong to you
Version: 0.0.148
Date: 08/05/2020
    - Fixed some crashes when loading old saves
    - Fixed crash that can happen when removing certain structures from a Data Network
Version: 0.0.147
Date: 07/05/2020
    - CyberWizard (cyberwizard2261) joined the Mobile Factory "dev team"
    - missed curly brackets on out-in obstruction string
Version: 0.0.146
Date: 07/05/2020
    - reworked Matter Interactor interface
    - print name of obstruction entity for sync-area (and which cloning direction)
    - added "knownbugs.txt", mostly for bugs that strange edge cases I may or may not fix
Version: 0.0.145
Date: 07/05/2020
    - actually fix dropped items from causing a sync error
Version: 0.0.144
Date: 06/05/2020
    - prevent certain entity types from error'ing the sync area scan
Version: 0.0.143
Date: 06/05/2020
    - patches of Dimensional Fluid are "grouped" more on map (more dots will be highlighted together)
    - selecting a Deep Storage with the Matter Interactor will automatically set MI filter if DS has one
    - Possible improvement to performance with large numbers of mining jets and many ore paths
Version: 0.0.142
Date: 03/05/2020
    - Erya Radar scan rate and dish rotation speed decreased
    - Fluid Interactor didn't have blueprint settings applied
    - place and remove error from not setting MF.playerIndex
Version: 0.0.141
Date: 01/05/2020
    - attempt to make sync collision detection less aggressive
    - Erya Loader 1 and Extrem can be blueprinted / copy-pasted
    - Erya Radar works now. Does a nearby scan every 5 seconds (enjoy)
    - set next_upgrade to nil for OreCleaner, Fluid Extractor and unset Erya structures (compatibility patch)
    - trying to fix invalid player -> MainGUI error again
Version: 0.0.140
Date: 30/04/2020
    - actually fix the invalid guielement error
Version: 0.0.139
Date: 29/04/2020
    - update graphics dependency
    - initialize cjTableSize (ghost construction table limit) for every *new* player
        if still error'ing (rare case) go to MF options ui, jets tab (should fix itself? set value to 1000)
Version: 0.0.138
Date: 29/04/2020
    - no error if GUI was never moved between save/load
    - missed default value _MFConstructionJetDefaultTableSize somehow
Version: 0.0.137
Date: 29/04/2020
    - Don't use an invalid GUI for a valid player
    - find_non_colliding_position error (spelling)
    - copy pasting multiple entities fix
Version: 0.0.136
Date: 29/04/2020
    - version 0.0.135: PASTING settings defaults to (always is?) current player.
        Blueprinting store vague details but
            tries to match when the ghost is built, as best as it can.
    - Bilka added support in newgame+. Mobile Factory surface and Control Center aren't reset.
    - fix invalid player error on_research_finished (hopefully)
Version: 0.0.135
Date: 28/04/2020
    - blueprinting will transfer some settings (experimental):
        ***only can copy settings if the player blueprinting matches the set Deep Storages and Deep Tanks***
        ***however, if player has Storages/Tanks matching the copied filter, it will try to use them***
        ***attempted to make usable across saves (makes a guess if the exact Storage/Tank is not found)***
        Matter Interactor: (if matching) Deep Storage, (else) Deep Storage filter, self-filter (always set), Mode
        Fluid Interactor: (if matching) Deep Tank, (else) Deep Tank Filter, Mode. No temperature support at the moment.
    - check for necessary tiles, and error with specific message if we're missing any
    - Construction Jets can place Tiles
    - Construction Jets can queue 1000 ghost, but a "Jets" option permits <= 25,000 for mass tile placement
         (performance concern - I can increase max if it's not that bad)
    - "too many" ghosts keeps existing construction table, and ignores new ghosts (previously emptied the table)
    - "too many ghosts" is a localized string that prints only to MF owner that places ghosts
    - use ghost.revive() instead of destroying and creating a thing for construction jets
    - the construction ghost table is global at present (but size option is not).
                  This is bad. Will try to get to it by next version. (ghosts should be stored per-player / MF)
    - input/output would not be set on copy/pasting with Matter Interactor and Fluid Interactor
Version: 0.0.134
Date: 27/04/2020
    - add missing locale string for reduce button
    - "Mobile Factory" option tab: fix first option and clarify settings
    - little things all over the locale
Version: 0.0.133
Date: 26/04/2020
    - use find_non_colliding_position instead of the old way for placing MF after call request
    - script_raised_built + MF never placed caused error
Version: 0.0.132
Date: 26/04/2020
    - missing name= keys passed to can_place_entity, mfPlaceable error
Version: 0.0.131
Date: 25/04/2020
    - Dimensional Tile can't be placed onto void
    - valid_for_read checks on item stack while placing some MF entities (mod compatibility?)
    - variable could go un-inited and error when establishing Sync Area
Version: 0.0.130
Date: 24/04/2020
    - jet "default distance" in description is now accurate, has min/max description
    - min and max distance for jets (10-1000)
    - migration to fix a stuck game because of invalid distance
    - fix mipmap level warning in log (if one uses table.deepcopy, entity.icon_mipmaps = 1 for simple icons)
Version: 0.0.129
Date: 23/04/2020
    - Added setting for initial research to be auto-researched. Used for compatibility with
          science-cost changers and difficulty-increasing players
    - tweaked many of the locale strings to have better English and more useful descriptions
    - added MF, Dim. Ore-to-stone, and Dim. Tile recipes to initial research
Version: 0.0.128
Date: 22/04/2020
    - Try to use other tile for sync area if dirt-7 is missing (hoping our other tiles still exist)
Version: 0.0.127
Date: 17/04/2020
    - typo lead to 'ccs' nil field error
    - wireless receiver now shows deep tank fluids
Version: 0.0.126
Date: 15/04/2020
    - MF's in multiplayer can't sync if too close, flying-text warning
    - newgame+ compatibility (regenerates MF internal surface! - looking into possibility of keeping)
    - GUI open/close issues in multiplayer
    - opening MF in multiplayer now shows proper owner/entity if it is usable (yvelis mod)
    - possibly fixed desync from placing two internal inventories in same MF?
    - ownership issues for Internal Inventory Data Center on mining
Version: 0.0.125
Date: 13/04/2020
    - input fluid laser error
Version: 0.0.124
Date: 12/04/2020
    - setting for enabling/disabling Erya Technology (default enabled)
    - Combat Jets return if too far from Mobile Factory (in excess of twice the distance in Jet options - full attack area but no further)
    - change Combat Jet distance description to be accurate
    - made collision boxes for Fluid Interactor and Wireless Data Receiver smaller (they couldn't be placed next to each-other)
Version: 0.0.123
Date: 10/04/2020
    - patch for fluid interactor bug introduced in previous patch
Version: 0.0.122
Date: 10/04/2020
    - add temperature to Deep Tank interactions (gui addition eventually)
    - player would get teleported back to previous surface if it was from a vehicle interaction teleport (Chronotrain)
    - script_raised_revive would break MF recording functions
Version: 0.0.121
Date: 02/04/2020
    - create flying text if sync area is obstructed
    - fix sync bug when mining an entity
Version: 0.0.120
Date: 01/04/2020
    - Added setting for how the player obtains their (first) Mobile Factory
    - Added setting for which "science packs" a Dimensional Lab can use
    - Don't open custom GUI if player is connecting wires
    - Honktown (right now) is developing Mobile Factory for the foreseeable future, as Mugiwaxar (aka Dexy) had something more urgent to do
    - Mobile Factory GT now requires a car
    - Hovering Factory a bit more costly and requires Mobile Factory
    - Machine Frame 2's now require 2x Machine Frame 1 (plates reduced, slightly less overall cost). Update your logistics!
    - take all items when mining a sync'd chest on either side
    - if a sync-area entity would collide with something that could destroy it, don't sync (checks full square)
    - if an outside-MF sync-entity can't be placed inside because it would collide, don't sync
    - drills in sync-area will start up after sync area is established
    - no loss of items/fluid/energy when un-cloning sync area, unless there's too much
Version: 0.0.119
Date: 25/03/2020
    - Added a GUI for the Jets (Key to open can be configured, default -> Left click)
Version: 0.0.118
Date: 25/03/2020
  Major Features:
    - Total rewrite of all GUIs -> Created the GUI API
    - Rewrite of the Mobile Factory GUI
    - Rewrite of the Information GUI
    - Rewrite of the Options GUI
    - Removed the Tooltip GUI, click on the Structures to open their corresponding GUI
    - All GUIs can now be closed by pressing the Escape Key
    - A GUI will be automatically closed when another GUI is opened
Version: 0.0.117
Date: 19/03/2020
    - Fixed a crash on load
    - (Maybe) Fixed a GUI bug
Version: 0.0.116
Date: 18/03/2020
  Major Features:
    - Added the Sync Area:
    - Tiles (Water too), Resources(Ores, Fluids) and some Structures will be cloned and synchronized between the space around the Mobile Factory and a special zone named the Sync Area
    - This Area is inside the Mobile Factory, and needs no technology to be used
    - For now, only Chests, Tanks and accumulators will Synchronize. 
    - Added the Matter Interactor: Can send and retrieve Items from the Data Network (Inventory and Deep Storages)
    - Added a new Button to the Main GUI: Enable and Disable the Sync Area
    - The Mobile Factory now produce a passive amount of Polution
    - Removed the Water Laser
    - Removed the Factory Tank
    - Removed the Factory Chest
    - Removed the Matter Serializer (Use the Matter Interactor)
    - Removed the Matter Printer (Use the Matter Interactor)
    - The Deep Tank selection for the Fluid Interactor now work correctly
    - All Technologies related to the Control Center should now be correctly unlocked
Version: 0.0.115
Date: 17/03/2020
  Major Features:
    - Fluid Materialization:
    - Now, you can use the Fluid Interactor to send and retrieve Fluids via the Data Network
    - Fluids can be stored in Deep Tanks, a 10 ML capacity tank that can only be placed inside the Control Center
    - Added the Deep Tank, a Fluid Storage Tank with 10 ML of capacity that replace the Dimmensional Tank (Can only be placed inside the Control Center)
    - Added the Constructible Area 2: A new Contructible Area inside the Control Center
    - Added the Fluid Interactor: A new Matter Serialization Structure that can send and retrieve Fluids via the Data Network (Work with Deep Tank)
    - New Technology: Fluid Serialization, Unlock the Deep Tank, the Fluid Interactor and a new Constructible Area inside the Control Center
    - New Technology: Constructible Area 2, Unlock a new Constructible Area inside the Control Center
    - The Internal Inventory Data Center now send the Deep Tanks Inventories via signals
    - The Deep Storage Technology require now the Matter Serialization Technology
    - The Ore Cleaning Technology require now the Matter Serialization Technology
    - The Fluid Extraction Technology require now the Matter Serialization Technology
    - The Fluid Transmission Technology require now the Deep Tank Technology
    - Removed the Dimensional Accumulator and the Dimensional Substation inside the Control Center
    - Removed all Dimensional Tank Technologies
    - Removed all Dimensional Tanks (MK1 and MK2)
    - Removed the Logistic Fluid Pole
    - Removed Module ID 1/2/3/4/5 (Not used anymore)
    - Removed Distribution/Drain Modules (Not used anymore)
Version: 0.0.114
Date: 12/03/2020
    - Added Erya Loader: A Basic Loader made from Erya
    - Added Erya Extrem Loader: A extremely fast Loader made from Erya
    - Added Erya Extrem Underground Belt: A extremly fast underground Belt made from Erya
    - New Technology: Erya Loader, Unlock the Erya Loader
    - New Technology: Erya Extrem Loader, Unlock the Erya Extrem Loader
    - New Technology: Erya Extrem Underground Belt
Version: 0.0.113
Date: 08/03/2020
    - Added Erya Item Mover: A extremely fast way to move Items
    - New Technology: Erya Item Mover: Unlock the Erya Item Mover
    - Fixed a crash related to Warptorio (Honktown)
    - Fixed a loading crash with some Mods
Version: 0.0.112
Date: 07/03/2020
    - Added the Water Laser: The Mobile Factory will drain Water from Tanks around to the Factory Tank (No Technology needed)
    - Added the Factory Tank: A tank filled by the Mobile Factory Water Laser
    - Added Erya Tank MK1: A Fluids Storage Tank make with Erya
    - New Technology: Erya Tank MK1, Unlock the Erya Tank MK1
    - Changed the Factory Chest Icon
    - Fixed a crash related to the TooltipGUI and headless servers
    - Fixed a crash that happened during a Waprtorio Warp
Version: 0.0.111
Date: 04/03/2020
    - Fixed a Startup Error
Version: 0.0.110
Date: 03/03/2020
  Major Features:
    - Erya Tech:
    - Erya Tech is a easy way to create things
    - Erya Structures consume environmental heat instead of Energy
    - Added new Tile: Snow Tile 1, Snow will appear near Erya Structures which consume heat
    - Added Erya Collector: Must be placed over Water to start collecting Erya Powder
    - Added Erya Powder: A powder that transform environmental heat into energy
    - Added Erya Sample: A Sample of Erya Powder to make researches
    - Added Erya Plate: A Plate made from Erya, can have unlimited Energy
    - Added Erya Wire: A wire made with Erya used to create Intermediates
    - Added Erya Circuit: A circuit made with Erya used to create Erya Structures
    - Added Erya Machine Frame MK1: A Machine Frame made from Erya, can be used to make Structures powered by environmental heat
    - Added Erya Lamp: A Lamp powered by environmental heat
    - Added Erya Chest MK1: A simple Chest made from Erya
    - Added Erya Belt MK1: A basic Belt made from Erya
    - Added Erya Underground Belt MK1: A basic underground Belt made from Erya
    - Added Erya Splitter MK1: A basic Splitter made with Erya
    - Added Erya Inserter: An Inserter which work with environmental heat
    - Added Erya Mining Drill MK1: A small Mining Drill which work with environmental heal
    - Added Erya Pumpjack MK1: A basic Pumpjack which work with environmental heat
    - Added Erya Assembling Machine MK1: A small Assembling Machine which work with environmental heat
    - Added Erya Pipe: A simple pipe made from Erya
    - Added Erya Pipe To Ground: A simple Pipe To Ground made with Erya
    - Added Erya Pump MK1: A basic Pump which use environmental heat to work
    - Added Erya Wall MK1: A basic Wall made with Erya
    - Added Erya Gate MK1: A basic Gate made with Erya
    - Added Erya Radar: A Radar which use environmental heat to work
    - Added Erya Furnace MK1: A Furnace which use environmental heat to work
    - Added Erya Refinery MK1: A Refinery which use environmental heat to work
    - Added Erya Chemical Plant MK1: A Chemical Plant which use environmental heat to work
    - New Technology: Erya Tech, Unlock the Erya Collector, Erya Powder, Erya Sample, Erya Plate, Erya Wire, Erya Circuit, Erya Machine Frame MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Lamp, Unlock the Erya Lamp
    - New Technology: Erya Chest MK1, Unlock the Erya Chest MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Belt MK1, Unlock the Erya Belt MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Underground Belt MK1, Unlock the Underground Belt MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Splitter MK1, Unlock the Erya Splitter MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Inserter, Unlock the Erya Inserter
    - New Technology: Erya Mining Drill MK1, Unlock the Erya Mining Drill MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Pumpjack MK1, Unlock the Erya Pumpjack MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Assembling Machine MK1, Unlock the Erya Assembling Machine MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Pipe, Unlock the Erya Pipe
    - New Technology: Erya Pipe to Ground, Unlock the Erya Pipe to Ground
    - New Technology: Erya Pump MK1, Unlock the Erya Pump MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Wall MK1, Unlock the Erya Wall MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Gate MK1, Unlock the Erya Gate MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Radar, Unlock the Erya Radar
    - New Technology: Erya Furnace MK1, Unlock the Erya Furnace MK1
    - New Technology: Erya Refinery MK1, Unlock the Erya Refinery MK1 
    - New Technology: Erya Chemical Plant MK1, Unlock the Erya Chemical Plant MK1
    - The Factory (Surface inside the Mobile Factory) now has a Day/Night cycle
    - Reworked Dimensional Tile visual
Version: 0.0.109
Date: 01/03/2020
    - Another Jet fix
Version: 0.0.108
Date: 01/03/2020
    - Fixed crash with Mining Jet when AAI control the Mobile Factory
    - Data Storage should now work again with the Internal Inventory Data Center
    - Added nil check to all Jets (Stability optimisation)
Version: 0.0.107
Date: 01/03/2020
    - The Matter Printer/Serializer and the Ore Cleaner will show all Deep Storages with their Filter and Owner even if they are empty (Honktown)
    - The Control Center Teleportation area is visible again
    - The Tooltip GUI Move Button work again
    - The Data Center will no longer blink when there are no enought Power available
    - The Internal Inventory Data Center should now correctly send Items signals from all Deep Storages
    - Fixed a crash when Mining Jets are outside but the Mobile Factory was removed (Honktown)
    - The Mobile Factory Power Send Laser should now send a correct amount of Energy (Honktown)
    - Rewrite of the way Combat Jet find Enemies (Honktown)
Version: 0.0.106
Date: 24/02/2020
    - Cleared Migrations
    - Unlocked Technology should now apply to the owned Force only
    - Fixed Internal Inventory Data Storage showing all Deep Storage
    - Fixed Mining Jet Flag and Ore Cleaner should no longer send Ore to other Players if "All" is selected
Version: 0.0.105
Date: 23/02/2020
    - Fixed Angel's Mod compatibility
Version: 0.0.104
Date: 23/02/2020
    - Combat Jet should now work correctly
    - Jet maximum distance fixed
    - Correction of the CreateEntity() function, should fix a lot of bugs
    - IDModules put inside the Equalizer should now be used correctly
    - Only owned Deep Storage should appear inside the Information GUI
Version: 0.0.103
Date: 22/02/2020
    - Control Center Teleportation should now correctly work
    - Fixed a crash when Control Center Tanks are unlocked
    - Get Players Force function was rewritten, should fix a great amount of crashs
Version: 0.0.102
Date: 21/02/2020
    - Fixed a crash with Repair Jet
    - Fixed a crash when placing a new Mobile Factory
    - The Beginning Technology is now unlocked for every Forces
Version: 0.0.101
Date: 21/02/2020
    - Crash when loading a save fixed
Version: 0.0.100
Date: 21/02/2020
    - Added Force and Last User to all Mobile Factory auto-placed Structures
Version: 0.0.99
Date: 20/02/2020
    - Added a Shortcut to lock the Tooltip GUI (Middle mouse button, can be configured)
    - Changed some force assignment
    - Fixed a crash when selecting the Mobile Factory Energy laser mode
    - Fixed a bug that prevented Contruction Jet to place Structures
Version: 0.0.98
Date: 18/02/2020
  Major Features:
    - Multiplayer Update
    - You can now place more than one Mobile Factory (One per Player)
    - The Player can choose if its owned Structures are shared with others Players or not
    - The Player can choose if the Structures shared by other Players will be used or not
    - The Mobile Factory can now be Locked to prevent other Players to enter
    - The Tooltip GUI now show to whom belong a Structure
    - Added a new Tab to the Option GUI: MF (Mobile Factory)
    - Added a new Option to the MF Tab: Share Structures -> Allow other Players to interact with your Structures (Drain/Send Power, Items, Fluid, ...)
    - Added a new Option to the MF Tab: Use Shared Structures -> Share your Structures with other Players (Drain/Send Power, Items, Fluid, ...)
    - Added a new Option to the MF Tab: Allow settings modification -> Allow others Players to modify your Structures Settings
    - The Floor Is Lava option is now only accessible for Admins
    - The Entities Update Per Tick option is now only accessible for Admins
    - The Tooltip GUI Show now the hovered Entity name
    - Added the Lock/Unlock Button
    - Mine Dimensional Tile give now Dimensional Tile
    - All things inside the Information GUI will no longer disappear when the Mobile Factory is removed
    - Fixed a crash when a Deep Storage filter was set with an Item removed from the game
    - Fixed a crash with Deep Storage placed as ghost
Version: 0.0.97
Date: 16/02/2020
  Major Features:
    - Floor Is Lava -> Since the Original Mod is not up to date and not compatible with Mobile Factory, the feature was added
    - You will take damages on any Tiles except Dimensional Tiles
    - The Mobile Factory is safe (Factorissimo structures too)
    - Floor Is Lava can be Enabled/Disabled inside the Option GUI (Disabled by default)
    - Add "Active Floor Is Lava" Option inside the Game Tab of the Option GUI
    - Added the Dimensional Tile, a Tile made with Dimensional Ore with +50% speed (Safe when Floor Is Lava is activated)
    - You will recieve 300 Dimensional Tiles when you start a new Game
    - Copy/Paste now work for the Deep Storage
    - Copy/Paste now work for the Ore Cleaner
    - Copy/Paste now work for the Fluid Extractor
    - Copy/Paste now work for the Matter Printer
    - Copy/Paste now work for the Matter Serializer
    - Copy/Paste now work for the Wire Data Receiver
    - Deep Storage show now its filter inside the Tooltip GUI
    - Add Set Filter Button inside the Deep Storage Tooltip GUI
    - Fixed a crash with Mining Jet
    - Fixed a crash with the Information GUI
    - Mining Jet Flag can now be removed by Deconstruction Planner
    - All Metatables are now checked before being used (Improved stability)
Version: 0.0.96
Date: 14/02/2020
    - Mining Jet will no lounger go back home if the Inventory of the Mining Jet Flag can't be send to Deep Storages
    - Fixed a crash with the Data Center
    - Mobile Factory Energy Drain Laser should now work correctly
Version: 0.0.95
Date: 13/02/2020
    - Add checks for Mining Jets that will help them to not stay iddle
Version: 0.0.94
Date: 12/02/2020
    - Added the Wireless Data Receiver list inside the Data Wireless Transmitter Tooltip GUI
    - Added the Receiver ID inside the Wireless Data Receiver Tooltip GUI
    - Cleared and Recreated all Data Network Tables to fix wrong Signals
    - Fixed a Tooltip GUI crash that appened when a Item from a removed Mod still exist
Version: 0.0.93
Date: 11/02/2020
    - Data Network Migration fix
Version: 0.0.92
Date: 11/02/2020
    - Massive rewrite of the Data Network (Performances Boost and Stability Improvement)
Version: 0.0.91
Date: 09/02/2020
    - Added compatibility with Alien Biomes
    - The Deep Storage Keep now its Inventory when removed
    - The Mining Jet Flag Keep now its Inventory when removed
    - The Data Center Keep now its Inventory when removed
    - The Energy Cube MK1 Keep now its Energy when removed
    - Jets now consume Energy to take off
    - Removed the "/GetMobileFactory" command
    - A new free Mobile Factory will no lounger be created if any Mobile Factory are existing
    - Get out of a removed Mobile Factory will teleport you to its last known position
    - Fixed a crash with Copy/Paste in Editor
    - Fixed the Shield size
    - Hovering Factory is now easier to select when hovering Ores or Trees
    - Mining Jets are now send by the Mobile Factory (Not longer requested by the Flag)
    - All sentences are now localised
Version: 0.0.90
Date: 03/02/2020
    - Fixed a crash with Jets
    - Fixed Mining Jet Flags Radius
    - Fixed a crash with the Data Center Tooltip
    - The Main GUI position is saved and restored even if the Mod are updated
    - The Map will now be correctly displayed (Thanks Honktown for the help)
Version: 0.0.89
Date: 28/01/2020
    - The Deep Storage selection list will now display what's inside the Deep Storage
    - Added Filters to Deep Storages accessible via the Information GUI
    - The Deep Storage Frame inside the Information GUI will only show if there are Deep Storages placed
Version: 0.0.88
Date: 26/01/2020
    - Updated to Factorio version 0.18
    - Reworked Animations and Sprites Layers
    - Deep Storages correctly appear inside the Information GUI
    - A destroyed Ore Cleaner or Fluid Extractor will not lounger crash the Game
    - Rendering of Sprites and Animations will no lounger stack (Big perfarmance optimization)
    - The Ore Cleaner will now accept to send Ore to empty Deep Storage
    - The Deep Storage can now say if it can accept an Item
    - All Animations and Sprites are removed and recreated each update
Version: 0.0.87
Date: 20/01/2020
    - Updated all numbers to more readable numbers
    - The Information GUI Button was moved to the top of the Main GUI
    - The Tootip GUI Button was moved to the top of the Main GUI
    - The Combat Jet will watch is life even more
    - Reworked the Dimensional Ore Icon transparency
Version: 0.0.86
Date: 19/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash on Load when a Matter Printer request an Item or a Matter Serializer send an Item whill the targeted Inventory was removed (Third attempt)
Version: 0.0.85
Date: 19/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash on Load when a Matter Printer request an Item or a Matter Serializer send an Item whill the targeted Inventory was removed (Second attempt)
Version: 0.0.84
Date: 19/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash on Load when a Matter Printer request an Item or a Matter Serializer send an Item whill the targeted Inventory was removed
Version: 0.0.83
Date: 19/01/2020
    - Added a maximum size for the Construction table (Avoid long Save/Load)
    - Fixed a compatibility problem with Bob's Logistic Mod and the Temp Chest
    - Fixed a crash when an Item from a removed mod was still inside a Deep Storage
    - Rebuilded the Construction Area inside the Control Center
Version: 0.0.82
Date: 18/01/2020
    - The Mobile Factory Mod is now splitted, Logical Part and Graphical Part
    - All Jets base health is now 400 help
    - Combat Jet have now 1200 HP and his speed was doubled
    - Fixed a crash that can appen when a Player leave the Mobile Factory Vehicle Seat
Version: 0.0.81
Date: 18/01/2020
    - Added the Combat Jet: It will help you to defend your Mobile Factory
    - New Technology: Combat Jet, Unlock the Combat Jet
Version: 0.0.80
Date: 18/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash related to Repair Jet
Version: 0.0.79
Date: 17/01/2020
    - Added compatibility with Mining Drones
    - The Ore Cleaner now keep its level of Charge and Purity when removed
    - The Fluid Extractor now keep its level of Charge and Purity when removed
Version: 0.0.78
Date: 17/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash that appened when a Structure was damaged and destroyed at the same time
Version: 0.0.77
Date: 17/01/2020
    - The Maximum Mining Distance of the Mining Jet can be configured inside the Option GUI
    - The Maximum Construction Distance of the Construction Jet can be configured inside the Option GUI
    - The Maximum Repair Distance of the Repair Jet can be configured inside the Option GUI
    - Ore Cleaners will only work if the distance to the Mobile Factory is less than 100 Tiles (Performances)
    - Fluid Extractors will only work if the distance to the Mobile Factory is less than 100 Tiles (Performances)
    - Constructible Area 1 Technology unlocks now a big Area inside the Control Center
    - Fixed a crash when Tiles are placed inside the Control Center
Version: 0.0.76
Date: 16/01/2020
    - Added a Filter for the Entity Damaged event
    - Added a Filter for destroyed Entities
    - Fixed the Save/Load
Version: 0.0.75
Date: 16/01/2020
    - Added the Repair Jet: It will fly to damaged Structures and repair them
    - New Technology: Repair Jet, Unlock the Repair Jet
    - Improved performances of the Construction Jet
    - To fix a bug, instead of removing all Signals, the Wireless Matter Transmitter/Receiver stop updating them when they are disconnected from a Data Network
    - Entities that no longer exist are correctly removed from the Update System
Version: 0.0.74
Date: 15/01/2020
    - The Mining Jet Flag now display if the Mobile Factory is not found
    - The Mining Jet Flag will not send its Inventory if the Mobile Factory is not found
    - The Deep Storage displays now what's inside above it
    - Removed Jets Bounding Box to make then more UPS friendly
    - Fixed a crash when the Mobile Factory is removed or destroyed
    - Fixed a crash with Matter Printer, Matter Serializer, Ore Cleaner and Mining Jet Flag Selected Inventory
    - Little rework of the Deep Storage Frame
Version: 0.0.73
Date: 14/01/2020
    - The Mining Jet Flag can now select a Deep Storage
    - The Mobile Factory Energy Drain Laser work again
Version: 0.0.72
Date: 14/01/2020
    - Added the Deep Storage, can store an infinite amount of one Item (Can only by placed inside the Control Center)
    - New Technology: Deep Storage, Unlock the Deep Storage
    - For a major performances gain, the Ore Silo was removed and replaced by the Deep Storage
    - The Matter Serializer can now send Items to a Deep Storage
    - The Matter Printer can now retrieve Items from a Deep Storage
    - The Dimensional Furnace can now smelt all resources inside the Smelting category (Not just Dimensional Ore)
    - Fixed performances issue of the Mobile Factory Lasers
    - Fixed a crash when a Power Drain Pole is placed
    - Fixed a crash when a Player enter the Control Center
Version: 0.0.71
Date: 13/01/2020
    - Fixed an issue with long Load/Save
Version: 0.0.70
Date: 13/01/2020
    - Added the Construction Jet: It will construct Blueprint or remove marked Structures (Interact with the Internal Inventory)
    - New Technology: Construction Jet, Unlock the Construction Jet
Version: 0.0.69
Date: 12/01/2020
    - Added the Mining Jet Flag MK1: 1 Tile Radius
    - Added the Mining Jet Flag MK2: 16 Tiles Radius
    - Added the Mining Jet Flag MK3: 50 Tiles Radius
    - Added the Mining Jet Flag MK4: 100 Tiles Radius
    - Removed the Mining Jet Flag
    - Mining Jet will now dump Ores inside the Flag (Not the Mobile Factory
    - The Mining Jet Flag will now send its content to the targeted Inventory
    - Reworked the Jet Mining Flag Shadow
    - Massive Performance improvement of the Mining Jet
    - Massive rewrite for improvement of the Update System
    - Fixed a crash when the Data Center was removed
Version: 0.0.68
Date: 11/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash wich appened when a Mining Jet try to mine a Fluid Path
    - Fixed a crash that appened when a Jet with an empty Inventory return back to the Mobile Factory
Version: 0.0.67
Date: 10/01/2020
    - Added the Mining Jet: A jet that will mine Ore and return it back to the Mobile Factory
    - Added the Mining Jet Flag: Used to define the Mining Area of Mining Jets
    - New Technology: Mining Jet, Unlock the Mining Jet and the Mining Jet Flag
    - Fixed an Ore Cleaner Crash
Version: 0.0.66
Date: 09/01/2020
    - Added new Item: Energy Core
    - New Technology: Crystal Overcharging, Unlock the Energy Core
    - Added new icon for the Dimensional Ore
    - Added new icon for the Dimensional Sample
    - Added new icon for the Dimensional Crystal
    - Fixed a crash related to the GUI
Version: 0.0.65
Date: 08/01/2020
    - Added the Hovering Factory, a Mobile Factory which can fly above Structures and Water
    - The Mobile Factory can now send Energy outside via its Power Drain Laser (Must be set throught the Tooltip GUI)
    - The Mobile Factory will no longer drain its own Power
Version: 0.0.64
Date: 08/01/2020
    - Added new Item: Hydrocoal
    - Added new Item: Machine Frame MK1
    - Added new Item: Machine Frame MK2
    - Added new Item: Machine Frame MK3
    - Added new Item: Dimensional Wire
    - Added new Item: Dimensional Circuit
    - Added new Item: Crystalized Circuit
    - New Technology: Dimensional Electronic, unlock the Dimensional Wire and the Dimensional Circuit
    - New Technology: Coal Hydrogenation, Unlock the Hydrocoal
    - Added Dimensional Ore to Stone Recipe
    - Added Dimensional Fluid to Water Recipe
    - Dimensional Plate now require 2 Dimensional Ore (instead of 4)
    - Massive rewrite of the TechTree
    - Changed recipe of: Factory Chest, Basic Solar Panel, Dimensional Furnace, Dimensional Analyzer, Dimensional Accumulator, Crystallizer, Dimensional Plan
    - Changed recipe of: Dimensional Substation, Logistic Fluid Pole, Power Drain Pole, Ore Cleaner, Fluid Extractor, Mobile Factory Shield
    - Changed recipe of: Data Center, Internal Inventory Data Center, Data Storage, Matter Serializer, Matter Printer, Wireless Data Transmitter, Wireless Data Receiver, Energy Cube MK1
    - Changed recipe of: Power Module, Efficiency Module, Focus Module, Distribution Module, Drain Module, Module ID 1/2/3/4/5
    - Changed recipe of: Base Mobile Factory, Mobile Factory GT
    - Added new Icon for Wireless Data Transmission Technology
    - Fixed the Icon of the Ore Cleaning Technology
Version: 0.0.63
Date: 07/01/2020
    - You can now send Items to Ore Silos, the Silo can be selected via the Tooltip GUI by hovering a Matter Serializer
    - The Ore Cleaner no longer use Modules ID, you have to select the targeted Ore Silo with the Tooltip GUI
    - The Fluid Extractor no longer use Modules ID, you have to select the targeted Dimensional Tank with the Tooltip GUI
    - The Items list of the Internal Inventory will no longer exceed the Frame inside the Information GUI
    - The Tooltip GUI will now keep its position and visibility after a Mod update
Version: 0.0.62
Date: 06/01/2020
    - The Automatic Quatron Send of the Mobile Factory can now be Enabled/Disabled
    - The Ore Cleaner can now be placed multiple time
    - Ore Cleaners will lose all its Quatron Charge and Purity when removed
    - The Ore Cleaner will now extract 30 Ores per seconde by level of Purity (instead of 120)
    - The Tooltip GUI will not change when you hover an entity without Tooltip Information
    - Corrected a bug that prevented the Mobile Factory to send Quatron Charge to all Fluid Extractor
Version: 0.0.61
Date: 05/01/2020
    - Added the Wireless Data Transmitter
    - Added the Wireless Data Receiver
    - New Technology: Wireless Data Transmission, Unlock the Wireless Data Transmitter and Receiver
Version: 0.0.60
Date: 02/01/2020
    - The Mobile Factory Power Lasers will drain Energy from everithing
    - Fixed another crash on load
Version: 0.0.59
Date: 02/01/2020
    - Fixed a crash on load
Version: 0.0.58
Date: 01/01/2020
    - Total rewrite of the Data Network for futures updates
    - The Matter Printer now request the number of Items set in the filter (Not an entire Stack)
    - Fixed a crash that occurred when the Mobile Factory is removed while the Ore Cleaner or the Fluid Extractor is working
Version: 0.0.57
Date: 26/12/2019
    - Fixed a crash when the Ore Cleaner is placed
Version: 0.0.56
Date: 25/12/2019
    - Added compatibility with Bob's Vehicle Equipment
    - Added compatibility with Schall Gun Pod
    - The Data Center and the Internal Inventory Data Center now correctly send Signals
Version: 0.0.55
Date: 24/12/2019
    - The Internal Inventory Data Center can now transfer Items from Ore Silos inside the Control Center
    - The content of the Control Center Ore Silos is added to the Internal Inventory Data Center Signals
    - Removed Ore Silo Pad 1/2/3/4/5, replaced by Iron Chest when placed on the Map
    - Fixed a game crash when an Item from a removed Mod still 1exist inside the Internal Inventory
    - Rework of all Migrations game.print()
Version: 0.0.54
Date: 21/12/2019
    - The Fluid Extractor can now be placed multiple time
    - The base Fluid Extractor extraction rate is now 30 u/s (Instead of 100 u/s) multiplied per the Quatron Purity
    - Removed the Structures Tab from the Info GUI
    - Information about the Ore Cleaner are now visible throught the Tooltip Gui
    - Information about the Fluid Extractors are now visible throught the Tooltip Gui
    - The Fluid Extractor is now OOP
    - Minor rewrite for Quatron Charge sended by the Mobile Factory
    - The Ore Cleaner Purity is now correctly calculated
    - Fixed crash related to Internal Tanks Filter
Version: 0.0.53
Date: 18/12/2019
    - Data Center and Internal Inventory Data Center now send Circuit Network Signals based on the content of their Inventory
Version: 0.0.52
Date: 18/12/2019
    - Dimensional Lab now accept all research materials to improve the compatibility with other Mods
    - All structures of the Matter Serialization Technology are now correctly unlocked
Version: 0.0.51
Date: 17/12/2019
    - Little adjustments to Matter Serialization Structures
    - Removed the fictive Red Cross Fluid
    - Reduced a little the Mobile Factory Vehicle collision box to allow the Player to leave the drive seat in all directions
    - Corrected the Ore Cleaner code to make it extract the correct radius of Ore Path
    - The Crude Oil no longer look like Dimensional Fluid
Version: 0.0.50
Date: 16/12/2019
    - Fixed Ore Silo Pad crash
    - Fixed a Item count error with Data Inventories
    - Fixed an incorrect animation with the Ore Cleaner
    - Fixed Quatron Charges not sended to the Ore Cleaner
    - Fixed Quatron Charges not sended to the Fluid Extractor
Version: 0.0.49
Date: 15/12/2019
  Major Features:
    - Matter Serialization:
    - Replace the Inventory Pad technology, a new way to transfer items between the Circuit Network via Matter Serialization and Deserialization
    - Tooltip GUI:
    - Display information about the Mobile Factory mod Structures
    - Added the Data Storage: The main structure for the Data Serialization
    - Added the Internal Inventory Data Storage: Same as the Data Storage but have the Mobile Factory Internal Inventory inside
    - Added the Data Storage: Expend the Inventory it is linked to
    - Added the Matter Serializer: Transform Items to Data and send them inside the linked Data Center
    - Added the Matter Printer: Take Data from the linked Data Center and transform it to Items
    - Added the Energy Cube MK1: Store 100MJ of Energy
    - A new Update System was released to improve the performances of the game
    - You can now select how many entities from the Mobile Factory mod you want to update per ticks (Option GUI)
    - Removed the Inventory Pad
    - Removed the Provider Pad
    - Removed the Requestion Pad
    - Removed the Inventory Pad Technology
    - Changed the Dimensional Logistic Technology to Matter Serialization
    - Massive code rewritting for future features (part2 - Inventory, Matter Serialization)
    - The GUI is now separated in several files
Version: 0.0.48
Date: 26/11/2019
    - Fixed crash on load caused by the Shield
Version: 0.0.47
Date: 25/11/2019
    - Dimensional fluid is a fluid again
Version: 0.0.46
Date: 24/11/2019
  Major Features:
    - Added an Options GUI, reachable via an Button inside the Info GUI
    - Will be used for all Mod options in the future (GUI, gameplay, graphics, ...)
    - Added a new Button to the Main GUI: Enable/Disable the teleportation inside the Mobile Factory
    - Added a new Button to the Main GUI: Reduce/Show the Main GUI
    - Added a new Button to the Info GUI: Option Button
    - Added a new Button to the Info GUI: Close the GUI
    - The Main GUI can now be personalized
    - The Dimensional Fluid is now correctly displayed (Icon, tank frame, bars, ...)
    - Fixed crash with the Fluid Extractor
    - Players are no longer able to place Lab Tile inside the Control Center
    - Fixed crash with CC Tanks Upgrade
    - Fixed a compatibility error with Space Exploration
Version: 0.0.45
Date: 18/11/2019
  Major Features:
    - The Mobile Factory can now be removed and replaced by another one, but it will lose all it's Energy and Jump Drive charge
    - This allow to create upgraded version of the Mobile Factory
    - Added the Mobile Factory GT, an optimised and lighter Mobile Factory for more speed and control
    - New Technology: Mobile Factory weight and engine optimisation, unlock the Mobile Factory GT
    - Added the Mobile Factory Shield equipment, used to add shield charge to the Mobile Factory Shield
    - The color of the Mobile Factory Shield is determined by it's charge
    - Changed the base Mobile Factory vehicle weapon, health, weight, energy consumption, brake power, inventory size, ...
    - The Mobile Factory Shield now depends on the Mobile Factory Shield equipment
    - Rewrite for the placed/removed/destroyed Entities
    - Rewrite for the Mobile Factory object
    - Rewrite of the Control Center Tank table
    - The Mobile Factory Shield size is now calculated according to the Mobile Factory size
    - Energy lasers are now correctly Activated/Desactivated
    - Fixed a crash when all technologies were unlocked in the same time in sandbox mod
    - Fixed a crash that occurred when Mobile Factory surfaces technologies were unlocked but the Mobile Factory was not yet placed
    - Fixed the "Factory surface lost" bug
    - Fixed a crash with the Ore Cleaner
Version: 0.0.44
Date: 17/11/2019
    - Massive graphics change for the Ore Cleaner
    - Added 30 tiles to all Mobile Factory Weapons
    - Tweaked the Ore Cleaner extraction (Now it's 10/s multiplied per the purity)
    - The Ore Cleaner no longer lose it's Quatron Charges and it's Purity when it is removed
    - The Power Drain Pole can now be used when the Internal Distribution is activated
    - Changed the Dimensional Accumulator, it now have a buffer capacity of 5MJ (was 1MJ), an input/output flow limite of 1MW (was 300kW)
    - To avoid problems, the Mobile Factory Energy Drain Laser will only drain energy from accumulators
    - Fixed grid content was removed when the Mobile Factory was teleported between surface
    - Fixed a crash related to the polution extraction
    - Fixed Angel's infinite Ore crash
    - Massive code rewritting for future features (part2 - Power Drain Pole, Ore Cleaner)
Version: 0.0.43
Date: 1/11/2019
  Major Features:
    - Added the Energy Shield for the Mobile Factory, rechargeable Shield with visual
    - Unlocked via a technology, protect the Mobile Factory from incoming damages
    - Weak for the moment, will be upgradable
    - Added new Technology, Mobile Factory Energy Shield
    - Resources are now highlighted when you hold a mining drill or a pump
    - Little changes for the techtree
    - Fixed crash related to the Ore Cleaner
    - Fixed crash when the Fluid Extractor is destroyed
    - No more Coal icon for Dimensional Ore
Version: 0.0.42
Date: 27/10/2019
    - Added Ore Silo 5
    - New Technology: Ore silot 5, unlock the Ore Silo 5 inside de Control Center
    - The Pollution inside the Factory is now sended outside
    - Massive code rewritting for future features (part1 - Mobile Factory)
Version: 0.0.41
Date: 19/10/2019
    - The Mobile Factory will no longer drain Energy from Ore Cleaner, Fluid Extractor, ...
    - The Mobile Factory can no longer be called inside Factorissimo Structures
    - Fixed sometime items were not Transfered to Requester Pad
    - Fixed a problem where sometime, player were not teleported inside or outside the Factory
    - Fixed the performances issue with the Logistic Laser
Version: 0.0.40
Date: 16/10/2019
    - Added Ore Silo 4
    - New Technology: Ore silot 4, unlock the Ore Silo 4 inside de Control Center
    - The Mobile Factory has now an Equipment Grid
    - Dimmensional Crystal now cost 300 Dimmensional Fluid (Instead of 1000)
    - Boosted Fluid Extractor
    - Coal, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Unanium Ore and stone stack size is now 1000 (Up from 50)
    - Fixed an error with the Tank Filter
    - Fixed an error with the Tank Frame
Version: 0.0.39
Date: 13/10/2019
    - Fixed GUI error
    - You will be teleported outside even if the Mobile Factory were destroyed
Version: 0.0.38
Date: 13/10/2019
  Major Features:
    - Constructible Area inside the Control Center, will be used to place upgrade and other things
    - New Technology: Constructible Area 1, unlock the first Constructible Area
    - Added Inventory Pad: Expend the Internal Inventory, must be placed inside the Constructible Area
    - New Technology: Inventory Pad, unlock the Inventory Pad
    - Fixed the GUI Filter error
Version: 0.0.37
Date: 12/10/2019
    - Added Ore Silo 3
    - New Technology: Ore silot 3, unlock the Ore Silo 3 inside de Control Center
    - Fixed a GUI error with tanks display
Version: 0.0.36
Date: 12/10/2019
    - Fixed an error with Recipe Explorer and FNEI
    - Fixed the Liquid Extractor that were to slow
    - Fixed the desynchronization issue in multiplayer caused by the GUI
    - The Mobile Factory can no longer be teleported inside the Control Room
Version: 0.0.35
Date: 09/10/2019
  Major Features:
    - Added Fluid Extractor: Work like a PumpJack but send the fluid via Laser
    - Use Quatron Charge like the Ore Cleaner
    - More the Quatron Charge is pure, more fluid will be extracted
    - You have to select the Inside Tank with a Module ID
    - New Technology: Fluid Extraction, unlock the Fluid Extractor
Version: 0.0.34
Date: 09/10/2019
    - Filters for Ore Silo Pads now work like Requester Pads
    - Fixed a bug with Tank Filters inside the Info GUI
    - Second attempt to fix the multiplayer issue
Version: 0.0.33
Date: 08/10/2019
    - Added Salt
    - Added Chlorine
    - Added Sodium
    - Added Sodium Hydroxide
    - Added Liquide Uranium
    - New Technology: Stone Crushing, Allow the Dimensional Plant to crush Stone to get Salt
    - New Technology: Salt Decomposition, Allow the Dimensional Plant to decompose Salt into Chlorine and Sodium
    - New Technology: Sodium Hydration, Allow the Dimensional Plant to create Sodium Hydroxide
    - New Technology: Uranium Liquefaction, Allow the Dimensional Plant to liquefy Uranium
    - Added Ore Silos to the Info GUI
    - Added Ore Silo 2
    - Added Quatron 13/15/20
    - New Technology: Ore silot 2, unlock the Ore Silo 2 inside de Control Center
    - New Technology: Quatron 13/15/20
    - New Technology: Logistic Science Pack, Allow the Dimensional Plant to create Logistic Science Pack
    - New Technology: Automation Science Pack, Allow the Dimensional Plant to create Automation Science Pack
    - Mobile Factory now use first the fuel inside its inventory before draining energy
    - DimensionalLab can now be placed outside
    - DimensionalSubstation can now be placed outside
    - DimensionalFurnace can now be placed outside
    - PowerDrainPole can now be placed outside
    - LogisticFluidPole can now be placed outside
    - ProviderPad can now be placed outside
    - RequesterPad can now be placed outside
    - OreSilotPad can now be placed outside
    - Fixed a multiplayer error on join
    - Items Laser now work with Logistic Chest
    - Ore Cleaner can now extract Uranium Ore
    - Greatly improved performances of Silo Pad Chest
Version: 0.0.32
Date: 07/10/2019
    - Fixed Quatron Recipe
Version: 0.0.31
Date: 07/10/2019
  Major Features:
    - Ore Cleaner: Mining laser that work with Quatron, more the Quatron is pure, more the Ore Cleaner will extract
    - Ore is send directly to the Ore Silo
    - Quatrons are send via the Internal Storage
    - The Ore Cleaner is showed in the Info GUI
    - New Technology: Ore Cleaning, unlock the ore Cleaner    
    - Dimensional Plant: A chemical plant that allow you to decompose and recompose Molecules
    - New Technology: Matter manipulation, unlock the Dimensional Plant
    - New Fluid: Oxygen
    - New Fluid: Hydrogen
    - Added Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water Recipe
    - New Item: Oxycoal, infused Coal with Oxygen (Fuel Value: 15MJ)
    - New Item: Quatron 1/3/5/7/10, massive energy cell, will be used for next Dimensional Stuff tier
    - New Thechnology: Electrolysis, allow the Dimensional Plan to perform the Electrolysis of Water
    - New Thechnology: Coal Oxygenation: Unlock Oxycoal
    - New Thechnology: Quatron 1/3/5/7/10, unlock Quatron 1/3/5/7/10
    - Fixed an error when generating the Control Room
    - Fixed Dimensional Ore wrong graphics in normal sprite resolution
Version: 0.0.30
Date: 06/10/2019
    - Fixed a Worldgen bug Inside the Mobile Factory with new world
Version: 0.0.29
Date: 06/10/2019
    - Removed Tiles Capsules
    - Mobile Factory heal is now 100000(Instead of 20000)
    - Mobile Factory now consume 5MW (Instead of 600 KW)
    - Mobile Factory now weights 100000kg (Instead of 20000kg)
    - Mobile Factory brake force is now 2000kw (Instead of 400kw)
    - Added Lab Tiles: Expend you Factory with this Tile
    - Added Void Tiles: Remove Tiles
    - New Technology: Surface Expansion, unlock the Lab Tile
    - New Technology: Surface Destruction, unlock the Void Tile
    - Fixed a crash with AAI Vehicles
Version: 0.0.28
Date: 05/10/2019
    - Added Ore Silo: Big storage in the Control Center for Ores. Will be used later for planed mining technology
    - Ore Silo Pad 1: Retrieve content from Ore Silo 1
    - New Technology: Internal Ore Silo 1, unlock the Ore Silo 1, the Ore Silo Pad 1 and the Module ID 1
Version: 0.0.27
Date: 04/10/2019
    - Fixed a migration error when loading a save
    - Reajusted Dimensional Ore recipe
    - Basic Solar Panel now give the right item when mined
Version: 0.0.26
Date: 03/10/2019
  Major Features:
    - New Dimensional Logistic System: Your Mobile Factory have now an Internal Inventory
    - Complexe advanced logistic system to transfer object inside de Factory
    - You can see your Internal Inventory with the Information GUI
    - New Item: Requester Pad, retrieve requested items from the Internal Inventory (Also act as a buffer chest)
    - New Item: Provider Pad, provide item inside to the Internal Inventory (Can also be used like a requester chest)
    - New technology: Internal Tank 5, unlock the Tank 5 inside the Control Center
    - New technology: Dimensional Logistic, unlock the Requester/Provider Chest and the Internal Storage
    - New technology: Logistic Laser, the Mobile Factory laser has now the ability to drain Item from surrounding Chest
    - Added: Module Id 5 (Unlocked with Internal Tank 5 technology)
    - Added outside teleportation platform in the center of the Factory
    - Fixed leaving vehicle teleportation
    - Fixed crash when a ghost is placed but you don't have the object
    - Fixed a bug where a big number of little stacks of the same object was too slowly transfered to the Factory Chest
    - Improved player teleportation
Version: 0.0.25
Date: 02/10/2019
    - Factory Chest can no longer teleport you outside, use the button
    - Added Factory Chest Item
    - Added Factory Chest Recipe
    - The Factory Chest can now be mined and placed anywhere inside the Factory
    - Fixed teleportation will sometimes send you into another entity
Version: 0.0.24
Date: 02/10/2019
    - Fixed crash when loading a save before 0.0.21 version
Version: 0.0.23
Date: 02/10/2019
    - Added Tank Fluid filter to the GUI
    - Added Fake Fluid Any (To set filter to any fluid)
    - Added Basic Solar Panel, capture light to make energy (5kw)
    - New technology: Internal Tank 4, unlock the Tank 4 inside the Control Center
    - Added: Module Id 4 (Unlocked with Internal Tank 4 technology)
    - Jump Drive now drain 1MJ/s to recharge
    - Created entities by the Mobile Factory are now set to player
    - Fixed a crash when placing a Ghost in certain situation
Version: 0.0.22
Date: 02/10/2019
  Major Features:
    - New Mobile Factory Information GUI
    - Added a button to Show/Hide the information GUI
    - Fixed Tank placement in the Control Center
    - Fixed Mobile Factory sometimes can belong to the enemy force
    - Mod compatibility: Fixed game crash when mods are creating fake Players
Version: 0.0.21
Date: 02/10/2019
    - Fixed Control Center ground tiles and entities diseapering
Version: 0.0.20
Date: 01/10/2019
    - Added Crystallizer: Purify fluids to crystals
    - Added Dimensional Crystal: Purified crystal with hight density
    - New technology: Fluids Crystalisation, Unlock the Crystallizer
    - New technology: Dimensional Fluid Purification, allow the purification of Dimensional Fluid, will use a lot of energy and fluid
    - New technology: Internal Tank 3, unlock the Tank 3 inside the Control Center
    - New technology: Internal Tank 1, 2, 3 MK2 Upgrade, Increase the tank Capacity
    - Added: Module Id 3 (Unlocked with Internal Tank 3 technology)
    - Multiplied Fluid Lasers Drain efficiency by 10
    - Divided Fluid Lasers Drain Power Consumption by 100
    - Fixed compatibility with Factorio World (Dirt should not spawn in the Control Center anymore)
Version: 0.0.19
Date: 01/10/2019
    - New Technology: Internal Tank 2, unlock the Tank 2 inside the Control Center
    - Added: Module Id 2 (Unlocked with Internal Tank 2 technology)
  Minor Features:
    - Added a technology for the Mobile Factory Fluid Drain Lasers
    - Added a button for the Fluid Drain Lasers
Version: 0.0.18
Date: 30.09.2019
    - Increased Internal Battery of the Mobile factory to 30MJ (10MJ Before)
    - Fluid Drain/Distribution now consumes energy, 10KJ/u (10KJ for 1 fluid unit)
    - Another Technology tree reorganization
    - Tooltips for Energy Drain and Energy Distribution are now more intuitive
  Minor Features:
    - Added Technology: Beginning, fake auto-unlocked technology to make all technology in one tree
    - Fixed a rendering bug when sometimes machines was wrong displayed
    - Fixed that Factory Chest could make overflow items disappearing
    - Fixe: Logistic Fluid Poles will not transfer fluid to Factorissimo building anymore
    - Potential fixe for Logistic Fluid Poles sometimes fill modded empty pipes
    - The GUI is now localised
Version: 0.0.17
Date: 29.09.2019
    - The Mobile Factory has now an Internal Fluid Tank
    - If you unlock the Energy Drain technology and Internal Storage Tank, the Mobile Factory will drain Fluid from tanks around
    - Added Logistic Fluid Pole: Drain or Send fluid to surrounding structures
    - Added Distribution Module: Set the host structure to Distribution mode
    - Added Drain Module: Set the host structure to Drain mode
    - New Technology: Fluid Transmission, unlock the Logistic Power Pole
    - New Technology: Unlock the Fluid Tank inside the Mobile Factory
    - Massive code cleaning and performances checking
    - Technology tree reorganization
    - Dimensional ores will now display correctly on belt
Version: 0.0.16
Date: 28.09.2019
    - Added Power Drain Pole: Drain surrounding structures energy and store it in the Mobile Factory Internal Battery
    - New Technology: Power Drain Pole: Unlock the Power Drain Pole
Version: 0.0.15
Date: 28.09.2019
    - Fixed Tile capsules sometimes do nothing
Version: 0.0.14
Date: 28.09.2019
    - Loaders should now work again with the Factory Chest
    - Added polish translation (Thanks to MikroPik for all the work he's doing)
Version: 0.0.13
Date: 28.09.2019
  Major Features:
    - Mobile Factory Modules Upgrade
    - For now, they are three and are used to upgrade the Mobile Factory Vehicle
    - New floor: The Control Center, nothing can be build here, reserved for technical machine of the Mobile Factory
    - Added Equalizer: Placed on the Control Center floor when unlocked, this is where you put your Upgrade Modules
    - Added Energy Power Module: Increase the radius of the Energy Drain laser
    - Added Energy Efficiency Module: Increase the Drained Energy amount of the Energy Drain laser
    - Added Energy Focus Mobule: Increase the number of laser that can be fired
    - New technology: Control Center, this technology unlock the Control Center floor
    - New technology: Upgrade modules, unlock the Equalizer
    - New technology: Energy Power Module, unlock the Energy Power Module
    - New technology: Energy Efficiency Module, unlock the Energy Efficiency Module
    - New technology: Energy Focus Mobule, unlock the Energy Focus Mobule
Version: 0.0.12
Date: 28.09.2019
    - Added compatibility with Omnimatter mod
Version: 0.0.11
Date: 27.09.2019
    - If the Mobile Factory, the Factory Chest or the Factory surface is lost, a new button will appear in the GUI
    - If you click, it will scan every surfaces to find what's lost
    - Can make lags or freeze the game during the process if you have a big map
Version: 0.0.10
Date: 27.09.2019
    - Fixed a crash when loading the Mobile Factory surface (Thanks MikroPik!)
Version: 0.0.9
Date: 27.09.2019
    - Fixed a crash with loaded save (Thanks MikroPik!)
Version: 0.0.8
Date: 27.09.2019
    - Mobile Factory inside chest have now a good collision box
    - Mobile Factory outside/inside broken link should be fixed
    - Fixed sample in analyzer not beeing used (Thanks MikroPik!)
    - Changed the room central chest graphic
    - Added Dimensional Plate: Made from Dimensional Ore, used to build things
    - Added Dimensional Furnace: Only this infused furnace can smelt Dimensional Ore
    - Added Dimensional Accumulator, a basic accumulator for the beginning
    - Added Dimensional Substation: 64 tiles raduis substation (128x128)
    - ALL Dimensional structures must be placed inside the Mobile Factory (Can't be placed outside)
    - You can now teleport you outside the Mobile Factory with the Gui
    - Internal energy reservoir: The mobile Factory has it own internal energy reserve
    - New Technology: Dimensional Smelting, unlock the Dimensional Furnace and the Dimensional Plate
    - New Technology: Electricity Compression, unlock the Dimensional accumulator
    - New Technology: Electricity infusion, unlock the Dimensional Subtsation
    - New Technology: Energy drain, the Mobile Factory will steal the energy from surrounding structures
    - New Technology: Internal recharge, the Mobile Factory will auto-recharge Dimensional Accumulators inside the room
    - Add a button to Enable/Disable the Mobile Factory Energy Drain
    - Add a button to Enable/Disable the Mobile Factory Internal Recharge
    - The factory will try to charge his fuel burner energy with his internal energy to run
  Minor Features:
    - Added Heal bar, Jump drive recharge bar and energy bar
    - Added sound when you enter inside the Mobile Factory
    - Added sound when you teleport outside the Mobile Factory
Version: 0.0.7
Date: 26.09.2019
  Major Features:
    - Science!
    - Added Dimensional Analyzer
    - Dimensional Sample can be analyzed to discover new sciences
    - Atomic Reconstitution Science: Needed to make Tile Capsules
    - Analyzer: Lab that can analyze Dimensional resources to discover new sciences
    - Tile Capsules: Used to expand the room of your Mobile Factory, three different type of size
    - Dimensional Sample: Created from Dimensional Ore
Version: 0.0.6
Date: 25.09.2019
  Major Features:
    - GUI Overall!
    - A GUI is now available for the mobile factory, ready to receive many things
    - Show health, positions, and jump charge for now
    - You can now call the Mobile Factory, it will teleport next to you
    - This features is free, no technologies needed (For the moment, enjoy! this will change in the futur)
    - Accessible through the new GUI
    - There is a cooldown (Jump charge), 300 seconds for now
    - Useful if you've lost or destroy your Mobile Factory
Version: 0.0.5
Date: 25.09.2019
    - Added Dimensional Fluid, future special fuel
Version: 0.0.4
Date: 25.09.2019
    - Fixed unwanted teleportation when you leave the vehicule
    - Partial fix with AAI Vehicle that make the Mobile Factory lose its abilities (Just disable the AI on the vehicle manualy) (Thanks to Matrix13player)
    - Added Dimensional Ore, will be used for futures technologies. Prepare to extract a lot!
Version: 0.0.3
Date: 24.09.2019
    - Added compatibility with Warptorio2
Version: 0.0.2
Date: 24.09.2019
    - Fixed bug with placement of blueprit with robots (Thanks to MikroPik)
Version: 0.0.1
Date: 24.09.2019
  Major Features:
    - Initial release