Mobile Factory

New Update: Added Floor Is Lava Feature! Mining Jet, Construction Jet, Repair Jet, Combat Jet, Deep Storage A mod with many features where you can make a Mobile Factory, build you base inside and travel around the world. The mod contain a way to transfer items via the Circuit Network, some nice way to mine Ore or extract Fluid, many new chemical elements, Jets who will work for you, Data Storage of Items, and many more ...
14 hours ago
0.17 - 0.18


Discord available?

Yes, click here


You can go to the wiki for more help:

Inside/outside teleportation is broken or the Factory chest don't transfer items anymore

If somethings is detected as wrong, a new button "Fix Mobile Factory" will appear in the GUI
The game will scan the whole map to fix the problem but can make lags or big freeze if your world is big

How to go inside

Just go really close of the Mobile Factory

How to go outside

Just go above the Black and Yellow tile in the center of the Factory

I want a bigger inside!

You have to research the Lab Tile and use it

I heard about a seconde floor

Yes, you have to research the Control Center technology to unlock it
Another area with Black and Yellow Tiles will appear

A big chest in the middle, what's that???

If you put items inside the Mobile Factory trunk, they will be transfered to it
This Chest can be mined or moved anywhere

How to unlock technologies?

You have to put Dimensional Sample into the Dimensional Analyzer

What is the Jump Drive Charge?

When this bar is full, you can teleport your Mobile Factory next to you

I found a bug

Please tell me here!

I have an idee/suggestion

Here too

Can I use this mod in my modpack

Yes, of course

Can I modify your mod

You can if you want