Food Industry (2.0 beta)

by Oceanel

[Warning (!): Mod is still under development, and is not intended for a long game] This mod adds hunger and ways to produce foods and drinks. From grown foods can be obtained effect capsules.

3 months ago
0.16 - 1.1
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.8.151 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 1.1
13719 times


This mod adds hunger, so you have to eat in order to survive. You will have to search for wild plants or eat poisonous biter flesh.
You consume more Energy when you run, and even more when you have a armor on and its durability. The consumption also depends on the grid slots filled. Also You consume more Energy when you mining (increase when equiped mining-tool), driving (decreases if you get in the vechicle), picking or repairing (also depends when equiped modular armor).
With the help of new technologies you can increase your Energy maximum from 100 to 500 for any needs.
This mod also adds lots of tech (including new science pack) and achievements. Contains almost 40 different things to eat, including 9 Effect capsules, each with it's own buff. It also offers a green way of producing oil - rapeseed.


  • Base Energy consumption
  • Drinks and Nutrients modifiers
  • Additional consumption for armor
  • Additional consumption for armor grid slots
  • Disassembly mod recipes
  • Disable all Calculations for Player (for relax)
  • Adjusting some timers
  • Biter flesh removal
  • GUI position
  • Show Debug GUI

Thanks Villfuk02 for original idea, which was invented and implemented for Factorio 0.16.
Thanks darkfrei for providing some nice graphics for composter and basic farmland.
Thanks Oceanel for Russian localization.
Xagros for korean localization:
Thanks jonkeda for trees and fishes.
Thanks iida-hayato for event coding and fishes.

Known Issues:

Not compatible with omnifluid

Some graphics of this mod are crappy. Feel free to submit improvements here: