Team Competition

This mod provides a multiplayer team competition gameplay style on 14 different scenarios. Admins have lots of options to setup the game mode and other things like team management (names, colors), diplomacy, biter attack waves interval, etc. You can also play solo or cooperative if you want. Now with a new World Market system.

9 days ago
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0.18.62 (9 days ago)
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This mod provides a multiplayer team competition gameplay style. Admins have lots of options to setup the game mode and other things like team managament (names, colors), diplomacy and biter attack waves interval.

UNDER DEVELOPMENT... Other features and game modes will be added later.
This is intended to be a base mod tool for other pvp/pve scenarios I will create. For exemple, if you install "territory claim" mod, it will add another game mode called "Rocket Claim", where team will compete to claim the unique place where the rocket silo can be built in the center of the map.

World Market system
Import / Export items to other teams or to simulated world demand.
By default, a market is added to each team base, where players may buy and sell stuff. Before a game mode is started, you can configure the World Market option to be Disable, Free Trading, Forced Trading 1,Forced Trading 2 or Extreme Trading. From "Forced Trading" and on, some normal game recipes will be disabled and replaced with extremelly expensive ones, so it will force a team to buy items from another team, that can produce that particular item for normal price. To make this mode work, be sure to have at least 2 teams activelly playing, and always add teams in pairs. The mod will pair teams in way the one will depend on the other: Team 1 requires Team 2 items and vice virsa. Team 3 will work with team 4 and so on. Have in mind that Team 1 is not ballanced to work with any other team different then 2. This way you can make a 2 vs 2 team competition, with 4 active teams

Multiple Alien Force
Another feature: there is an option to add "multiple alien forces". This means that there will be more than one alien force in separate sector of the world, each one with its independent evolution factor. So if your team pollutes more than others, your alien neigbours will be more developed than others.

Current game modes:
-Free Rocket-Silo - Be the first to build and launch a rocket
-Fixed Rocket-Silo - Be the first to build and launch a rocket in the center of the map. You cannot built it elsewhere.
-Destroy The Giant Nest - Be the first to destroy a Giant Nest in the center of the map
-Nest Hunter - Be the first to kill a certain number of nests
-Production Challenge - Be the first to produce a certain number of a specific item (for eg: military science pack)
-Whealthiest Nation - Be the first to accumulate a lot of money on the market
-Tank Fortress - Each team has a mobile factory. Avoid the red myst and battle on the center when map shrinks
-Deep Rock - You start in your space ship. On the "drop capsule" you and your crew are sent to excavate a dangerous and infested mining asteroid on a timed mission. Compete with other teams to be the most valuable mining company.
-Free game - Just a normal factorio game. No objective
-Alien Wars - Grow your own alien force to attack opposing teams. Use Worms instead of Turrets.
-Abandoned Facility - Your team has to retake control of this abandoned and infested facility. Objective: Repair the main Reactor before other teams.
-D-Day - land with your team on an infested and dangerous island. Build a safe and secure base, and fix the surounding factories to receive free items. Be the first to kill the Boss at the center of the island!
-One Way Train - Your train is your mobile factory, that must always be moving forward, as the world behind is colapsing. This is a one-way trip for survival!

Game mode added by other mods:
-Rocket Claim - You have to buy your way to the center of the map, where only one force will be able to build and launch a rocket. (added by territory claim mod)

Other recommended mod:
-Rocket-Silo Construction, if you are planning a long term game, specially for rocket silo modes.
-Implant camera, specially for "Alien Wars" mode, so you can watch your units attacking.
-Science droids, specially for "Abandoned Facility" mode.
-Mining Drones, specially for "One Way Train" mode.

Note: The circle base generation is based on the work of Oarc. His scenario is a great game and based my inspiration for this mod.

Thanks to Cobaia and Coyote for testing and fun play!

Donations ? Thank you! =)