Team Competition

Adds 17 PVP/PVE scenarios. Includes tons of admin options, diplomacy, team management, survival waves, a market system, and some solo compatible modes.

a day ago
0.18 - 1.1
2 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.27 (a day ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.1
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This mod adds many different mini games or a normal factorio game but with team management and objectives. The different mini games have a variety of adjustable goals and conditions. As infered with the name, the mod is intended to be played with multiple teams, however solo play is possible for most modes.

How to use it

Install the mod, play over New game, "Free play". You will start in the smiley lobby area. There the admin can choose the scenario to play, and all players may join a team and start the game.

Current game modes

  • Free Rocket-Silo | First team to launch a rocket
  • Fixed Rocket-Silo | First team to launch a rocket exactly in the center of the map
  • Destroy The Giant Nest | First team to destroy the giant nest at the center of the map
  • Nest Hunter | First team to kill a certain number of nests
  • Production Challenge | First team to produce a set number of a set item
  • Wealthiest Nation | First team to accumulate a lot of money on the market
  • Tank Fortress | Deathmatch with mobile factories, a threatening red mist and a shrinking map
  • Deep Rock | Timed race to be the most valuable mining company on a dangerous asteroid
  • Alien Wars | Grow your own alien force to attack opposing teams, worms are used instead of turrets
  • Abandoned Facility | First team to repair the main reactor of an abandoned and infested factory
  • D-Day | (HARD) Survive on an infested island with abandoned factories, win by killing the big boss
  • One Way Train | Survive from a collapsing world from a moving train acting as a mobile factory
  • MOBA | Destroy the opposing team's rocket in an arena with waves of biters and buildings to capture
  • Wave defense | Survive endless enemy attack waves, protecting your rocket silo
  • Escape Room | Survive and be the first team to escape all rooms
  • Sectorial Factory | You can only build on certain tiles. Explore to find terminals where you can buy new building areas.
  • Rocket Claim | (Requires Territory Claim) First team to buy the center square to build a rocket
  • Space Exploration | (Requires Space Exploration) Each team will start on a different planet
  • Free game | No objectives, just a normal game

World Market system option

Trade resources with other teams or a simulation.
Market modes: Disabled, Free Trading (default), Forced Trading 1, Forced Trading 2 or Extreme Trading.

  • Free Trading | a market is added to each team base for players to buy and sell stuff.
  • Forced/extreme Trading | some items have very different prices between teams, forcing trade between them. Optimal with pairs of teams (2 teams coop, 2v2, 2v2v2... (team 1's prices are complementary with team 2's, team 3's with team 4's etc.)

Multiple Alien Force option

Independent biter forces each with its own evolution factor. It means each team can have their own biter/pollution problem.

Complementary mod


The circle base generation is based on the work of Oarc. His scenario is a great game and based my inspiration for this mod.
Thanks to snouz for some new graphics and the mod thumbnail!
Thanks to Cobaia and Coyote for testing and fun play!

Donations ? Thank you! =)