Team Competition

Adds 16 PVP/PVE scenarios. Includes tons of admin options, diplomacy, team management, survival waves, a market system, and some solo compatible modes.

5 days ago
0.18 - 1.1


Version: 1.1.4
    - Escape Room: added brutals and removed flame turrets
Version: 1.1.3
    - Fixed a crash on Escape Room
    - Lots of tweaks on Escape Room mode
Version: 1.1.2
    - New game mode: Escape Room - survive and be the first team to escape all rooms
Version: 1.1.0
    - New graphics by snouz:
    - New mod icon
    - New icons for: coin, extractor capsule, dimentional floor/ore/plate, expensive icon)
    - New or upscaled graphics for: export chest, import chest, ship chest, market, alien egg, extractor capsule, dimentional ore, portal, tunnel
    - New tech icons
    - Internal re-organization of files
    - Fixed typos
Version: 1.0.85
    - Fixed a reported crash on Wave Defense mode
    - Fixed crafting queue not being canceled after aborting a game
    - Added compatibility with Bio Industries mod
Version: 1.0.84
    - Deep Rock: Fixed rescue drop pod minimal distance and end mission status panel
    - Showing timer on main gui, depending on game mode
    - Updated team progress bar style
    - Deep Rock: player calling mule now identified; players near the drop pod will have crafting queue canceled and ores sent to big chest.
Version: 1.0.83
    - Added new enemy humans: grenadier, cluster grenadier
    - Added all science packs to the market on Wave Defense mode
    - Added a few special fast electric furnaces to One Way Train, Tank Fortress, Deep Rock and MOBA.
    - One Way Train and Tank Fortress modes: loaders are now called harvesters and more than one may be built outside, if you research new harvest technology. Removed "loader out"
    - One Way Train changes:
    -- no more small loader chests inside. All harvesters will transfer ores to the train cargo wagon, and from there to the big chest inside
    -- cargo wagons now harvest nearby ore paths. Harvest techonolgy increases the ratio
Version: 1.0.82
    - Added new game mode: Wave defense
Version: 1.0.81
    - MOBA: fixed minable portal and turrets power
Version: 1.0.79
    - MOBA: added bosses, more team defenses, more evolution and other tweaks
Version: 1.0.78
    - MOBA: added option to enable players leaving base on grace time. Science and ammo always available on the market
Version: 1.0.77
    - MOBA: isolated player spawn area from the arena. Use the teleporter go in/out. Some other tweaks.
    - MOBA: added companion shop on the market. Each player may have one.
Version: 1.0.76
    - MOBA: reduced map height, added more money and evolution progress
Version: 1.0.75
    - Fixed import chest collision box
    - Added coins for player killing enemy units on MOBA mode (if world market enabled)
    - Added 2 new structures on MOBA mode: coin and ammo generation
    - Removed raw fish and reduced trees on MOBA mode
Version: 1.0.74
    - Fixed a crash on MOBA mode
Version: 1.0.73
    - Added new game mode: MOBA
    - Added "Grace Time" clock on One Way Train mode
Version: 1.0.72
    - New world market feature: teams may now register an import offer
    - Added some moded (Bobs/angels/Yuoki) items to market
Version: 1.0.71
    - Added game option to make the starting team area like a vanilla game, withot the closed octogonal trees
    - Fixed some issues with icons
Version: 1.0.70
    - Updated for game version 1.1 (now requires a new legacy mod: "factorio-crash-site")
Version: 1.0.69
    - Added compatibility with my new mod: Mining Space Industries II
    - Fixed a crash with mod Alien loot economy
Version: 1.0.68
    - Fixed wrong debris effects on the space ship (Deep Rock mode)
    - Added compatibility with Big-Monsters mod (to be used with the most basic game modes)
    - Added secondary missions to Deep Rock mode
Version: 1.0.67
    - Added option to play with Spidertron on Tank Fortress mode
    - Made technologies 20% cheaper on D-day mode
Version: 1.0.66
Date: 14.08.2020
    - Version 1.0 release
    - Nerfed snipers a bit
Version: 0.18.64
    - Fixed winning condition on Tank Fortress if a draw happens
    - Added zooming to cameras
    - Tank Fortress: Added map central camera; each new round starts with less time
    - One way train: toll stations can only be paid if you are near it
    - Added mod option: Only admins can start a new game (disabled by default)
    - Added surfaces to gps position tags
Version: 0.18.63
    - Added some human enemies to One Way Train mode
Version: 0.18.62
    - Some tweaks on D-day mode
Version: 0.18.61
    - Fixed a crash on Abandoned Facility
    - Fixed human bosses bodies
    - Fixed purple factories colliding positions
    - Added another type of purple factories on D-day and Abandoned Facility modes: recharge it to fix
Version: 0.18.60
    - New lobby layout
    - Added human enemies to Abandoned Facility and D-Day modes
    - Abandoned Facility: Added repairable factories that gives infinite items just like D-Day mode
    - D-Day: The boss is now a big guy holding an electric rifle.
    - One Way Train changes:
    - Toll stations are less frequent
    - Speed Up map destruction is now optional
    - If your main locomotive is destroyed, all external teammates are killed and a defeat screen is shown for that force.
Version: 0.18.59
    - Fixed load error with the new factorio version (18.31)
Version: 0.18.58
    - Fixed some desync problems
    - One Way Train changes:
    - Added option to add toll stations where you have to pay for a bridge.
    - Map will advance faster while the game progresses
    - Yellow danger area will attack players too.
    - After the first upgrade station, enemy evolution goes to 20%
    - Reduced inside train space gained by technology. Now your train gets bigger by adding more wagons (that also requires technology level)
    - If your train is on fire or on the yellow danger area, it will call worm attacks.
Version: 0.18.57
    - D-Day: Now the scenario objetive is to kill a Giant Boss biter in the center of the map
Version: 0.18.56
    - Fixed respawn crash on One Way Train mode
    - One Way Train: Train requires water on the fluid wagon to avoid heating!
Version: 0.18.55
    - One Way Train: Added Upgrade Stations each 15 chunks. Stop your train there to pick a free technology.
Version: 0.18.54
    - Fixed turret crash
Version: 0.18.53
    - Added new game mode: One Way Train. Your train is your mobile factory, that must always be moving forward, as the world behind is colapsing. This is a one-way trip for survival!
    - D-Day: Purple factories now pollute. Added more enemy defense on factories
Version: 0.18.52
    - Fixed D-Day crash
Version: 0.18.51
    - Fixed D-Day beach on map generation
    - D-Day mode: Added barrelled fluids to factories (requires empty barrel). More alien evolution over time
    - No more science packs are found on loot boxes on Alien Wars mode
Version: 0.18.50
    - Made compatible with game version 0.18.27
Version: 0.18.48
    - Fixed tank mode loaders leaving chests on removal
    - Fixed a crash after aborting an "aliens wars" game
    - Added fish to D-Day ocean
Version: 0.18.47
    - Fixed a crash on tank mode loaders
    - Some tweaks do D-Day mode
Version: 0.18.45
    - Added new game mode: D-Day! Establish a safe base, fix the surrounding factories for goods, build and launch a rocket with a Satellite.
Version: 0.18.44
    - Made compatible with game version 0.18.20
    - Abandoned Facility: fast start option is checked by default on this mode
    - On Aliens Wars, spawned biters will be marked with a team color tatoo
Version: 0.18.43
    - Fixed a typo on "Abandoned Facility" printed info
    - Fixed aliens not attacking on Aliens Wars
Version: 0.18.42
    - Fixed a crash on "Abandoned Facility" mode
Version: 0.18.41
    - Fixed Abandoned Facility "dimensional" plate recipe missing
    - Fixed Aliens Wars crash
    - Abandoned Facility: uranium won't spawn until technology is reached. Made outside alien waves stronger.
    - You can now unregister to "Always buy" offers from another team.
Version: 0.18.40
    - Fixed terminal room showing too soon on the Abandoned Facility
    - Fixed a crash on "Abort Game" if a cutscene is running for a player
    - Abandoned Facility: Loot chests can only found inside the facility
Version: 0.18.39
    - Fixed market, where you could buy items that does not fit in your import chests.
    - New World Market feature: You can set to "Always buy" an offer from another team (if offered as unlimited shipments). Use shift clik on the buy button.
Version: 0.18.38
    - Fixed team victory screen on deeprock when both teams reach the victory conditions
    - Abandoned Facility rebalanced (rooms, ores and biter evolution)
    - Added Security terminals to Abandoned Facility.
Version: 0.18.37
    - Uvaz renamed to Dimensional ore
    - Abandoned Facility: Added Dimensional ore and recipe to create a special concrete where you can build. Added gas leak.
    - Now compatible with "Science-droids" mod.
Version: 0.18.36
    - Abandoned Facility is more dificult.
Version: 0.18.35
    - Added new game mode: Abandoned Facility! Retake the infested facility and fix the main reactor.
    - Team victory screen will now show the status of all teams
Version: 0.18.34
    - Fixed a crash with the new game version (0.18.18)
    - World market permament offers will only collect resources from sellers if the previous shipment is sold.
    - Bought items on World Market goes first to a filtered chest.
Version: 0.18.33
    - Fixed a crash with deep mineral extractor if used on ship.
    - Fixed expensive recipes when world market is set to forced.
    - Removed the Implant Camera, as it is now launched as an independent and recommended mod to use here.
    - Added explosive/cold biters to alien wars, if these mods are installed.
    - Added initial cutscenes for some of the game modes objectives.
Version: 0.18.32
    - Fixed dying while in cinematic problem
    - Deep Rock: Fixed power generator, now not operable. Changed Beacon for a proper Drop Pod entity. Added more animations. Added option to make cave drops distant enough to avoid encounters.
    - Tank Fortress: Added a button to open the Tank camera
Version: 0.18.31
    - Deep Rock: added dropping cutscene
Version: 0.18.30
    - Deep Rock: raised chip capacity per level; added "show ship capacity" button; difficulty raised as more are players online
    - Removed imcompatibility flag on "even-distribution" mod
Version: 0.18.29
    - Fixed ship water on the Deep Rock mode
    - Players can't leave team with things on inventory anymore
    - Deep Rock: raised loot chest chance
    - Reduced Giant Nest resistances
    - Marked "even-distribution" mod as incompatible, as it messes with forces recipes
    - Marked "RSO" mod as incompatible
Version: 0.18.28
    - Alien Wars mode: added an option to spawn the Giant Nest at the map center. It will attack all teams.
Version: 0.18.27
    - Fixed a crash with world market offer icon
    - Fixed fast start option that was not working
    - Added new game mode: Alien wars! Grow your own alien swarm to attack the opposing team. (Experimental)
    - Added Implant Camera: throw it on a player or unit to have a remote vision
    - Deep Rock Mode: Added a button to enable the Mule camera
Version: 0.18.26
    - Fixed Deep Rock desync
    - Added a chest for the team initial items
    - Deep Rock Mode: new space ship layout, more starting poles, added team message if mule is destroyed
    - Removed excess ores near starting locations
    - Removed ores from market offers
Version: 0.18.25
    - Added new techonology for increasing market offers
    - Deep Rock Mode: Reduced technology costs. Removed 'bludaz/solaz' ores. Reduced evolution progress.
    - Deep Mineral Extractor has more capacity and also extracts oil.
Version: 0.18.24
    - More minerals on Deep Rock mode
Version: 0.18.23
    - Tank Fortress mode: fixed tank being destroyed at game start
    - Trying to fix a desync problem on mode Deep Rock
Version: 0.18.22
    - Solved Problems with teams starting locations 
    - Deep Rock mode: Big open holes are indestructible
    - Added new mining speed technologies
    - Deep Rock mode: The Mule will try to get to the capsule in one minute for departing. Its damage was nerfed
    - Deep Rock mode: Reduced technology costs, reduced ship size. Added biter swarms on missions.
Version: 0.18.21
    - Added a game option to make biters cease fire on offline teams
Version: 0.18.20
    - Made compatible with Krastorio 2 mod
    - Better map generation based on teams starting locations
    - Added a short cooldown for Droping Capsule after each mission on Deep Rock mode
Version: 0.18.19
    - Fixes some icons definitions
    - Added a Free game mode: Just play a normal factorio game without objectives
Version: 0.18.18
    - Added new game mode: Deep Rock! You have complete missions extracting minerals on a dangerours cave
Version: 0.18.17
    - For tank fortress mode, default spawn distance is reduced to now 1024
    - If clicking the portal inside the tank fortress, player will take seat on the tank, if available
    - Added alien frequency multiplyer game option
Version: 0.18.16
    - Fixed a crash on tank mode when new round begins, if a player is on lobby
    - Fixed an incompatibility with other mods, that was crashing on world market offers
    - Added some special loot items
    - Left timer text changed after map starts shrinking
Version: 0.18.15
    - Fixed research progress not being reset on game restart
    - Added poison capsules to loot chests
Version: 0.18.14
    - Fixed a possible crash with RPGSystem mod
    - Fixed that returning players  to lobby were getting stuck and keeping items on inventory
    - New map seed generated for each created map.
    - On Tank Fortress mode: raised resources frequency and reduced richness. Reduced technologies cost.
    - Changed the winning condition for a shrinking map to get only one winner: now there is an entity in the center that counts progress for nearby players or tanks.
    - Added an option for scattered loot chests
Version: 0.18.13
    - Added a new game mode: Vehicle Fortress
    - Reduced all technologies cost by half
Version: 0.18.11
    - Fixed a problem on recipes restrictions on world market
    - Added more expensive recipes for "extreme" market option
Version: 0.18.10
    - Changed export chest: now it is an logistic storage chest, so you can set a filter. Importing goods will respect that.
    - Fast start option now includes some free early techonologies.
Version: 0.18.9
    - Fixed a problem with the new option to make territory claim also requires money
Version: 0.18.8
    - Removed option to make an offline team indestructible
    - Added option to make territory claim also requires money
    - Multiple alien forces option is now disabled by default
    - Reduced resources near starting area
Version: 0.18.7
    - Fixed multiplayer desync problems
    - Reworked pricing routine
    - Item prices list now allow players to select an item to show its price
    - New offers and demands are added to World Martet. You may find great deals to import/export products.
    - Team Market now will have some options to sell products too
Version: 0.18.6
    - Fixed a crash with market updates
Version: 0.18.5
    - Added an option to enable World Market, a new sistem to import/export items between teams.
    - World market has 4 levels of trading, that will create random expensive recipes for each team, forcing a team to make market deals.
    - Added 1 new game modes: Wealthiest Nation (required market)
    - Added game option for fast start (more starting items)
Version: 0.18.3
    - Added 2 new game modes: Nest Hunter and Production Challenge
    - Added new button/panel to show game objective and team progress
    - Teams name edit button comes first for better alignment
    - Victory panel changed to show also the second best for the winner team
    - Fixed enemy factions killing each other
    - Fixed giant nest to not spawn in water
Version: 0.18.2
    - Added new game option: start from center (players bases will be near each other in the center of the map)
    - Default distance changed to 2200
Version: 0.18.1
Date: 25.01.2019
    - Initial release