Mod mash adds Placeable spawners, Alien Ooze, Scout/Collection Droids, Ore Enrichments stone/coal/iron/alien/uranium ores, Explosive Mining, Regenerative Walls and Belts, Recycler, Fluid controls, Mini Boiler, Fishing Machine, Mini And Normal Loaders. Titanium Walls and Belts, Biter Neural Toxin and various entities can be automated or adjusted, Fish and Ooze juice now included.
3 days ago
0.16 - 0.17
Owner: btarrant
Source: pixelwhipped/ModMash
License: MIT
Created: 7 months ago
Latest Version: 0.17.27 (3 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16 - 0.17
Downloaded: 2428 times

Added Biter Neural Toxin. Lobotomizes biters so they don't attack anymore. Range enhancements researchable
Added some requested setting

Yay 3.06.19 New release for 0.17 published.

Well I want to add a chemical weapon using the ooze and fish oil but I also thinking glass but that would change recipes being used already. So bar fixing or improving little things here or there like loading into trains or giving droids ability to repair or construct I'm keen to hear any idea's. Feel free to make a suggestion in the discussions section

-----------------All below here obsolete version 0.16 ------------------------
Well Laptop Died but got a new one now. Hopefully I get everything sorted and move to 0.17. Worked out well I guess as 0.17 killed this mod so now I can update it all to be better.

Not comparable with 0.17. Considering a complete overhaul

Mod mash adds Placeable spawners, Alien Ooze, Scout/Collection Droids, Ore Enrichments stone/coal/iron/alien/uranium ores, Explosive Mining, Regenerative Walls and Belts, Adaptive Modules, a Smart Inserter, Recycler which can be set Manually or Automated based on what's available to it. Various Adjustable fluid controls and a condenser to turn steam back to water or an inline Mini Boiler to turn water to steam. A wind trap that produces water and reduces pollution, and finally 2 new assembly machine tiers. The main goal is to add many new items and helpers without making it feel cheaty.
Also includes Fishing Machines and a Biter Feeder. Give them something different to eat.
The biter feeder will keep biters happy provided you feed it with fish and don't shoot them.

Added to FAQ regarding mini mods. I won't be doing them but not concerned if others want to hack it to bits.
Add recipes for Alien Ooze which can be used to produce ores
Biters have a chance of dropping alien artifacts which can be used to create placeable biter spawners.
note: you have to drop the item in an area with enough space using the standard Z key

Added Titanium Pipes
Added Fluid Technology Tiers 4-7 each adds 25% underground length to any pipes it recognizes - all automated I wasn't coding for every mod, though I have not tested.
It will generate their entities, items and recipes and when a tier is research it disables the old recipes and enables the next. To update old ones simply pick them up, it will detect older items in the player's cursor stack.
Titanium Lengths = 15,18,22,26,30
Normal Lengths = 10,12,15,17,20

Next I hope to add some more ore processing recipes and maybe utilize the pipe idea for things like beacon enhancements and increasing module slots.


1/02/2019 LaTeR ThAt NiGhT
Made droids better.
Added research to increase Droid Targeting Range
Added research to increase Biter Feeder Range
What else.... umm umm.. Added Titanium and Alien Bullets

Fixed Biter Feeder Bug
File Names Fixed
Droids can have a larger scan range when looking for a Droid Container when returning goods
Droids can only pick up I type of item at a time.

Droids had there personalities formatted. Now they are smaller smarter and if you press CTRL+A on them you can toggle between Scout and Collection Mode. There is a radar in the recipe so may as well use it :-)
There is also potential to add research to increase collection capacity, range, and radar range or a repair mode who knows, I fear if they get to advance they may turn on us.

Added Droids, They pick up items on the ground and drop in a droid container. They have some weird personalities I didn't code so probably best kill them before they go rouge - I did not code them to kill but I witnessed 2 dance so who know what they are capable of

Fixed Filter Valves, use CTR + A to adjust
Added missing recipes to Recycler, now works for recipes containing normal and expensive recipes
Notices some detection routines weren't reading belts correctly effecting the Recycler and possibly the Smart Inserter
Tweaked some recipes
Mini Boiler Max temp is 90 degrees so no perpetual energy machines.

Fixed Hi Res belt bug

Fixed issued with condenser valve

Mini Boiler now uses power
Added Titanium ore and plates
Added Alien ore and plates
Added Titanium Belts Stronger/Faster
Added Regenerative Belts Stronger/Faster/Repair themselves over time
All associated mini loader/loader/splitter/undergrounds included for Titanium and Regenerative Belts
Added Titanium Walls
Added Regenerative Walls
Enemies now have Alien ore as loot depending on their Max Health
Added various ore refinements

Fixes Discharge Pump Removal Error, thanks spooks029 for finding it.

Fixed some valve stuff
Added Mini Boiler - don't abuse I will be ensure power is used right now not using power though
Added various enrichment recipes coal to heavy oil, stone to raw materials iron to raw and titanium
Various recipes require titanium
Added alien or and plate to be utilized for self healable types, Walls etc.. not yet implemented

Any Ideas how to void x amount of power per tick? if not scriptable will have to be recipe but don't want to add to craft menu if possible

More Bug Fixes - Couldn't remove recyclers
Speed up had it running at 0.8ish
Discovered Fishing Machines and Smart Inserters could run without power.

If you find bugs please let me know. A lot seemed to have crept in the very first optimization run, I'm doing a play though and fixing them as I find them.

Speed up. ModMash time before 7.171 now 1.444 and that's on my sub minimum requirement laptop :-)

Added to Git, Messy but it's there if you find bugs or ideas to improve by all means let me know.

Bug fix, Can remove valves now. Seems to have cropped up with some optimizations.
Tweaked Air Purifier, Didn't seem to purify enough.

Bug Fix Couldn't remove fishing machine
Recipe Recycler and Air Purifier change Assembly Machine 3 to 2
Tech Lowered Tech requirement for Air Purifier and Recycler

Mini loaders stopped working so fixed that.

Added deep logistics storage chest
CTRL A with adjust normal inserter inputs
Added Adaptive Modules. If Enemies are near the operate as Efficiency, if input good then Speed or productivity otherwise.

Recycler recipes are now generated as to work with other mods.
Biter feeder now auto adjusts update ticks to handle enemies better.
Smart Inserter needed change to tick so it can detect when it is entering repair mode, they now auto adjust refreshes accordingly
Had to add Loaders or the generated recycler recipes showed the default build in ones.
Added mini-loaders because of the above and I wanted them in there.
Added deep logistics storage chest, Twice the storage as a standard.
Noticed fishing inserter could pick up other things so now it's filtered to just fish.

Started work on optimizations
Inserters will now use an repair pack to repair damaged entities and add ammo to turrets. Handy for the front lines.

Sorry I did do some slight optimizations on the smart inserter and plan to add Ammunition insertion and repairs which I think will be awesome near the front lines, but I needed a break and to play with my new way of doing lua so explosive mining. Boom need I now

Positing first WIP of the smart inserter. It works but I had to rip the guts out a few times so once I'm happy ill have to optimize the heck out of this UPS hog.

Recently mentioned by Xterminator on a reddit weekly

Yep Smart Inserters are coming, just working out all the adding to and removing from various entities. Hopefully no to much longer, bit of a learning curve.

The general idea is the inserter will look around and determining which items require what and how urgent. This way it can share the loading and to its best to top things up. Then it also needs to weigh in if items need to be removed so that will need a weighting against that too.